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Where is Progreso, Mexico, located?

Are you searching for where Progreso, Mexico is located? Check out Progresso’s location on the map, interesting Fun Facts, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Progreso, Mexico, is a city and a port located in the Gulf of Mexico. It belongs to the Mexican state of Yucatan and is located in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Merida International Airport (MID), or the Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport, is the nearest to Progreso, Mexico.

Progreso, Mexico’s exact location is 18.88 latitude and -99.15 longitude.

Distance to Other Major Destinations:

DistanceEstimated travel time by car
Progreso to Merida27 miles or 43.5 kilometersAbout 37 minutes
Progreso to Valladolid197 miles or 122.4 kilometersAbout two hours and 20 minutes
Progreso to Tulum185 miles or 297.5 kilometersAbout three hours and 35 minutes
Progreso to Cancun212 miles or 341.7 kilometersAbout four hours 
Where Is Progreso

Where is Progreso Mexico on the Map

Progreso Fun Facts

1. Don Juan Miguel Castro founded Puerto Progreso in 1872. He envisioned it to be the gateway of the Yucatan to the rest of the globe by sea.

2. Progreso is three meters above sea level. It has a semi-arid climate, so it does not rain much there. The average temperature in Progreso, Mexico, is  26.5 degrees Centigrade.

3. Progreso is home to the Progreso Pier or Puerto de Altura, regarded as the world’s longest pier. The pier is located out there in the Gulf of Mexico. It measures about 4 miles or 6.5 kilometers in length. It will take about an hour and a half to walk from one end of the pier to the other.

4. The port city of Progreso was established chiefly to export henequen, a fiber used for twine, paper pulp, etcetera. Now, the place has evolved into servicing a more comprehensive range of export products and being the chief port of the Yucatan Peninsula.

5. Progreso Mexico has an oceanfront promenade known as the Malecón. This is where most visitors come first to get acquainted with the area, find great deals on tours and services, and check out Mexican restaurants and bars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Progreso Mexico

Where Is Progreso Mexico1
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How dangerous is Progreso, Mexico?

Progreso, Mexico, and most of the Yucatan Peninsula are some of the country’s safest places to visit. Just make sure to exercise precautionary measures at all times when traveling, even if seeing Progreso is not dangerous at all.

What is Progreso Mexico known for?

Progreso Mexico is a true example of an “authentic Mexico.” It is also known for being an excellent stop for cruise ships. In fact, Progreso Pier, where the ship dock, is known for being the longest pier in the world. The pier has efficiently served the Gulf of Mexico and the town of Merida over the years and has recently celebrated its 80 years of establishment.

Is Progreso Mexico nice?

Yes! Progreso Mexico may be small in size – and some might even say very touristy – but there is no denying that the place is nice. It has breathtaking beaches, friendly locals, and rich culture that everyone who visits will surely enjoy. Cruise lines stop by Progreso because of the many things to offer the people on board.

Is Progreso Mexico an island?

Progreso is not an island. It is a port city that is part of the Yucatan Peninsula. 

How do you get to Progreso, Mexico?

Assuming you are coming by land – people travel to Merida to get to Progreso. From the center of Merida, there are many buses that you can catch that will take you to the town proper of Progreso, Mexico. Auto Progreso is one of them. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get to Progreso from Merida.

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