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Where is Puerto Vallarta Mexico located?

Curious about Puerto Vallarta? Where is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, located, and why is it so popular among visitors? Read on to learn more facts about the location of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, or simply Vallarta, is a beach town located along Bahia de Banderas or Banderas Bay. It lies at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. 

Puerto Vallarta belongs to the Mexican state of Jalisco. 

Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, or simply Puerto Vallarta Ordaz Airport (PVR), is the nearest airport in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s exact location is 20.62 latitude and -105.23 longitude.

Distance to Other Major Destinations:

DistanceEstimated travel time by car
Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City546 miles or 879 kilometersAbout ten hours and 50 minutes
Puerto Vallarta to Cancun1534 miles or 2469 kilometersAbout 29 hours
Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara205 miles or 330 kilometersAbout four hours and 40 minutes
Puerto Vallarta to San Pancho44 miles or 27 kilometersAbout 50 minutes
Where Is Puerto Vallarta Mexico Located

Where is Puerto Vallarta Mexico on the Map

Puerto Vallarta Fun Facts

1. The original name of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was Las Peñas de Santa María de Guadalupe, named after the founder of the place, Guadalupe Sánchez. However, in 1918, Puerto Vallarta was renamed as such after Don Ignacio Luis Vallarta, former Governor of Jalisco.

2. The port of Puerto Vallarta is on Bahia de Banderas (in english: Bay of Flags.) The bay is in the shape of a horseshoe and has 55 miles or 80 kilometers of shoreline. It is the third-largest bay in Mexico, with an area of 773.3 sq km. Bahia de Banderas is well-known for being a breeding and birthing ground for humpback whales.

3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is bounded by the biodiverse Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain Range. It is home to rich flora and fauna and is a popular destination for those seeking nature-inclined adventures.

4. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was a simple fishing town in the 19th century. It also exported bananas, corn, beans, and coconuts to the United States. As time progressed, Puerto Vallarta became a booming tourist destination as more and more people discovered its stunning beaches, beautiful resorts, and fun activities.

5. The state of Jalisco, where Puerto Vallarta belongs, is considered the capital of Mariachi music. You can find numerous Mariachi bands in Puerto Vallarta. Some may offer to play for you along the beach, while others are stapled performers in events and restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions about Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Where Is Puerto Vallarta Mexico Located

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What side of Mexico is Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is on the west-central Pacific Ocean side of Mexico. 

Is it safe to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Yes, it is safe to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is a popular place for ex-pats to establish their new homes, so this says much about the community and the living conditions in the area. Of course, just like in any tourist destination, exercise caution and common sense.

Is Puerto Vallarta part of the United States?

No, Puerto Vallarta is not part of the United States. It is part of the State of Jalisco in Mexico.

Why is Puerto Vallarta so popular?

Many of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, will have you enjoying the beach and doing fun outdoor sports. This is because Puerto Vallarta is overflowing with picturesque waters and lush jungles – among others – and wraps all that with pleasant tropical weather.

What is the best month to go to Puerto Vallarta?

April and June are the best months to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. These are when you find a good combination of off-season rates, great weather, and fewer crowds. However, if you visit Puerto Vallarta to witness the migration of the humpback whales, come by February or March.

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