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How to get from San Diego to Las Vegas

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Planning to go from San Diego to Las Vegas? Don’t be discouraged by the long distance between the two cities!

There are many ways on how you can reach Las Vegas from San Diego.

You can opt for the fastest way and fly to Nevada. Another efficient way is by driving directly to Las Vegas with a private vehicle.

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To do away with the hassle or boredom of driving the lengthy highway, you can take the bus coming from San Diego.

A more complicated way to go is to travel by train. At the end of the day, though, what’s important is that you arrive at your destination.

How far is it from San Diego to Las Vegas?

The distance from San Diego to Las Vegas is 332 miles or 534 kilometers.

How to get from San Diegos to Las Vegas1
How to get from San Diegos to Las Vegas

1. Flight from San Diego to Las Vegas

Travelling by air is preferred by a lot of people going to Las Vegas because it cuts back in travel time..

Some of the carriers that fly from San Diego International Airport (SAN) to Las Vegas McCarran (LAS) are Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Delta Air and Spirit Airlines.

A one-way direct flight fare ranges from 34 USD to 53 USD. Book at least three months in advance to avail of the best deals for this route.

To travel from San Diego to Las Vegas via air, it will take you about one hour and 30 minutes. Adjust your total  travel time to include check in and baggage retrieval.

2. Bus from San Diego to Las Vegas

Going by bus from San Diego to Las Vegas is a good option for those who are not in a hurry to reach the city. 

The transport company Greyhound offers daily trips to the City of Lights that can easily be booked online.

Its new fleet of buses offers amenities such as free Wifi, extra legroom, and personal power outlets. The bus fare depends on the ticket option you choose. 

You pay 31 USD for a nonrefundable economy ticket which gives you one checked in baggage for free.

Fare goes up to 39 USD for a nonrefundable economy plus ticket which adds priority seating and same-day changes to your benefits.

If you want the most convenient option, there is the 113 USD flexible ticket which gives you an additional baggage to check in for free, no extra charge for booking changes and a completely refundable fare.

Depending on your time of departure, a bus ride from San Diego to Las Vegas will take eight to ten hours. There will be comfort stops along the way for your convenience.

How to get from San Diegos to Las Vegas1
Valley of Fire

3. Train from San Diego to Las Vegas

There is no train coming directly from San Diego to Las Vegas. However, you can take the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner from San Diego to Los Angeles where you shall catch a bus going to Las Vegas.

Megabus offers daily trips from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Book ahead of time and ask which bay number you can find at the Union Station.

The train ride lasts for three hours while the bus ride lasts for five and a half hours. Your total transport fare for this option is about 50 USD. 

4. Driving from San Diego to Las Vegas

The convenience of travelling at your own pace and time is truly remarkable. That is why many visitors opt to drive their vehicles from San Diego to Las Vegas instead of using public transportation.

If you would like to rent a car instead of bringing your own, there are rental companies that offer one-way deals from San Diego to Las Vegas. Your fee is highly dependent on the type of vehicle that you will choose.

Your best deal starts at 293 USD while a luxury car will cost you up to 390 USD per day. All options come with unlimited miles. 

To drive from San Diego to Las Vegas, it takes five to eight hours – depending which route you would like to take and the heaviness of traffic that await. Read on to find out more about the different roads that lead to Las Vegas.

How to get from San Diegos to Las Vegas1
How to get from San Diegos to Las Vegas

Directions to Las Vegas Nevada

To drive from San Diego to Las Vegas, you need to decide whether you will take the fast route or the scenic route.

For the fast route, take the I-15 N. This leads you directly to Las Vegas in about five hours.

When you have extra time, do some stretching at any of the worthwhile stops that you will pass by on the road. This includes the famous Route 66, the Bottle Tree Ranch, and the town of Baker.

For the scenic route, you have to take the I-10 eastbound to the CA-62 eastbound. You will reach Las Vegas in six hours.

With this option, you will pass by the Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Memorial Cross, among many other spots.

Adding about two hours to your travel time is another scenic route which exits San Diego on the I-8 eastbound and connecting you to the I-15 eastbound near the borders of California and Nevada. 

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