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Tsunami Alert in Tonga! – 6.6 Earthquake During Breakfast

Tsunami Alert in Tonga! I experienced a 6.6 Earthquake during Breakfast.

I was having breakfast when the earth started to shake!

First, I didn’t pay much attention.

I experienced several earthquakes already, and nothing seemed to have happened.

But then I saw people running!

And I remembered I was on a small island close to the ocean!

Sirenes went off, and I heard loud announcements in the Tongan language.

Tsunami Warning!

It was a big chaos, and I didn’t know what exactly was happening or where to go!

Some people were super scared and ran in all directions, while others seemed relaxed and just continued what they were doing.

I eventually stopped a car, and a super-friendly local gave me a lift to the safe zone, a small hill in the island’s center.


TSUNAMI alert in Tonga! I was having breakfast when everything started shaking! EARTHQUAKE 😮😮 First I wasn’t too worried…. But then I rememberd that I’m actually on a small island! TSUNAMI ALERT! Sirenes everywhere and people where running away from the beach 😮 tongtongagtongantiktokgtongantiktoks🇹🇴gtongangtongansgtonga🇹🇴ntsunamitongagtongaearthquakeg#tongatsunami

♬ original sound – Tim Kroeger
Thank god, the alert got canceled once I arrived in the safe zone!

It really was a scary experience, especially because there was so little information!

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