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Best Malaga Food Tours

Learn more about the historic city by its delicious cuisine as you book these Malaga food tours, including tapas tours in Malaga, which give you a taste of the typical snacks in Spain.

The food scene in Malaga is diverse. To discover it, you should go with a local who knows a lot about the traditional food and beverages that make the cuisine lovable to residents and interesting to visitors.

Spain is well-celebrated for its delectable tapas. The tapas tours in Malaga are hard to resist, given that you will be hopping from one tapas bar to another and consuming great-tasting Spanish wine along with the snacks.

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They are also one of the best things to do in Malaga!

Join any of these best Malaga food tours to experience the city at its purest!

1. Malaga Food Tour

Spanish Tapas On A Plate
©photooiasson via

Downtown Malaga is ready to be discovered by you! Enjoy this Malaga Food Tour, which takes you to four restaurants known for their local dish specialties.

Come hungry because you will be feasting on different Spanish favorites – from savory appetizers up to sweet desserts.

Many of the items you get to enjoy in this three-and-a-half-hour food tour are simply the best Spanish tapas. Be introduced to classic ones such as Tortilla de Patatas, Chorizo de Bellota, and Croquetas Caseras.

It is also your chance to drink the most beloved Spanish wine along with other drinks such as sangria, tinto de verano, and beer.


  • Food and drink included
  • Walking tour

Click here for more photos, reviews, and/ or to book the tour.

2. Malaga Foodie Tour of Atarazanas Market

Malaga Foodie Tour Of Atarazanas Market
©Universal Traveller by Tim Kroeger

If you want an ultimate gastronomic indulgence, go on a Malaga Foodie Tour. In this activity, you get to visit the oldest winery in Malaga, the Atarazanas Central Market, and traditional ultramarinos.

The Atarazanas Central Market is a real treat not only to your stomach but also to your eyes. The building where the market is located was once a shipyard of Arabian origin.

As you visit a traditional ultramarinos grocery store, there are a few indulgent appetizers to taste here, like Jamon Iberico, coupled with a glass of Spanish wine or vermouth. 


  • Appetizers (Iberian ham, salchichón, morcilla, manchego cheese and olives)
  • Wine or vermouth
  • Olive oil tasting

Click here for more photos, reviews, and/ or to book the tour.

3. Malaga Tapas Crawl

Malaga Tapas Crawl
©Universal Traveller by Tim Kroeger

Let your experienced local guide take you to the best places to sample all the best Spanish cold tapas along with other staple tapas offerings in this ultimate Malaga Tapas Crawl.

For three hours, your appetite will be filled with Andalucia’s well-loved tapas as you go from one tapas bar to another. There will be five local bars on your itinerary and about ten to twelve different varieties of Spanish tapas on your tasting menu.

Booking one of the tapas tours in Malaga is an excellent way to know more about the city’s food culture and rich history.


  • 10-12 tapas servings
  • Local guide
  • 4-5 Drinks
  • Dessert

Click here for more photos, reviews, and/ or to book the tour.

4. Malaga 3-Hour Food Walking Tour

Hours spent on good food are hours well spent! Take part in this Malaga 3-Hour Food Walking Tour, which takes you to the most authentic eating spots in the city.

Explore the local market in Malaga and get a glimpse of the residents’ everyday life – and purchases. 

How about having chocolate for breakfast? You will be thrilled to know that a traditional Spanish breakfast of chocolate and churros is part of your Malaga food tour.

Afterward, let your experienced local guide take you around the historical places in the neighborhood. The Moorish Fortress and the Roman Amphitheater are among the landmarks you will visit.


  • Walking tour with a licensed tour guide
  • Breakfast with traditional chocolate and churros (typical Spanish breakfast)
  • Tastings at market stalls
  • Tasting of best quality Iberian ham and Manchego cheese
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Typical local ice-cream made of turrón (roasted almonds, cinnamon and honey)

Click here for more photos, reviews, and/ or to book the tour.

5. Malaga Taste-of-Spain Walking Food Tour

Malaga Sehenswuerdigkeiten Spanien
©Universal Traveller by Tim Kroeger

This Malaga Taste-of-Spain Walking Food Tour is among the best Malaga food tours which you can book.

Not only will you get to sample the traditional food items in every Malaga household, but you also get to see the iconic landmarks in the city.

Be ready to taste some of the most authentic Spanish tapas you will ever have. If your diet does not include meat, don’t worry because there are many Spanish vegetarian tapas that you can try in Malaga.

The Spanish and Malaga cuisine and culture are deeply connected, so it is impossible to explore one and not the other.


  • Full lunch
  • 14 different tapas
  • Drinks

Click here for more photos, reviews, and/ or to book the tour.

6. Malaga Local Food and Wine Guided Tour

Malaga Local Food And Wine Guided Tour
©Universal Traveller by Tim Kroeger

Tapas tours in Malaga are extra special at night! Get this Malaga Local Food and Wine Guided Tour, which starts just after the sunsets.

Meet your experienced tour guide and see the whole city get lit up for the evening. Hop from one bar and restaurant to another to sample some of the best and authentic Spanish food.

What goes well with traditional Spanish cuisine? Good local drinks and wine, of course. Taste only the greatest blends in this three-hour food tour.


  • Food and drinks

Click here for more photos, reviews, and/ or to book the tour.

7. Malaga Tapas Tasting Tour

Plaza De La Merced Malaga
Plaza de la Merced Malaga – ©Universal Traveller by Tim Kroeger

This Malaga Tapas Tasting Tour is among the Malaga food tours to book if you desire something away from the usual tourist crowd.

For three and a half hours, your small group is going to be led by an experienced tour guide who will take you to the Mercado Central de Atarazanas and beyond.

Seven tapas from four tapas stops await you as you explore the Old Town. While you savor some of the best snacks that Malaga has to offer, get to know more about the city’s history.


  • Visit to Atarazanas Market
  • 7 tastings
  • 4 drinks (red or white wine, beer, or soft drink)
  • Iberian ham tasting

Click here for more photos, reviews, and/ or to book the tour.

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