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Filipino Food: Popular Dishes of the Philippines That You Have To Try!

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Some international foodies have despised Balut after trying it. But did you know that apart from this notorious Filipino food, there are other must-try local dishes in the Philippines? Well, perhaps let’s start with adobo, sisig, lechon, sinigang, and many others which will be highlighted in the following list. Thing is, this tropical island located in the Asian continent [...]

Restaurant Review – Thai Fine Dining At Siam Wisdom Bangkok

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Siam Wisdom Bangkok is a Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit area. The restaurant is housed in an old, traditional Thai teak wood house which was built over 90 years ago. The main dining-room is on the second floor with a glass roof and a nice indoor greenery which creates a pleasant but not too fine-dining atmosphere. Downstairs is a lounge area. Related Posts: [...]