Best places to visit in USA

By Tim Kroeger April 12, 2020 North America, United States

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You will never run out of places to travel in the US. Here is our list of the best places to visit in USA including the best vacation spots in the US.

USA destinations can easily put check marks on all tourist spot categories known to man.

The country, being huge in mass and diverse in all sense of the word, offers so much even to the most daunting traveler.

Top tourist destinations in the USA will have you wearing your sunblock and hiking through mountain trails, tiring you out but then giving you landscapes that are worth exerting effort for.

Best places to visit in USA

Many of the best places to visit in USA will have you driving long and hard, getting the best of you but then rewarding you with luxurious hotel experiences and good times.

All the best trips in the US will have you wishing for a similar great experience in the years to come, in its cities you wish you could call home. 

Times may change, but the unique charm that America has will remain the same.

It is a travel destination for everyone, something not all vacation spots can claim.

Best places to visit in USA

Best places to visit in USA

More Best places to visit in USA



Utah’s “Mighty Five” are reasons enough to travel to this city. Because of these stunning national parks that have distinct characteristics of their own, Utah always makes it to the list of the USA places to visit.

Utah lives and breathes for the outdoor enthusiast. It is where visitors can escape and be one with earth’s wonders.

A look at the photos of these major national parks will have you wondering if you just went into another dimension. Truly, Utah has the capability to leave you in awe of what nature can do.

Utah is one of the US destinations that is a perfect venue for hiking. It is often dubbed as a hiker’s dream, with its natural staircases, cool rock formations and sweeping landscapes.

Other activities that you can do here include horseback riding, hot air ballooning, rock climbing and canyoneering.

Utah’s nickname, The Beehive State, is a salute to the residents’ zealousness. Its motto states the same theme, with “industry” depicting the industrious mindset of the people.


Phoenix Arizona is among the best places in the US to visit but not for the common reasons. It has a distinct characteristic of its own, drawing people who would like to experience a different kind of escapade.

Come to Phoenix if you long to be in the desert or at the mountains, hiking your way past breathtaking city views and picture-perfect gardens. Having sunshine all year round, it garnered the fitting name The Valley of The Sun.

Other than the outdoors, Phoenix also has tourist spots that appeal to the traveling public. The city is quite known for its numerous luxurious resorts, golf courses and sports arenas.

Downtown Phoenix alone will surely intrigue your wandering spirits. Have a closer look at the Mystery Castle, a telling labor of love and ingenuity.

See the colorful murals that decorate the Roosevelt Row before diving into one of the local bars around the area.

When it comes to food, Phoenix will not disappoint. Make it your mission to understand the craze involving its numerous Mexican eateries – and live to tell your appetizing tale.



California has one of the undeniably cool places to visit in the US: the Yosemite National Park.

This natural wonder involves about 750,000 hectares of pure beauty coupled with various amenities that aim to complement your experience.

Most visitors start and end their park journey at the Yosemite Valley – and we couldn’t blame them.

This is where a lot of the park’s highlights are located. These include the Yosemite Falls, and the granite monolith named El Capitan.

Yosemite National Park’s other portions are worth visiting, too, though. The Tuolumne Meadows have various campsites where you can stay and marvel at the never-ending gorgeous sceneries that surround you.

Crane Flat, which is south of Hetch Hetchy, is home to two sequoia groves. 

A visit to the side of Wawona will have you learning more about Yosemite and its rich history.

Pay a visit to the Pioneer Yosemite History Center to see exhibits that educate visitors about the national park. 

It is estimated that about four million people come to Yosemite National Park annually. Truly, the best trips in the US would always involve a road trip to this awesome place.

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Best places to visit in USA

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