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Ultimate List of Best Things to do in LA Los Angeles, United States

There are so many things to do in LA Los Angeles, California, aside from the usual fanfare on the beach. Here is our ultimate list of what to do in Los Angeles.

Almost everyone’s dream about fun things to do in LA involves the sun, sand, and sea. You picture yourself on that surfboard, conquering one wave after another and crashing ever so joyously to the shore.

LA California is for the film buff who is eager to know more about Hollywood and beyond.

It is also for the art enthusiast who looks for cultural masterpieces in every city he visits.

Los Angeles is for the foodie in every one of us, bringing a feast of multicultural delicacies to the table.

LA is both for the day tripper and for the long vacationer. Several city highlights can easily fill up a one-day Los Angeles Itinerary, and LA activities reward those who choose to stay for a while longer.

Is Los Angeles, California worth a visit?

Yes, it is – and always will be. Here is our ultimate list of the best things to do in LA.

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1. Things to do in LA – Santa Monica Beach

Recommended by Sean from LivingOutLau

Santa-Monica-Beach Things To Do In Los Angeles California
Los Angeles must-see – Santa Monica Beach

A trip to Los Angeles would not be complete without a visit to the famous Santa Monica beach.

Spanning a total of 3.5 miles along the coast of southern California, Santa Monica beach is certainly a bucket list item for the United States.

The thing that makes Santa Monica Beach so popular is its various activities available.

Are you an avid surfer?

The waves of the Pacific Ocean are perfect for surfers with any level of experience.

Do you want to just relax on the beach?

The soft white sand, soaring palm trees, and the gorgeous sunset over the Pacific Ocean will take your breath and worries away.

Don’t like the beach?

The famous Santa Monica Pier is the perfect place for family or a romantic date. Santa Monica Pier has something for everyone, featuring an amusement park, an aquarium, restaurants, and shops.

Want something a little more physical?

The Original Muscle Beach (not to be confused with the Muscle Beach on Venice Beach) is the perfect place to get in shape and break a sweat.

Santa Monica Beach has a scenic 26-mile-long biking path that will challenge even the toughest athletes if you want more of a cardio workout.

Whatever you decide to do in Santa Monica Beach, you will unquestionably have a good time!

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2. Hiking at Runyon Canyon Park

Recommended by Shandos Cleaver from Travelnuity

Hiking At Runyon Canyon Park 1 What To Do In La
Things to do in Los Angeles California – Hiking at Runyon Canyon Park

Hiking isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when considering a visit to LA.

But heading to Runyon Canyon Park to hike is a favorite pastime of LA locals and should be high up on your list of things to do in Los Angeles.

The hiking trails in the park offer some of the best views across LA, with the skyscrapers of downtown visible in the distance on a clear day. It’s also pretty easy to get to the park.

Its southern entrance is less than a 5-minute drive from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with on-street parking easy and free.

Alternatively, head up to Mulholland Drive to the southern entrance, complete with a small car park.

Hiking At Runyon Canyon Park 2 Places To Visit In Los Angeles

The 160 acres of parkland at Runyon Canyon offers up multiple trails of differing lengths, most able to be hiked in a loop.

Be warned that some of the steeper trails are quite tough, especially the unpaved sections. A water bottle is a must on warmer days, along with decent footwear.

Don’t be surprised to spot a celebrity or two joining you on the trails; it’s a favorite celebrity haunt.

Alternatively, there’s never any shortage of friendly dogs in the park, thanks to it being one of the largest off-leash dog areas in the LA area. It’s a must-do if you visit LA with a dog!

3. Escape to Catalina Island

Recommended by Jenn and Ed Coleman from Coleman Concierge

Catalina-From-The-Ferry Things To Do In La
Catalina Island from the ferry

Catalina Island is a short ferry ride away from Los Angeles, but you feel like you’ve landed on a Mediterranean Island.

As soon as you step off the dock, you realize everything is different. The air, land, and water are cleaner, fresher, and innately more peaceful.

Instead of the gridlock of the valley freeways, you find meandering streets where the golf cars outnumber the cars twenty to one.

What can you do on Catalina Island?

There are zip lines, glass-bottom boats, and kayaks to get your adventure on, and divers will want to try shore diving at Casino Point. It’s the best shore diving experience you can imagine.

The partitioned dive park separates divers from boats and fishers. It’s only a 50′ kick out to the first dive buoy and not much farther to kelp forests, a couple of wrecks, and 100′ of clear blue water.

It’s also a super convenient dive site with a stairway for entry and exit, and air fills right in the parking lot. The only trick is getting your dive gear from the shop to Casino Point, but you can always hire a lift.

Exit-Scuba-Art-Catalina Island Things To Do In Los Angeles

Perhaps the best thing to do on Catalina Island is nothing at all.

Wander the shops and restaurants with no real plan other than searching for Catalina Island’s signature drink, buffalo milk.

Vast herds of buffalo roam the highlands above the coast, which is the namesake for this delicious blended sweet drink.

The mix of creme de cocoa, creme de banana, Kahlua, vodka, and half & half topped with whip cream, nutmeg, and a slice of banana epitomizes the feeling on Catalina Island.

Maybe you get a massage or eat seafood with an ocean view.

Whether you stay for the day or weekend, a trip to Catalina Island makes a fabulous romantic Southern California getaway.

4. Things to do in Los Angeles – Griffith Observatory 

Recommended by Cee from It’s a Family Thing 

Things To Do In Los Angeles - Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is special to locals and a must-see for anyone visiting Los Angeles. The location is more famous than the observatory itself.

It is located on the south slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park. From here, you have a stunning view of Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles Basin, Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean.

This is it if you are looking for some of the best views in Los Angeles. 

The best time to see the observatory’s amazing views is in the morning and at night.

You will have to plan strategically because parking fills up quickly. If you are up to it, hiking is the best way to the observatory in the morning.

The hike to the observatory is moderate, and you can enjoy the open space without many crowds. It will also give you a chance to get an awesome picture of the Hollywood sign.

This is the closest you will get to the sign since the hike to the sign has been closed for several years.  

If you plan to visit at night, it is best to wait until after rush hour; this area can get congested due to the narrow streets. 

The city comes alive at night with the bright lights of Los Angeles shining. Inside the observatory is a planetarium with exhibits, a bookstore, a café, and telescopes. 

The Griffith Observatory is one of the few places in Los Angeles where you can be surrounded by people and feel like you have the city to yourself. It is truly that magically.  

5. La Brea Tar Pits

Recommended by Sharon from Dive IntoPhilippines

La Brea Tar Pits Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles

One of the top things to do in LA Los Angeles is also one of the unique attractions, which is visiting La Brea Tar Pits.

La Brea Tar Pits are a collection of tar pits in the middle of Los Angeles, along with a museum and cinema.

You can also see current excavations of the site. The Tar Pits have been around for about 50,000 years and trapped animals within the tar throughout this time.

This has lead to many cool discoveries in the pools of tar and underground.
You can see exactly how paleontologists excavate the tar pits and look for fossils.

It’s fascinating to see this firsthand, with the museum explaining what is going on, how they excavate and showcasing many of the animals that have been found at the site.

Then outside, you can see the excavating that is taking place with a sign posted tar pits. It’s smelly but very interesting!

You need a ticket for the museum, but the tar pits are free. I recommend visiting the museum first as it gives you a good understanding of what you are seeing and what is happening before touring the grounds.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is right next door, so it’s easy to visit both attractions simultaneously.

6. What to do in Los Angeles – Universal Studios

Recommended by Holly from Globeblogging

Universal Hogwarts Things To Donin La

Combining the wonder of movies and television with the fun of a traditional theme park, Universal Studios should be high on the LA itinerary of any movie buff.

You might think this is a destination for families only, but Universal Studios caters uniquely to the solo traveler too.

Except for the shows and studio lot tours, most rides include a single line filling gaps created by uneven groups.

It is possible to walk virtually straight on the rides with even a long queue as a single.

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood abound. The entire park resembles a movie set. Naturally, the studio tour is a must to see the real sets and props from movies, including Jaws, The Fast and the Furious, Back to the Future, and Transformers.

Many of the rides combine virtual reality and motion, rocking cars giving the illusion of movement as a screen in front shows you scenes of flying through the air with Harry Potter or watching King Kong fight a T-rex around your bus on the studio tour.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will delight fans of the movies, be sure to try the Butterbeer and browse the dedicated store!

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7. Hollywood Sign Hike

Recommended by Daria from The Discovery Nut

Travelling Dsc 0292Los Angeles Beverly Hills Hollywood

If you are up for some physical challenge while in LA, hit the trail to the famous Hollywood sign!

This is arguably one of the most beautiful hikes in the greater LA area and one of those quintessential things that most visitors want to do, and that should be on your USA bucket list

Located in the urban Griffith Park, one of the largest urban parks in the United States, this 6-mile hike is extremely popular with tourists who come here to snap a picture in front of the iconic sign.

While there are several ways to get to the top, the easiest place to start is at 3200 Canyon Drive in Los Angeles. When you arrive at this address, you will find a parking lot and several signs to guide you toward the trail.

Many other trails leading to the Hollywood Sign have been closed in recent years after residents filed complaints against excessive traffic and worked with authorities to close off several trails near residential areas.

There is still a lot of misleading information about how to get to the sign. However, this is one of the easiest (and still open) trails that will help you to get above the sign. 

The trail has a gradual climb and is suitable for beginner hikers. However, you will need to bring at least one bottle of water, especially if you will hike on a hot summer day.

The first part of the hike takes you through a shadowy part, while about two-thirds of the hike is out in the open and snakes through the Santa Monica Mountains. 

If you are a frequent hiker and exercise regularly, the round trip should take you no more than 2,5-3 hours.

It’s better, however, to begin your journey sooner rather than later, as the trail tends to get a bit crowded, especially on weekends! 

Also, make sure to plan your hike for a bright sunny day when there are no clouds.

This way, you can see the Hollywood sign and the 360-degree view of the Los Angeles skyline and the beautiful coastline of California. I hope you enjoy your hike! 

If you want to escape the busy LA, take a day trip to Santa Barbara, a true pearl of Central California.

This guide will tell you about some of the most amazing things to do in Santa Barbara

8. Going to a basketball game

Recommended by Alexander from Gourmand Trotter

Going To A Basketball Game Fun Things To Do In La

Going to a basketball game is one of the best things to do in LA Los Angeles since the city is home to two major NBA teams, namely the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Lakers is perhaps the most famous of the two, with some of the most famous basketball stars playing in the team and several celebrities supporting the team.

The Lakers games are often attended by celebrities shown in the celeb cam, which can be fun, especially if you’re a tourist and visit LA to get that Hollywood feel.

Moreover, the other LA team, namely the Clippers, offers a more fun vibe to their games with lots of activities to get the crowd cheering.

Depending on seat and availability, a ticket to a Laker’s game range from $56 to several thousand dollars.

It’s recommended to book Lakers tickets as soon as you know the date or game that you want to watch, as they sell out quite fast most of the time.

Clipper games are somewhat cheaper but still cost around $50 and upwards, depending on which row and availability.

It’s a fun activity for the whole family or even for couples and friends. Even if you’re not interested in basketball or the NBA, it will be fun, as the atmosphere is always great.

9. Shopping With the Stars in Malibu

Recommended by Carole from Travels With Carole

Shopping With The Stars In Malibu-Best Things To Do In La

Once upon a time, when I was driving along Highway 1 to L.A., I stumbled upon a popular local shopping center in Malibu. (Here, Highway 1 is referred to as the PCH for Pacific Coast Highway.) 

Many locals treat the Malibu Country Mart as an informal town square in a town with no center. 

It’s a great spot to take a rest from the road and is just a few blocks from toney Broad Beach, where many mega-stars have gorgeous beach-front homes. 

My routine is to stop here for a snack, usually at The Coffee Bean, where I sit looking cool in my shades, play with my iPhone, and check out the other coffee drinkers. 

I also enjoy browsing boutiques that are loaded with shiny and pricey goodies.  I’ve seen so many people who look like they are somebody but have only yet made one-star spotting here. 

Shopping With The Stars In Malibu-Places To Go In La

That was Minnie Driver hiding beneath a huge sun hat playing with her child out on the grass at the popular children’s playground.  We made eye contact, and I was 99% sure it was her, which turned out to be 100% when I heard her speak. 

I didn’t ask for an autograph or a selfie; I just enjoyed the moment.  Another time I enjoyed a quick late lunch at the Malibu Kitchen–their coffee comes from Peet’s, bread from LaBrea Bakery, and bagels from H&H in NYC, all-stars in their own right. 

And this deli is the location where Jerry and Kramer once had coffee together in a “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” segment. 

While I was out on the porch enjoying a delicious pasta salad, somebody pulled up in an expensive Aston Martin with swan-wing doors, and a scene unfolded, but I just couldn’t figure out who it was.  

The stars are here. Stay alert, and keep your eyes peeled. 

10. The Getty Center

Recommended by Dave Chant from

Getty Center 1 Los Angeles California

As you ride the tram up to the Getty Center, you’ll feel like you’re being cleansed from the noise of Freeway 405 below you.

There are many great things to do in LA, but the size and sprawl of the city can be daunting. The Getty is the art museum equivalent of yoga for the soul when you just want to relax.

It’s set in the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Its combination of art, spectacular views across Los Angeles, stunning architecture, and beautiful gardens make it not just a visit for those interested in art.

But if art is the main feature, you’ll find plenty on offer in buildings reported to have cost between $0.7 to $1.3 billion.

It was the art collection of businessman J.Paul Getty – twenty years after his death, it was relocated to this present site and opened in 1997.

You’ll find a collection of pre-20th Century European paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts, as well as American and European photos from the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Getty Center 2 What To Do In Los Angeles

Wander through collections from Pontormo, Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt, Turner, Manet, Monet, Cezanne, and that chap that cut off his own ear.

It’s not surprising the Center attracts 1.8 million visitors a year, but it doesn’t feel overly busy.

It’s a great place to spend at least a few hours or longer if you wish, as you can relax in the gardens and use the restaurant or one of two cafes.

Practicalities: Entry is always free, and usually admission is 10 am-5:30 pm with a more extended Saturday opening but check for details.

Parking is up to $20, dependent on the day and time. Still, the center is accessible by ride-sharing companies and taxis (just note that the only entrance is at the intersection of Sepulveda Boulevard with Getty Center Drive).

11. Long Beach, California

Recommended by Gwen from Healthy Travel Mom

Long Beach Shoreline Village (1)

With its beautiful coastal location, amazing restaurants, and an array of fun activities, Long Beach is a great place to spend a day when visiting Los Angeles!

Located just south of LA, Long Beach has a lot to offer both families and adults. From beaches to museums to the Queen Mary, don’t miss your chance to check out Long Beach.

One of our favorite things to do in Long Beach is to visit the Pacific Aquarium. Located right on the harbor, the Aquarium of the Pacific features numerous indoor and outdoor exhibits (many are interactive).

Over 11,000 animals from 500 species in more than 50 exhibits represent the diversity of the Pacific Ocean on display.

The aquarium is home to a shark lagoon, sea lions, jellies, penguins, seals, and the usual array of fish. Catch an educational show or one of the feedings scheduled throughout the day.

Another incredible attraction in Long Beach is Shoreline Village. Shoreline Village in Long Beach’s quaint waterfront shopping and dining village.

Nestled along Rainbow Harbor, this is a great spot to grab lunch and do a little souvenir shopping.

In addition to its many shops and restaurants, Shoreline Village has a carousel, an arcade, and spots where you can rent boats, jet skis, kayaks, sailboats, bikes, and more. In the summer, live music is scheduled to perform.

Finally, you can’t visit Long Beach without taking a tour of the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is a luxury ocean liner permanently docked in Long Beach.

Her maiden voyage took place in 1936, and she came to Long Beach in 1967, and today operates as a hotel and attraction.

The Queen Mary offers numerous tours and annual events and has several restaurants and lounges you can visit. She is also said to be one of the most haunted destinations in America!

12. Dodger Stadium Los Angeles

Dodger Stadium Los Angeles

Fancy touching the bat used by Bellinger? How about feeling the jersey worn by Turner?

If you are a true blue baseball fan and have been to Kansas City’s The K, visiting the Dodger Stadium will make your Los Angeles trip memorable.

Tour the Dodger Stadium to get an insider scoop on what happens behind the scenes – including a trip into the Dodger Dugout and a glimpse of the exclusive Lexus Dugout Club.

Don’t miss out on your chance of getting official Dodger merchandise which is only sold at Dodger Stadium. Head out to the Official Team Stores for some authentic on-field gear.

13. California Science Center

A trip to the California Science Center is among the best things to do in Los Angeles for the whole family. 

Marvel at the permanent exhibitions found at the Science Center. The World of Life will show you how all life forms are connected, while the Roy A. Anderson Blackbird Exhibit & Garden will open your eyes to the diverse flora and fauna surrounding the center.

Also, watch out for the special exhibitions that change over time. Live shows and demonstrations happen every now and then to give visitors a great learning experience. 

14. TCL Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Stars At The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
©g01xm via

Go on a VIP Tour of the TCL Chinese Theatre to learn more about the history of this movie destination. Even if no Hollywood event is going on, feel like a true star as you walk the red carpet and dive deep into Hollywood movie history.

You’re already on Hollywood Boulevard, so you might as well see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A stroll along this famous walkway from the entrance of the TCL Chinese Theatre is one of the free things to do in Los Angeles. Experience the simple thrill of finding your favorite actor’s handprints on the sidewalk!

15. Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach Los Angeles

A trip to California – be it in LA, San Diego, or San Francisco – is incomplete without visiting the beach. Residents and tourists alike are thankful that they have Zuma Beach on location.

Zuma Beach lies 40 miles from downtown LA, a true escape from the busy city life. Some of the popular LA activities to do in Zuma Beach include swimming, fishing, and surfing.

If you choose to dine in rather than bring a whole load of snacks for your day at the beach, head to the Trancas Market Shopping Center, where you can find various restaurants serving good food.

16. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

When you come to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, you will immediately recognize one of the most famous public arts, which can be found in the park, the Los Angeles icon named Urban Light.

Join a 50-minute private tour to easily see LACMA’s collection’s different areas. This is specially made and recommended for visitors with special needs.

Come 2024, LACMA is set to open a new building that will house its permanent collections. It will be called the David Geffen Galleries. 

17. Sunset Boulevard 

Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles

The famous palm-lined Sunset Boulevard has been featured in movies that are too many to count. This iconic LA street is now home to many establishments you should definitely make time for.

Sunset Boulevard stretches for 3.2 kilometers and is bounded by Havenhurst and Doheny Drive. Along this street, you’ll find the Hollywood Bowl, the Roxy Amphitheater, and The Comedy Store, among others.

If you wish to see a piece of history in full glory, pay homage to the regal Chateau Marmont. Chances are, you’ll spot some high-profile personalities on your visit here.

18. Venice neighborhood

A day or two spent at the beach town of Venice is one of the highlights of your Los Angeles trip. This neighborhood is definitely for you if you like merging nature with art, life, and entertainment.

Venice Beach promises a morning filled with a laid-back vibe and a day full of fun activities. Local vendors, street performers, and art enthusiasts paint the town red at the Venice Boardwalk.

When it comes to food, Venice has a wide array of dining options – from fine dining to bars and pubs.

19. Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles

Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is an architectural masterpiece that combines tasteful design with great sound.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the vision of architect Frank Gehry. Not only is it a true sight to behold on the outside, but it is also a world-class venue with superb acoustics on the inside.

It took 16 years for Gehry’s work to be presented to the public, the venue proving to be worth the wait.

Be it classical music, contemporary music, world music, or jazz. The Walt Disney Concert Hall can bring the art of making music to live.

20. Third Street Promenade

Los Angeles Third Street Promenade

A trip to LA, California, is never complete without some shopping spree. It is one of the perfect things to do in Los Angeles – thanks to the Third Street Promenade’s shopping haven.

Imagine having fun buying things you like from one store after another, with the open skies adding a new component to your shopping experience.

At the Third Street Promenade, you can find everything you need, from designer clothes to daily essentials. Once it gets too tiring, be entertained by the sights of street performers and the nearby beach calling you by name.

21. Little Tokyo Los Angeles

Little Tokyo Los Angeles

Little Tokyo is considered a National Historic Landmark District in LA, California. A visit to this beautiful neighborhood is among the best things to do in Los Angeles.

When you’re on this side of LA, be sure to come hungry because there are many food establishments to try. 

You can get authentic Japanese hotpot at the aptly named Shabu Shabu House. If rice is your choice of carbohydrate source, go to Daikokuya.

For a wide selection of Japanese snacks to bring home, head over to Nijiya Market. Here, you can also get hold of Japanese ingredients to use for cooking.

22. Greystone Mansion and Gardens

The Greystone Mansion and Gardens was the gift of oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny to his son. The property was later purchased by the City of Beverly Hills in 1965.

While you can roam around the Greystone Mansion and Gardens, the inside is reserved for official events and private tours. As you tour the grounds, you will see a combination of gothic and neoclassical architectural styles.

The place is a popular wedding venue. It is also a sought-after location for television shows and movies. Some of the ones shot here were Gilmore Girls and The Big Lebowski.

23. The Original Farmers Market and the Grand Central Market

The Original Farmers Market And The Grand Central Market

It is rewarding to shop at The Original Farmers Market. To have a good idea about what is offered here, you can go on a Farmers Market Tour, where you get introduced to ethnic eateries, fresh produce stands, and much more.

This market came from a humble beginning. Back in 1934, some farmers gathered at the corner of 3rd and Fairfax to sell their produce straight from their trucks. 

It is also great to check out the Grand Central Market. Stretching from Broadway to Hill Street, the place is known to be the oldest and largest public market in Los Angeles.

24. Paramount Pictures Studios

Paramount Pictures Studios Los Angeles

Going on a Paramount Pictures Studio Tour is one of the fun things to do in Los Angeles. Learn more about the studio’s history and discover the locations of some iconic movies in this two-hour tour.

You can also choose to book a VIP tour where you can enjoy a private gourmet lunch on top of your studio tour. See what goes on inside the working studios and get a chance to catch some stars on set.

Paramount Pictures is the only major film studio left in this prime location. Some of its notable productions are the classic comedy I Love Lucy and the timeless Titanic.

25. Barnsdall Art Park

From where it stands in Olive Hill, the Barnsdall Art Park gives you a magnificent view of Los Angeles. 

Hollyhock House is the highlight of every visit to the Barnsdall Art Park. Aline Barnsdall, who donated the park to the City of Los Angeles, sought the expertise of architect Frank Lloyd Wright in creating a “half house, half garden” residence, among others.

True to Aline Barnsdall’s vision, the park hosts several art classes, galleries, and theater programs. The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre are here.

26. Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake Los Angeles

If you need a break from all the extreme things to do in Los Angeles, settle for an afternoon at Echo Park Lake. In this LA attraction, you can relax and lay still on the grass.

When it’s time for some action, head to the lake and rent one of the Echo Park Swan Boats for a recreational time by the waters.

Before you call it a day, get something delicious to eat at the nearby Beacon Cafe. Order the award-winning Beacon Burger along with a glass of refreshing beverage.

27. The Broad Los Angeles

The Broad Los Angeles

Nothing speaks boldly quite like The Broad. This museum has two floors showcasing a vast postwar and contemporary art collection.

Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room—The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away” is among the main highlights of every visit to The Broad. For 45 seconds, you get to experience this one-of-a-kind installation solely.

A tour of The Broad is one of the fun, free things to do in Los Angeles. You can catch a scheduled free public tour by reservation.

Before you end your visit, stop by The Shop at The Broad and check out all the limited edition pieces you can purchase and own.

28. Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tour

If you are keen to explore the many historical places in LA, join one Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tour. The LA Conservancy has highly-trained docents ready to share their knowledge, no matter which part of Los Angeles you want to dig into.

Joining a walking tour is one of the best ways to appreciate LA architecture. You can choose to explore the Broadway Historic Theatre and Commercial District to see how much the area has changed.

You can also opt for the Historic Downtown Walking Tour. You can see iconic LA landmarks such as the Central Library, the U.S. Bank Tower, and the Bradbury Building.

29. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Los Angeles

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Los Angeles

What is so interesting about a fully operational cemetery? Aside from the fact that it is located in Hollywood, you are about to learn how Hollywood Forever Cemetery differs from the rest.

Sign up for a tour and learn which famous personalities were laid to rest in this cemetery. Two of them are Rudolph Valentino and Judy Garland.

One event that everyone looks forward to attending here is the annual Dia de Los Muertos. Seeing people in costumes make the place come to life with their vibrant attires and joyful processions. 

30. Watts Towers Los Angeles

Watts Towers Los Angeles

The Watts Towers have a fascinating story. The 17 pillars, generally built from scrap, are the works of art of an Italian immigrant construction worker and artist named Simon Rodia.

Every day, for 33 years, Rodia added one component after another to the masterpiece he called “Nuestro Pueblo.”

As of this writing, conducting tours in the Watt Towers is impossible. However, you can still see the fences’ structure and the Towers from afar.

31. Arts District Los Angeles

A visit to LA’s Art District is among the fun things to do in Los Angeles. 

Your trip to the Arts District should start with a street art tour. Sign up for the Downtown L.A. Graffiti and Mural Tour to see some of the works of local and international artists scattered all over the area.

As the night ends, pay a visit to the Arts District Brewing Company. Enjoy a diverse selection of craft beers, cocktails, and wine so diverse you might think you’re in Denver!

Frequently Asked Questions about Los Angeles

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  1. Do you need a car to visit Los Angeles?

    You don’t need a car to visit Los Angeles! You can reach many popular sights by public transportation and Uber. Exploring Los Angeles without a car can actually be more relaxing because of the regular traffic jams and the difficult parking situation in the city.

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