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Gift Idea – A Filter Water Bottle

A filter water bottle gives you control over your own health & safety, helps you to save money, and reduces single-use plastic.

Recommended by Sarah from ASocialNomad

Every traveler needs drinking water, while the world definitely needs less plastic. 

Most travelers rely on buying bottled water, especially when traveling outside of westernized countries.  They’re able, in some cases, to buy larger bottles or 5-10 liters and then decant that into smaller bottles for daily use. 

Some hostels and hotels even provide bottled water refills.

But there’s nothing like having control over your own health and safety, and that’s why a reusable filter water bottle makes an ideal gift for travelers. 

Filter Water Bottles

A filter water bottle lets the traveler avoid buying bottled water while enjoying the safety of fresh, good-tasting water that won’t make them sick.  


The best filter water bottles will remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium from untreated or contaminated water and other bugs that can cause nasty gastrointestinal diseases. 

If the traveler in your life is a hiker or outdoors person whose water sources are rivers or streams, then a filter water bottle can clean that up for you too! 

There are many varieties and brands of filter water bottles – each having different pros and cons – it’s best to identify the type of traveler and then find the best filter water bottle for them.

Filter water bottles will also filter out bad tastes from water – so the water might be safe to drink, but its highly chlorinated filter water bottles will take the nasty taste away too.

Water Bottle With Filter

Buying your traveler a filter water bottle will also help them save money.   With no need to buy expensive bottled water, this is a gift that continues to give throughout your traveler’s life. 

Most good filter water bottles come with replaceable filters, meaning the bottle has a very long life! 

Numbeo lists the costs of bottled water in different countries and will show you how much can be saved using a filter water bottle.  

Aside from health and costs, filter water bottles help by reducing the amount of single-use plastic.  Between 8 and 12 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year. 

Even in countries that recycle their plastic, nowhere near close to 100% of plastic bottles are recycled.   Giving a traveler a reusable filter water bottle helps the environment too!

There are many varieties of filter water bottles available.  Basic filter water bottles will filter out bad tastes but not touch bugs. 

Water Purifier Bottle

The best filter water bottles will remove bugs and other nasties from contaminated water – some even come with different filter types depending on the type of water you’re drinking.  

There are even those travelers who filter water before they boil it to make the perfect cup of tea or mug of coffee – having removed strange local tastes from the water first.

Filter water bottles are easy to clean and keep hygienic – you treat them the same way you do any bottle or mug you use to drink water from!