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The 5 Best Malaga Tours That You Should Not Miss

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Malaga Tours – Malaga is not only one of the hippest travel destinations in Spain, but also close to many other interesting places that are worth visiting.

Have you already visited all of Malaga attractions and are you thinking about exploring the surroundings of Malaga?

Then you are exactly right here!

Malaga is not just one of my all-time favorite places in Spain. The city is also strategically located, close to some of Andalusia’s most beautiful and interesting places to visit.

From an adventure tour to the Caminito del Rey, to a tour to Gibraltar, to a day trip to Tangier in Morocco, there is something for everyone.

Check our our detailed Malaga Guide to plan your vacation in Spain.


1. Malaga Tours to the Caminito del Rey

This three-hour guided tour of Caminito del Rey takes you on a journey of a lifetime.

The views as you hike up the mountains is dramatic as it is challenging, so this activity is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

What was once a mere pathway for the workers of the El Chorro Hydroelectric plant is now a landmark that allows visitors to bask in the great views in the area.


  • Entrance to Caminito del Rey
  • English and Spanish-speaking guide
  • A drink

2. Nerja Cave and Frigiliana

Costa del Sol is home to two scenic places: Nerja Cave and Frigiliana

Take this ultimate tour from Malaga and get to know about the Andalusian history and customs that play integral roles to their society.

See how the Moorish structure differs from others, its beauty captured by the houses and fortresses built to last through the ages.

Explore the Caves of Nerja and marvel at how one of Spain’s popular natural attractions are formed over time.


  • Transport from the meeting point
  • Skip-the-line tickets to the Nerja Cave

3. Gibraltar Sightseeing Tour

Gibraltar Sightseeing Tour
Gibraltar Sightseeing Tour

Take a minibus and journey through the wonders of Gibraltar where a massive rock formation entices visitors out of Malaga and into this small peninsula. 

Head over to the Punta of Europa and enjoy breathtaking sights featuring the African mountains. Explore the nearby Cuevas de San Miguel and uncover secret passages that lead you from one stunning point to another. 

End your full day tour from Malaga at Calle Real, a shopping destination you will surely take delight in.

Gibraltar Sightseeing Tour
The airport of Gibraltar. When a plane wants to take off or land Gibraltar’s main road first needs to be closed as it is part of the runway.


  • Air-conditioned motor coach
  • Multilingual guide
  • Saint Michael Caves entrance fee
Gibraltar Sightseeing Tour

4. Day Trip to Tangier, Morocco by Ferry

Tanger Morocco

Be driven towards Costa del Sol to Tarifa where a ferry to your ultimate destination awaits. Navigate through the Strait of Gibraltar until you arrive at Tangier. 

From here, it is time to visit the different markets of old, making a quick yet essential stop to see the snake charmer in the area. 

Have your fill of local food and traditional products which are readily available at the bazaar.

Take lots of pictures of the environment – the camels, the vendors, the fun and excitement in the place.



  • Air-conditioned bus transport
  • Local guide
  • Round-trip ferry tickets
  • Lunch

5. Day Tour Alhambra

A Day Tour to Alhambra is a must-consider when thinking of embarking on a short trip from Malaga Spain.

Head over to Granada and feel the vibe of the city center as you make a quick stop here.

Then comes the main event – the Alhambra, an Arab monument that has the following sites to see: the Nasrid Palaces Alhambra, the Carlos V Palace, the Medina and the Generalife Garden.

Enjoy some free time to yourself and explore the place to find a good restaurant to eat in.

Before heading back to Costa del Sol, a quick stop at the San Cristobal viewpoint calls for some photos to be taken.


  • Entrance ticket (Nasrid Palaces and Generalife Gardens)
  • Guided tour with an official guide
  • Transport

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