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About Universal Traveller

Universal Traveller is one of the largest sources of information on Luxury Adventure Travel and transportation.

Our Mission

Universal Traveller’s mission is to inspire those looking to combine adventures with luxury experiences to get out and explore the world by providing detailed information on a range of international destinations.

We provide travel guides to destinations like Malaga, Costa Rica & the United States, with advice on sightseeing, luxury accommodations, adventurous activities, and transportation.

Our authors and contributors are all travel experts.

The Team behind Universal Traveller

Tim Kroeger

Tim Kroeger


Tim has studied International Tourism Management at Stenden University in the Netherlands, Bali & Thailand. Afterward, he worked for a tour operator in Costa Rica and was responsible for planning and organizing tailored Costa Rica vacations.

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Viktor Ilijev Universal Traveller Travel Expert

Viktor Ilijev

Travel Expert

Besides enjoying burgers, kickboxing, hiking, fishing, and running, he knows everything there is to know about traveling between Mexico and Central America.

Ana Maria Universal Traveller Travel

Ana Maria

Travel Expert

Ana Maria is a content writer, designer, and illustrator living with a soft spot for the lap of lush, green mountains and a crazy passion for traveling and discovering new places.

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Travel & Online Security Expert

Igor is an aspiring digital nomad, travel blogger, and online security expert. With a passion for all things digital, he has taken it upon himself to educate others on the best ways to stay safe and secure while browsing the web.

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Universal Traveller Travel Expert Pauline Joie

Pauline Joie

Travel Expert

Pauline has a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and is a professional content writer. She specializes in writing about travel and food. Pauline spent most of her career life in Dubai and is a Travel Expert for the United States and Costa Rica.

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Universal Traveller Art Director Guillermo G. Prudencio

Guillermo G. Prudencio

Graphic Designer

Guille has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and specializes in graphic design. He has worked for advertising agencies in Madrid and as an art director for start-ups in Bangkok. Guille has developed an eclectic style thanks to traveling and meeting many different people.

Universal Traveller Web Developer Vladimir Bida

Vladimir Bida

WordPress Developer

Vladimir is a Senior WordPress developer with more than eight years of experience. He studied at Khmelnytsky National University and has strong analytical and troubleshooting skills.

Universal Traveller German Website

Universal Traveller Travel Expert Franziska Reichel

Franziska Reichel

Travel Expert

After graduating from FAU Erlangen (sociology/ German studies), Franziska traveled the world for a year and a half and gained professional experience in public relations, online editing, online marketing, and SEO. She has been a travel blogger, freelance editor, and flight attendant for around eight years.

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Universal Traveller Italian Website

Universal Traveller Country Manager Italy Daniele Demelas

Daniele Demelas

Country Manager Italy

Daniele graduated in Economics at the University of Cagliari and completed a Master’s in Environmental Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. He loves rural travel, gastronomic experiences, and breathtaking adventures. He lives and works in Andalucia without losing his passion for pizza and pasta.

Universal Traveller Spanish Website

Universal Traveller Travel Expert Maria A. Mora

Maria A. Mora

Travel Expert

María has a degree in journalism. She has written on various topics and now specializes in creating informative travel content. She loves to tell travel stories and describe the places she has visited.

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Luxury Adventure Travel

If you would like to syndicate some of the articles found on Universal Traveller, please know that you have our permission to use photos and re-publish articles as long as there is proper credit and a do-follow link to the original article on Universal Traveller. Please use the article title as anchor text. We do not consent to any work found on Universal Traveller to be used in videos. Please send us a short mail to info(at) with a link to the page where you have re-published our content. Thank you for sharing Universal Traveller’s content!

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  1. Wonderful and inspiring blog, Tim! Thanks a lot for following us on Twitter! Travel safe and keep up your great work!!

  2. Bin gerade auf deinen Blog gestoßen. Lustig – bei mir ist es ganz ähnlich :-) Ich blogge und mache seit diesem Jahr nebenbei das JAZ. Allerdings in München. LG Franzi

    • Hi Franzi. Danke für deine Nachricht. Dein Blog ist richtig cool!!! Gute Idee Sport mit Reisen zu verbinden. Ich bin auch gerne immer sportlich aktiv beim reisen und eigentlich immer in Bewegung :) Ich gehe ab März auf Strecke, kann es kaum erwarten :) Liebe Grüße aus Mainz, Tim

      • Lieben Dank! Das Kompliment kann ich direkt zurückgeben – dein Blog gefällt mir wirklich sehr, sehr gut. Schade, dass du in Frankfurt fliegst :-) Ich bin gerade in Sao Paulo und nächsten Monat gehts noch nach D.C. und Peking. Bin mal gespannt, was dann den Sommer über so alles kommt :-) Werde deinen Blog auf jeden Fall weiter verfolgen. LG

        • Danke :) Ja, das ist wirklich schade. Es wäre bestimmt cool mal zusammen zu fliegen :) Nach Sao Paulo würde ich auch mal gerne. Ich fliege nächste Woche nach Dubai und Rioooo :) Wir bleiben auf jeden Fall in Kontakt :) Liebe Grüße, Tim

  3. Mellissa Williams says:

    You sound incredibly adventurous with a real lust for life. I look forward to reading about all your adventures Tim!

  4. Carol says:

    You have the perfect job then that will allow you to visit the world and live your dream! Congratulations on finding your passion very early in life, preparing for it well, and getting it!

  5. So interesting. I often think Europe has a better handle on University than the US does. Those are things I’d never had a chance to study. Mind you I loved my history degree, but it isn’t nearly applicable to the real world. Sounds like you’ve had some amazing journey’s already. Love the Augustine quote. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lois Alter Mark says:

    So great to learn more about you! I’m glad you’re getting to live your dream, and I’m looking forward to following your adventures!

  7. Bethaney says:

    Hey Tim. Nice to “meet” you virtually! Look forward to reading your blog.

  8. Teacaketravels says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that you need to go ahead and experience things first hand yourself. When people tell me about a place, I politely decline to look at their photos actually >< I want to see that place with my own eyes :) It's great to find out more about you and I can't wait to read your stories! Go Tim!

    • That’s so true! I also actually never read guide books or plan anything beforehand. I prefer just walking around and getting lost. That’s in my opinion the best way to experience a new place.

  9. Bethany Dickey says:

    Love hearing a summary of all the places you’ve been!

  10. Well done on your travels & studies!
    I belive you have a great job to travel more & more!

  11. Sophie R says:

    Great about page. Sounds like you’ve been on an adventure for the past couple of years and it looks like you’ve found the perfect job which allows you to travel!

  12. Thank you :) Yes I have … and there are still so many places I want to visit :)

  13. Alana says:

    Hey Tim! First, I have to say I love the look and layout of your blog, nicely done! Second, what a cool story you have. You’ve really made travel your life! Looking forward to reading through your site!

  14. Zen Zhou says:

    Your travels sound amazing and so inspiring! Can't wait to do the interview :)


  16. Which airline do you fly for? That sounds like the dream job!

  17. Nathalie Uribe says:

    Hello, I am Colombian and what great you do, my dream is to do the same as you and make videos and share my experience, greetings.

  18. Bernard Oz says:

    Hi team,
    My name is Bernard. I am representing ebrand contractor, a digital marketing company based in Australia. One of our clients will like to advertise on your website through sponsored posts/articles. Is this something you do.
    If yes, how much you charge per post/article. And are there any other conditions? Do you have any other website aside this? If yes, kindly send us the list so we can have a look and see if other websites qualify for our campaigns.
    Thanks in advance

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