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How to travel from Seattle to San Francisco, United States

All you need to know about the different ways to travel from Seattle to San Francisco.

Seattle is located alongside the eastern coast of Elliot Bay, a part of the Puget Sound that joins the Pacific Ocean, so in a manner, it is right on the coast.

Seattle is just under 100 miles away from the actual coastline of the Pacific.


Washington’s numerous interlinked waterways stop a straight drive to the coast, so it will take you a little more than three hours of car drive to get to that point.

Though Ocean Shores, Washington is a farther coastal point, it only takes 2.5 hours to reach there by car.

How far is San Francisco from Seattle?

The Seattle to San Francisco drive covers nearly 807 miles through the northern half of California and southern half of Washington, Oregon. It takes around 21 hours to travel between Seattle and San Francisco by bus.

How To Travel From Seattle To San Francisco United States
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How to get from Seattle to San Francisco

1. Seattle to San Francisco Train

The distance between San Francisco and Seattle is nearly 679.68 miles. The usual time required to travel by train between Seattle and San Francisco is almost 23 hours and 10 minutes.

Many travelers find it very difficult to spend these 23 hours, and if you are looking for ways to keep yourself entertained throughout the journey, then most trains are equipped with Wi-Fi.

You can use internet connections to browse social media, stream music, or finish any unfinished work. If your train doesn’t have an internet connection, then we suggest you download some TV series on your mobile or laptop to watch while traveling.

The fare for traveling by train is nearly $93 to $154.

2. Seattle to San Francisco bus

You can also find several bus routes from Seattle to San Francisco. Many people prefer traveling by bus because the bus rides are cheaper than other ways of traveling.

The fare for bus rides also differs between $88 to $125. It depends upon your reservation and departure date.

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3. Seattle to San Francisco Flight

You have two choices if you are going to travel by flight; you can choose a direct flight or a multi-stop flight. Both have their pros and cons.

A direct flight will take less time to reach the destination, but the prices will be higher. The multi-stop flights will take much more time but save you some money.

It depends upon your budget and feasibility to choose a direct or multi-stop flight. A young solo traveler should prefer a multi-stop flight, but a direct flight might be better if you have kids traveling with you.

What is the best way to travel from Seattle to San Francisco?

If you are looking for the best way to travel from Seattle to San Francisco, you are taking the wrong approach because the best way to travel depends on your schedule and budget.

If your budget is your primary consideration, the best way to get to San Francisco from Seattle is by taking a bus.

The bus tickets can be bought for $86; however, a train trip takes nearly the same time but costs $111, even if you reserve your seat a month before.

If you can afford a little extra fare, then traveling by air is the best choice. It takes less time and makes you less tired.

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How can you find and book cheap tickets to San Francisco from Seattle?

We all want to save money, and the best way to look for cheap deals for bus tickets to San Francisco from Seattle is by making an earlier reservation.

Numerous bus companies increase the fare of the busses as the departure date approaches. So, you shouldn’t wait for the last day to buy tickets.

If you have a confirmed plan to travel, then book your tickets as soon as possible. But never book tickets in advance if you don’t have a confirmed travel plan.


You should not depend on just one way to travel but check as many options as you can.

People who check all options tend to save 20% to 60% while traveling. You should also look for promotional offers to save some extra money.