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Where is Istanbul, Turkey located?

Where is Istanbul? – Istanbul, Turkey, is known for its many architectural works, such as Hagia Sophia, and for being the only city on two continents. Where is Istanbul – and is it worth visiting?

Istanbul is located in northwest Turkey and is the only city located on both the European and Asian continents.

Istanbul’s exact location is 41 ° 0 ’36 “N north latitude and 28 ° 57′ 37” west longitude.

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Istanbul’s distance to other cities in Turkey:

Istanbul to Antalya: 297 miles or 478 kilometer

Istanbul to Ankara: 293 miles or 472 kilometer

Istanbul to Izmir: 362 miles or 583 kilometer

Istanbul to Alanya: 327 miles or 526 kilometer

Where is Istanbul on the map?

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Istanbul Fun Facts

  1. Istanbul is the only pan-continental city in the world on two continents, Europe and Asia.
  2. Under the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul was known for having more than 1,400 public toilets.
  3. Istanbul is not the capital, but with more than 13 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in Turkey
  4. 99 percent of the population of Istanbul are Muslims
  5. Tulips, the icon of Holland, came from Istanbul and were sent from Istanbul to the Netherlands.
  6. The Grand Bazaar is the largest covered bazaar in the world, with over 3,000 shops of all kinds, and deserves its place on your Istanbul itinerary.
  7. Istanbul was once recognized as the busiest city in the world, back in 1502.
  8. Istanbul has the third oldest subway in the world, built-in 1875. It is 573 meters long and is located in the Beyoglu district. The first subway built was in London in 1863, and the second in New York in 1868
  9. Most of Turkey’s mosques are located in Istanbul. There are around 3,113 mosques, including the historic Sultanahmet Mosque and the Suleymaniye Mosque.
  10. Most of Istanbul’s famous historical sights are located in Sultanahmet or the old town.
  11. The Galata Tower for prisoners of war, built-in 1348, is now a 360-degree viewing platform.
  12. Istanbul was the European Capital of Culture in 2010 but has never hosted the Olympic Games.
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Frequently asked questions about Istanbul

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Is Istanbul the capital city of Turkey?

With 13 million inhabitants, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey but not the capital. The capital of Turkey is Ankara.

What was Istanbul called earlier?

Istanbul was previously called Byzantion and Constantinople.

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