best things to do in siargao philippines

5 Best Things to do in Siargao

Siargao Island is a 45-minute plane ride from Cebu and is part of the Philippines’ easternmost islands. It became popular among tourists especially the surfers after getting featured by John Callahan, a renowned surfing photographer in the 90s. Since then, Siargao’s tourism went up due to tidal pools, crystal clear waters, exotic wildlife, mangrove forest reserves, waterfalls, rice fields, rock formations, coral reefs, sand bars, lagoons, surfing sites and an amazing white sand beach experience. If you’re planning to visit the island, here are the Best things to do in Siargao:

Best things to do in Siargao
Best things to do in Siargao – Sunset Santa Monica Pier

1. Surfing

Since Siargao is ultimately known for being the Philippines’ surfing capital, you are guaranteed to experience seven-foot waves here between September and May. And as a surfing paradise, surfers also get to enjoy the clear blue waters that match the powdery white sand of Siargao Island. Also, since the surfing season starts on September or October, you will see bigger crowd in the beach during this time of year so be sure to plan your trip for a more enjoyable adventure.

best things to do in-siargao-philippines-004
Cloud Nine Surfing Spot in Siargao

2. Nature tripping

If you’re not a surfer, you can go on a nature trip with friends. With the simplicity and purity of the island, you are sure to enjoy the calm atmosphere of this paradise. You can go island hopping, trekking, sailing, and other nature tripping activities available in the island.  The place is serene and perfect for nature lovers out there. Don’t miss the Magpupungko Pool for a breathtaking sight.

 best things to do in siargao philippines
Best things to do in Siargao – Magpupungko Beach Tidal Pools

3. Food tripping

As one of the culinary heavens you can ever find in the Philippines, Siargao is a place where you can eat various kinds of seafood. The restaurants and resorts available in the island also offer local specialties you can try. But if you want to cook your own meal, you can buy fresh tuna and other fishes at General Luna public market for more choices. For only 120 to 150 pesos, you can buy one kilo of these fresh seafood.

Best things to do in Siargao
Best things to do in Siargao – Bucas Grande Blue Lagoon

4. Biking

The natural landscapes in Siargao will give you the most beautiful place to ride a bike. You will see lush rice fields, waterfalls, caves, deserted beaches, and more while riding a bike. Also, you can mingle with the local villagers and learn a lot from them in terms of living a simple life in an island.

best things to do in-siargao-philippines
Best things to do in Siargao – Santa Monica Pier

5. Beach bumming

Watching the ocean and feeling the breeze is one of the priceless moments one can experience. And if you’re a beach bum, this is the perfect place to be. The pristine white sand and turquoise waters are perfect image of the paradise you will want to live forever. There’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t include this paradise in your travels around the Philippines. Without a doubt, every tourist that comes to the island will create wonderful memories with the spectacular beaches of Siargao in Surigao Del Norte, Mindanao.

Best things to do in Siargao
Best things to do in Siargao – Guyam Island

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