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Where is Isla Mujeres, Mexico, located?

Where is Isla Mujeres, Mexico, located, and what makes the place so interesting? Is it safe to visit Isla Mujeres? Learn about the location of Isla Mujeres and much more as you read along.

Isla Mujeres is an island in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, just 8 miles away from the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a city that belongs to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. 

Isla Mujeres, Mexico’s exact location is 21.23 latitude and  -86.73 longitude.

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Distance to Other Major Destinations:

Isla Mujeres to Cancun8 miles or 18 kilometers
Isla Mujeres to Holbox Island41 miles or 66 kilometers
Isla Mujeres to Playa del Carmen53 miles or 85 kilometers
Isla Mujeres to Puerto Morelos35 miles or 56 kilometers
Where Is Isla Mujeres Located

Where is Isla Mujeres, Mexico, on the Map

Isla Mujeres Fun Facts

1. Isla Mujeres is at the easternmost point of Mexico. The island is about 7 kilometers long and 650 meters wide. It takes roughly only 21 kilometers to circle the whole Isla!

2. Isla Mujeres, Mexico, was once part of the Maya province called Ekab. It was a sanctuary for Ixchel, the Maya goddess of the moon, fertility, medicine, and happiness. It was also where the community harvested salt from the salt lagoons.

3. Isla de Mujeres translates to “The Island of Women” in English. It was named as such because when Francisco Fernández de Córdoba discovered the island in 1517, there was only the priestess of Ixchel and her court of women plus a lot of gold, silver, and clay statues of Ixchel.

Where Is Isla Mujeres Located

4. Isla Mujeres, Mexico, served as a strategic place for pirates and buccaneers to seek refuge. They seized the opportunity every time Spanish ships brought in gold there. Captain Jean Lafitte, an infamous pirate, was said to have thrived and died on the island.

5. Isla Mujeres is St. Petersburg’s second Sister City. St. Petersburg’s Mayor, Rick Kriseman, and the Isla signed an agreement on April 28, 2016.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Isla Mujeres Mexico

Where Is Isla Mujeres Located

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How far is Isla Mujeres from Cancun?

The distance between Isla Mujeres from Cancun is 8 miles or 13 kilometers. From the Cancun ferry dock, Isla Mujeres is 4 miles or 17 kilometers away, and it takes about 30 minutes to cross by boat. 

What is Isla Mujeres known for?

Isla Mujeres, Mexico, is a quiet alternative amongst the lively tourist destinations in the Yucatan area, like Cancun. It is home to picture-perfect beaches, friendly locals, rich marine life, and authentic Mexican food. 

Is it safe to go to Isla Mujeres? 

It is safe to travel to Isla Mujeres. It has lower crime rates as compared to the major parts of Mexico. Tourists are safe to roam around provided that they exercise good common sense. When it comes to natural disasters and calamities, Isla Mujeres, Mexico, is not spared from the country’s hurricanes. Think twice before you travel from June until November.

How much does it cost to go to Isla Mujeres from Cancun?

From Cancun to Isla Mujeres, a ferry ride for an adult costs MXN 190 (one way) and MXN 380 (round trip.) A ferry ride for a child costs MXN 150 (one way) and MXN 300 (round trip.) Discounts are offered to Quintana Roo residents with valid identification cards.

Is Isla Mujeres expensive?

It all depends on your Isla Mujeres itinerary. You can enjoy many activities on the island without the need for an elaborate package. The food, too, can be affordable if you stick with simple local favorites. Now and then, indulge in a luxurious meal and participate in a curated experience. After all, you are in Isla Mujeres to enjoy!

Where Is Isla Mujeres Located


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