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How to get from Frankfurt to Berlin, Germany

Berlin is well connected with Frankfurt. You can get from Frankfurt to Berlin by bus, train, BlaBlaCar, flight, or rental car.

The German capital is a metropolis of art, culture, and, of course, history. It sits at the heart of Europe and has been home to world leaders, scientists, artists, and creative thinkers!

In this city, you’ll find a fantastic array of things to do, from visiting nearby landmarks to shopping for unique trinkets.

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Berlin is a place with lots of history, including plaques, statues, and museums dedicated to important dates. You can explore traces of history in countless places around the capital!

Or, you could explore the suburbs and discover charming little towns like Prenzlauer Berg or Mitte. You can also head to the East Side Gallery, which boasts one of the best art museums in Germany.

If architecture is more your thing, take a walking tour through majestic buildings like the Fernsehturm!

From theatre to opera, clubs, concerts, shopping tours, and street food-Berlin offers something for every taste!

Tip: Read here everything you need to know about how to get around in Germany.

Traveling between Frankfurt and Berlin is easy, and you can choose between a bus, train, BlaBlaCar, flight, and rental car!

Check our guide for the best options to travel from Frankfurt to Berlin.

How far is Berlin from Frankfurt?

The distance from Frankfurt to Berlin is 344 miles or 553.7 kilometers.

Transportation Options from Frankfurt to Berlin

The following table outlines all transportation options from Frankfurt to Berlin:

MethodTravel timePrice
Bus6 hoursEUR 24+Book Now 3 E1661788865313
Train3 hours 52 minutesEUR 52+Book Now 3 E1661788865313
BlaBlaCar~6 hours
Flight1 hour 10 minutesBook Now 3 E1661788865313
Rental Car~6 hours

Getting to Berlin from Frankfurt

1. Bus from Frankfurt to Berlin

Journey Duration: 6 hours

The least expensive method of transportation from Frankfurt to Berlin is by bus. Most buses between Frankfurt and Berlin leave from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and arrive at Berlin Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof, the city’s central bus station, in at least 6 hours.

Every day, about 30 buses run between Frankfurt and Berlin, with the first bus leaving Frankfurt in the early AMs.

Flixbus and Eurolines are two bus companies operating between Frankfurt and Berlin, providing very affordable tickets, especially when purchased online.

You can travel from Frankfurt to Berlin for only EUR 24, or even less if you book your tickets in advance!

How much does a bus from Frankfurt to Berlin cost?

The price of a bus ticket from Frankfurt to Berlin varies; however, you can find tickets that usually cost about EUR 24.

2. Train from Frankfurt to Berlin

Journey Duration: 3 hours 52 minutes

The most popular transportation mode from Frankfurt to Berlin is by train! Considering transfer time to and from Frankfurt and Berlin’s airports, a direct flight is just 30 minutes quicker than a high-speed Deutsche Bahn ICE train.

The train trip from Frankfurt to Berlin takes roughly 4.5 hours. The quickest train, however, will get you there in just 3 hours and 52 minutes. Numerous trains operate between these two locations daily, making this transportation convenient and easily accessible.

There are both direct and connecting trains, which will take much longer, so the direct ones are the only convenient option. Furthermore, as soon as you depart, you may unwind because there won’t be any transfers needed to make the trip to Berlin by direct train!

On your way to Berlin, you’ll likely take ICE, DB, or FlixTrain, as they are the primary train operators along this route.

They offer very cheap tickets, with an average cost of EUR 52, but if you plan ahead, you can get even more reasonable offers!

So if you want the best deals, plan your vacation in advance and make your reservations as soon as possible!

How much does a train from Frankfurt to Berlin cost?

The price of a train ticket from Frankfurt to Berlin varies; however, you can find tickets that usually cost about EUR 52.

Frankfurt To Berlin2

3. BlaBlaCar Carsharing from Frankfurt to Berlin

Journey Duration: ~6 hours

An excellent, quick, and affordable way to travel from Frankfurt to Berlin is by sharing a ride. And BlaBlaCar can help you find the perfect trip!

You can book a low-cost reservation by connecting with other passengers from Frankfurt to Berlin via the car-sharing service BlaBlaCar!

Drivers frequently publish their trips a few days before their departure date, so be on the lookout for any updates as your departure day draws near!

When you book a seat on the shared trip, you will have access to all the information you require, including the driver’s personal details, the location, the cost, and the scheduled arrival time.

The direct journey from Frankfurt to Berlin takes about 6 hours, so be cautious when booking transport because some may take detours.

Visit the BlaBlaCar site or download the app to find a shared ride from Frankfurt to Berlin!

4. Flight from Frankfurt to Berlin

Journey Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

The shortest alternative is to take a flight from Frankfurt to Berlin. Direct flights from Frankfurt Airport to Berlin take around an hour.

Air Berlin and Lufthansa are two airlines that offer direct flights from Frankfurt to Berlin, and they run about 16 of these flights daily.

Tegel airport is the destination for direct flights from Frankfurt to Berlin.

The cost of a ticket might drastically vary based on the date you choose because ticket prices fluctuate throughout the year.

Book your flights from Frankfurt to Berlin online in advance to guarantee your trip!

You can search for flights on Omio or Skyscanner and get the best deals!

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5. Driving with Rental Car from Frankfurt to Berlin

Journey Duration: ~6 hours

Your last option for getting from Frankfurt to Berlin is to rent a car!

Considering the advantages of having a vehicle, renting is a reasonable and affordable solution.

The trip takes around 6 hours, and the roads are in excellent condition, so if you follow the route and instructions, you can get to Berlin in no time!

But if you want to travel comfortably, plan for any pauses you could make along the way.

Therefore, consider your alternatives and reserve the car that best suits you! And we can assist you in finding rentals with reasonable daily fees!

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Frankfurt To Berlin1

Best day tours in Berlin, Germany

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The following widget shows some of the best tours in Berlin, Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get from Frankfurt to Berlin?

The fastest way to get from Frankfurt to Berlin is by plane. The direct flight from Frankfurt to Berlin takes only 1 hour and 10 minutes, but taking a connecting flight is not very convenient since it takes much longer.

What is the cheapest way to get from Frankfurt to Berlin?

The cheapest way to get from Frankfurt to Berlin is by bus! The lowest price for a bus ticket from Frankfurt to Berlin is around EUR 25.

How long does it take to drive from Frankfurt to Berlin?

The drive from Frankfurt to Berlin takes a little over 6 hours.

What is the difference between Frankfurt Main and Frankfurt HBF?

Frankfurt is officially known as Frankfurt am Main because the Main River runs through the city. As a result, the train station in the middle of Frankfurt is implied when you see Frankfurt Main Hbf.

Is there food on German trains?

There is a restaurant wagon on every ICE train where passengers can eat and enjoy table service.

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