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Things to do for Free in Panama City, Panama

Walk along the waterside promenade, watch people dancing and get to know local inhabitants. Often it is the small things that make your day special.

1. Walk along the waterside promenade 

The waterside promenade in Panama City is a lively place and connects downtown with the old city of Panama. It is predestinated for walks and a good place to relax and meet up with friends.


2. Explore the fishmarket

At the end of the promenade is the fish market of Panama city situated. You can smell it already from far away, but you should still go. It is an interesting place, and for small money, you can get a delicious lunch. I recommend trying Cerviche.

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3. Watch one of the local dance groups practicing

While walking along the waterside promenade, you will see many groups of people dancing or doing sports together. Take some time watching them and enjoy the nice atmosphere. Maybe you have the chance to speak to some local people. Mostly it is the small things that make your trip special.

4. Sightseeing in the old City (Casco Viejo)

Casca Viejo is the old City of Panama City and is since 2003 been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. There are many places of interest in a relatively small area like Plaza de Francia, Plaza de la Independencia, San Francisco Church, National Theater, Panama Canal Museum, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and many typical houses. I recommend renting a bike; it is not for free but pretty cheap and probably the best way to discover Casco Viejo.

5. Explore the city by night

Go out of your hotel and enjoy Panama City by night. From the waterside promenade, you can see many illuminated buildings.

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Things To Do For Free In Panama City