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Author archives: AnaMarija Mishachkovska

AnaMarija is a dedicated SEO specialist and content strategist with profound expertise in Transport in Costa Rica, Transportation in Mexico, Transport in Guatemala, Transport in Peru, and Transport in Thailand. Experience:  AnaMarija began her academic journey by pursuing a bachelor's degree at AUE FON University in Macedonia. Following her education, she delved into the world of travel writing, focusing on crafting comprehensive transportation guides for diverse regions such as Latin America and Southeast Asia. As of 2021, AnaMarija has been employed as a transportation expert travel writer at Universal Traveller. Additionally, in 2022, she extended her expertise to become a travel writer for Guatemala Transport Service and Mexico Transport Service. Since 2023, AnaMarija has been sharing her extensive knowledge in Transport in Thailand as a contributor to Bangkok Insiders. Expertise:  AnaMarija possesses extensive expertise in transportation across multiple countries, including Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and Thailand. She knows the best routes like the back of her hand and writes about them in a way that's easy to read and even easier to find online! Education:  AnaMarija's educational foundation comprises her studies in Design and Multimedia at AUE FON University in Macedonia. Building upon this academic background, she expanded her expertise through online courses in Search Engine Optimization and Travel Writing. With a background in design, she's got an eye for creating content that's as nice to look at as it is helpful. Combining this with a passion for travel and discovering new places has led her to pursue this path where she can share her insights and make an impact! For the latest updates and insights, you can follow AnaMaria on Instagram - Facebook - LinkedIn - Behance