Volcano Boarding Nicaragua – The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

By Tim Kroeger April 30, 2014 Central America, Adventure, Nicaragua

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Volcano Boarding was discovered 6 years ago by an Australian and is the newest extreme sport in Central America. You race down the active Cerro Negro Volcano on only a little piece of wood. There are basically two ways to do it, either standing like on a snowboard or sitting like on a sled.

The Cerro Negro is with only 164 years the youngest volcano in Central America. It erupted however already 23 times in this short time. The last major eruption took place in 1999 causing ash damages to the city of Leon which is located 25 kilometer away from the volcano.

Arrived at the volcano our Tour guide and the bus driver prepare the boards and the equipment.

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Before we start climbing the volcano our guide gives us some information about the volcano and the latest eruptions. We discuss the program and prepare the equipment. “Are you guys ready for the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush?”



Let’s rumble! The hike up the 731 meters takes about 45 minutes. Business before pleasure or climbing before adrenaline.



The hardest part is done and we make a break to enjoy the fascinating landscape.




We continue our way and 20 minutes later we finally arrive at the crater of the Cerro Negro Volcano.




Now it is time for the real adventure. Volcano Boarding on an active volcano in Nicaragua. This is the black piste … literally. In real it looks even steeper than on the photos and you cannot see where you are going. Additionally the wind is blowing pretty strong and I really have respect.


Our guide gives us the last instructions and tips …


… takes a group photo …backpacking-volcano-boarding-nicaragua-dsc_0257

… and we are READY TO GO.


I start slowly but quickly build up speed when I reach the steepest part with about 41 degrees. I pose for the photo … and loose control. Volcanic rocks kick in my face and I fell off my board. My overall is full of stones and I need a moment to orientate. I am a little more than half way, take my board and start again. My glasses are pretty scratched. I cannot see where I go and how far it is to the end of the piste. I speed up again and more stones kick in my face.







The slope is even steeper and longer as I first thought and although I crashed once and countless volcanic stones kicked in my face it was a lot of fun and I want to do it again. In the snow it is still way cooler however it is a special experience to do it on an active volcano and a Must-Do activity in Leon, Nicaragua.

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