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I am Tim the creator behind Universal Traveller.

I commenced travelling as a young adventurous backpacker, but now prefer to travel in a little more luxury but I have not lost my love of adventure.

If you are looking for Travel Tips, Best Travel Gear, Adventures and Luxury Travel & Lifestyle, this page is for you! It offers the information you need to plan your own trip.

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Best things to do in Amsterdam

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In many ways, Amsterdam is the perfect city for travelers: It’s small enough that you can see many of the main attractions in a short amount of time, welcoming enough that you don’t have [...]

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Best Things to Do in Iceland – Iceland Attractions

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How to Drink from any Water Source in the World

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The Best Hikes in the World

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Vacations which include hiking or trekking are ideal for adventurous travelers or travelers who love the outdoors. Whilst many of us rush around to see as much as we can of a destination, hiking [...]

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