Best Time to Visit Vancouver, Canada

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Wondering which is the best time to visit Vancouver? Learn more about the weather and activities in Vancouver, BC, depending on the season of your visit.

If you ask around about the Best time to visit Vancouver, BC, chances are people will tell you to come during summertime.

What if your trip doesn’t fall during this season? 

Good thing it is generally a good idea to come to Vancouver any time of the year.

With lots of things in store for the curious traveler, Vancouver, BC, is a teeming tourist destination no matter which month and season you come in.

Best Time to Visit Vancouver Canada
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Best time to visit Vancouver

Vancouver Weather in January

Climate: The coldest days in Vancouver are here. 

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 6 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 1 degree Centigrade.

January is one of the rainiest months of the year in Vancouver. While this may serve as a dealbreaker for outdoor enthusiasts, Vancouver still has many indoor activities to offer.

What’s a better way to enjoy the cold weather than to go on a food trip at the Dine Out Vancouver Food Festival?

This two-week gastronomic celebration is one of the highly-anticipated events every January.

Many restaurants participate and present their menus to people who would like to sample the best of their dishes without splurging.

Also, don’t miss your last chance to catch the Canyon Lights Christmas Display at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Each year, the place is designed with festive lights and artistic decorations that change every time. January is the best time to visit Vancouver if you wish to avoid the holiday crowd. 

Vancouver Weather in February

Climate: It is the end of the winter season.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 8 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 2 degrees Centigrade.

During February, the cozy weather in Vancouver attracts couples who are on a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day.

The city is in its sweetest, too, with many establishments offering special packages fit for the occasion and season. February is the best time of the year to visit Vancouver to enjoy cuddle weather with your loved one.

Go on a wine tour or bike around the neighborhood. Visit indoor galleries or spend time under the stars. The choices are endless for romantic travelers.

February is also the time for corporate events and annual social gatherings celebrating different highlights of the city.

Some of the events happening in February are the Vancouver International Boat Show and the Vancouver International Wine Festival. 

Vancouver Weather in March

Skiing Cypress Mountain Vancouver Canada

Climate: It is the start of the spring season. 

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 10 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 3 degrees Centigrade.

It’s off-season in Vancouver this time of the year, so expect fewer crowds and a more relaxed travel setting.

While the threat of possible storms stands nearby, it is still a good idea to consider going to Vancouver this time of the year, especially for those traveling on a budget.  

Before winter officially ends, head over the Grouse Mountain and participate in the 24 Hours of Winter.

Ski, skate, and snowboard to your heart’s content as they pack Grouse Mountain with winter activities that run until the wee hours. Be sure not to miss the Torch Parade.

Festival du Bois also happens this month. It is the best time of the year to visit British Columbia if you are fond of Canadian folk, Celtic, and world music.

Many Francophone festival enthusiasts widely attend this event. 

Vancouver Weather in April

Climate: The spring season is in full bloom.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 12 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 5 degrees Centigrade.

Plan your itinerary carefully, especially when it involves a lot of outdoor activities. Vancouver is rainy in April, which may affect your plans to enjoy nature trips and the like.

However, April is when the cherry blossom trees bloom in Vancouver, making way for the annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

This is the best time to visit Vancouver, Canada, if you are an aficionado of these beautiful blooms.

The neighborhood arranges bike and sightseeing tours so people can enjoy being in the midst of the pink blossoms. The Sakura Night happening in Stanley Park is a must-visit for anyone fond of Asian cuisine.

Best things to dо in Vancouver Canada
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Vancouver Weather in May

Climate: Days and nights get warmer as the spring season ends.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 16 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 9 degrees Centigrade.

People start flying into Vancouver to enjoy the great weather that comes in between the end of spring and the start of summer.

Several food venues open this time of the year, so it is generally the best time to visit Vancouver for a gastronomic exploration.

The popular Richmond and Shipyard Night Markets start serving the neighborhood in May.

May is also the month of the highly-anticipated BMO Vancouver Marathon, a scenic race with routes that wind down famous landmarks, green parks, and the lovely oceanside. 

Vancouver Weather in June

Climate: It is the start of summer in Vancouver.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 19 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 11 degrees Centigrade.

Summer may be here, but you should still expect a few drops of rain during June. The Vancouver peak tourist season kicks in during this month, so it is wise to book ahead of time if you plan on visiting Vancouver, BC, in June.

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival happens this month.

During this event, high-profile artists come together to celebrate music with fans worldwide, bringing in several concerts in different venues across Vancouver. Also around the corner is the Vancouver Craft Beer Week. 

Vancouver Weather in July

Vancouver Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Self Guided Tour
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Climate: Expect a cool and sunny summer.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 21 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 13 degrees Centigrade.

The Vancouver peak tourist season is in full force as the weather gets hot and dry this time of the year.

People come to the city to celebrate Canada Day here, so the whole neighborhood is filled with both locals and tourists going about their days.

July is the time when you’ll see many locals heading to Jericho Beach – not to swim but to celebrate the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

For three full days, get to see local artists and international stars jam with the crowd. Alongside these concerts are food stalls and craft markets that appeal to everyone.

Vancouver Weather in August

Climate: Summer is ending, and the rainy season is coming.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 22 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 14 degrees Centigrade.

You can enjoy more sunny days and less rainy ones when August comes. Take advantage of this weather and head to outdoor areas such as Stanley Park, a popular destination that all family members can enjoy.

It is a good time to visit the Bard on The Beach Shakespeare Festival, which, at this time, has been running for two months now. This worthwhile event is both recreational and informative.

Other festivals that are right around the corner are the Vancouver Chinatown Festival and the Vancouver Pride Parade.

Vancouver Weather in September

Climate: Autumn season kicks in.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 18 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 11 degrees Centigrade.

The month of September in Vancouver tends to get rainy during the last weeks, so if you plan to do any outdoor activities, it is best to do so at the start of the month. The beauty of the fall season is very evident this time of the year.

September is a great time for film lovers and makers. The Vancouver International Film Festival, one of North America’s biggest film festivals, happens this month. 

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Vancouver Weather in October

Climate: The autumn breeze gets colder, and rain is expected.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 13 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 7 degrees Centigrade.

If you don’t mind traveling to gray clouds and gloomy weather, head to Vancouver during October.

Besides, there are many indoor activities that you can maximize – and many of these are worth traveling to. Think museums, libraries, indoor pools, and huge aquariums.

Vancouver transforms into a huge spooky place as the entire neighborhood makes way for Halloween celebrations.

If you are into this kind of event, schedule your trip to land in October so you can take part in haunted Vancouver tours and ghost tours. Cap of your experience with the lively Vancouver Halloween Parade.

Vancouver Weather in November

Climate: It is a very rainy month.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 8 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 3 degrees Centigrade.

November is considered off-season in Vancouver as holidays have yet to start and snow is yet to build up.

Many things that you plan on doing in Vancouver during November are highly dependent on the day’s weather. No wonder it is the least preferred month to visit Vancouver, BC.

If there is snow, you can enjoy a nice day of winter sports. The ski season may start anytime this month, so the Grouse Mountain will be set to open.

Christmas attractions open as early as this month, so it would be nice to check those out before the holiday crowd comes in.

Some of the events happening this time of the year include the Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl and the Hopscotch Festival.

Vancouver Weather in December

Skiing Cypress Mountain Vancouver Canada-

Climate:  It is the start of the winter season. Rain is frequent.

Temperature: Highest temperature is at 6 degrees Centigrade, while the lowest is at 1 degree Centigrade.

At five in the afternoon, the whole of Vancouver is already covered in darkness. Make sure to plan your outdoor trips that require daylight accordingly.

While this cuts your sightseeing tours short, it extends your nightlife plans to a couple of hours in.

The Christmas season is a magical time to be in Vancouver. Be sure to check out the Vancouver Christmas Market for a day of good food, great finds, and a generous dose of festive fun.

Christmas at Canada Place is also a must-visit for the family. One of the main events is the giant gingerbread men and the massive well-lit Christmas tree.

What’s absolutely not to miss in Vancouver during December is the VanDusen Festival of Lights.

See the botanical garden light up from the strings of Christmas lights decorating acres of lush land. 

When is the best time to visit Vancouver?

The best time to go to Vancouver is either in July or August. The season is great both for exploring the outdoors and cozying up indoors.

These months are the warmest and driest months in Vancouver, BC.

What are the seasons in Vancouver?

Vancouver enjoys all four seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall – although its weather is milder compared to the rest of Canada.

Winter in Vancouver runs from December to February. You will find the cold weather to be pleasant, with temperatures not reaching below zero. 

Spring in Vancouver happens from March to May. Expect a lot of rain showers. The weather is expected to cool down towards the end of May.

Summer officially starts in June and ends in August. The summer season in Vancouver doesn’t get uncomfortably hot.

Fall in Vancouver runs from September to November. Expect cooler weather and a wet November visit.

What is the best season to visit Vancouver?

Many of Vancouver’s charms are found outdoors, so it is best to go during the summer season.

That way, you can enjoy a comfortably warm day under the sun with no rain. 

When is the cheapest time to fly to Vancouver?

The cheapest time to fly to Vancouver, BC, is during January. Avoid the months of March, April, and May if you are scouting for the cheapest flight.

It is essential to book ahead of time – at least three weeks before your trip – to get the best deals.

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