4 Best Ways to get from Bogota to Bogota Airport, Colombia

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You can get from Bogota to Bogota Airport by bus, shared shuttle, private transfer, or taxi.

The cheapest option to travel from Bogota to Bogota Airport is by public bus, which costs only USD 2. The journey takes about 1 hours.

The most popular option is the shared shuttle, offering a convenient and affordable alternative.

The fastest way to travel to Bogota Airport from Bogota is by private transfer, or taxi which takes about 15-20 minutes.

Having traveled across Colombia by bus, taxi, plane, and everything else you can imagine, I’ve learned how to move around efficiently. In this article, I share these insights, providing you with clear, actionable advice for getting from Bogota to Bogota Airport without any fuss!

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Transportation Options from Bogota to Bogota Airport

The following table outlines all transportation options from Bogota to Bogota Airport:

Bus from Bogota to Bogota Airport~1 hr~$2
Shuttle from Bogota to Bogota Airport1 hr$25
Bogota to Bogota Airport Private Transfer15-20 min$36 to 92
Taxi from Bogota to Bogota Airport15-20 min+$7

How far is Bogota Airport from Bogota?

The distance fromBogota to Bogota Airport is 6.5 miles or 10.5 kilometers.

It takes about 15 minutes to get from Bogota to Bogota Airport by car.

Getting to Bogota from Bogota Airport

1. Public Bus from Bogota to Bogota Airport

Journey Duration: ~1 hour

Public buses are one of the most economical and accessible travel methods from Bogotá to El Dorado International Airport. Known as the TransMilenio, Bogotá’s rapid transit bus system operates routes to and from the airport.

The key line for airport travelers is the K86 route. Starting from the Universidades station in the city center, it provides a direct service to the airport’s main terminal, with buses departing every 10-20 minutes. It’s important to note that the journey time can vary greatly depending on traffic, so allow at least 90 minutes for the trip.

Fares for the TransMilenio are quite affordable, with a single journey ticket costing about USD 2.

Tickets can be purchased from automated machines or staffed ticket offices at any station. The buses are generally modern and clean, with designated spaces for luggage, though they can get quite busy during peak hours.

Regardless of the time of day, keep a close eye on your belongings, as pickpocketing can occasionally occur.

Public bus transport in Bogotá provides a real slice of local life and is a straightforward way to reach the airport!

2. Shared Shuttle from Bogota to Bogota Airport

Journey Duration: 1 hour

Shared van shuttles offer a convenient alternative to public buses for traveling from Bogotá city center to El Dorado International Airport.

They provide the convenience of door-to-door service and are a popular choice for those traveling with heavy luggage.

Companies such as Travel Discover Colombia operate this service regularly. They offer tickets for only USD 25, which is well worth the cost, considering the comfort level. 

These shuttles operate frequently, almost every hour, from 04:00 AM till 06:00 PM, but booking at least 24 hours in advance is advisable to guarantee your spot. 

The journey usually takes around an hour, but allow extra time during rush hours.

The vans used for this service are modern, air-conditioned, and well-maintained, providing comfortable seating for up to 10 passengers.

They also offer ample space for luggage, which is a definite plus for travelers. Lastly, remember to confirm your pickup time and location with the shuttle company to ensure a hassle-free journey to the airport.

Check out the schedules and book your seat online here!

Bogota to Bogota Airport Shared Shuttle Schedule

The table below displays the shared shuttle timetable for trips from Bogota to Bogota Airport, detailing departure times, journey lengths, and fares.

04:00am05:00am1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
05:00am06:00am1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
06:00am07:00am1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
07:00am08:00am1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
09:00am10:00am1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
11:00am12:00pm1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
12:30pm01:30pm1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
02:00pm03:00pm1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
03:00pm04:00pm1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
04:00pm05:00pm1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
06:00pm07:00pm1h$25BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
Bogota to Bogota Airport2

3. Private Transfer from Bogota to Bogota Airport

Journey Duration: Custom Time

A private transfer from Bogotá to El Dorado International Airport is an excellent option for those seeking comfort, convenience, and ease. +

With a private transfer, you’ll get a dedicated vehicle for yourself or your group, making this option particularly popular among families, business travelers, and those carrying a lot of luggage.

Multiple companies offer this service with prices starting from USD 36 to USD 92. Prices can vary based on the type of vehicle chosen and the number of passengers. 

Private transfers are available 24 hours a day, providing maximum flexibility for travelers. The pickup time is arranged according to your flight schedule, ensuring you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare. 

The journey typically takes around 30-45 minutes, though it’s wise to account for potential traffic.

The vehicles used range from sedans to vans, which are typically modern, air-conditioned, and well-maintained. 

Just remember to book your private transfer online in advance and review and confirm your pickup details upon booking to ensure a seamless and stress-free transfer!

Prices for a private transfer from Bogota to Bogota Airport:

  • 1-3 passengers: USD 36
  • 4-5 passengers: USD 52
  • 6-8 passengers: USD 68
  • 9-16 passengers: USD 92
Bogota to Bogota Airport

4. Taxi from Bogota to Bogota Airport

Journey Duration: 15-20 minutes

And lastly, taxis are a ubiquitous, flexible, and fast option for getting from Bogotá to El Dorado International Airport.

They’re readily available throughout the city, making them an excellent choice for spontaneous travel plans or late-night departures.

The cost of a taxi ride from the city center to the airport typically ranges between USD 7 to USD 10 USD, depending on the exact location and traffic conditions.

Remember, Bogotá taxis use meters, so ensure the driver resets it at the start of your journey.

Taxi service in Bogotá operates 24/7. However, it may be more challenging to hail a cab during rush hours, and travel time can increase due to traffic congestion. Under normal conditions, the journey to the airport takes around 15-20 minutes.

Taxis in Bogotá are generally small and compact, comfortably seating up to four passengers.

They provide sufficient trunk space for luggage, though you might want to consider a larger vehicle if you have oversized items. 

One tip for a hassle-free ride: be aware that not all taxi drivers speak English, so having your destination written in Spanish or a map handy could be beneficial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to get from Bogotá to El Dorado International Airport?

The cheapest way to get from Bogotá to El Dorado International Airport is by using the TransMilenio public bus system, with a single journey ticket costing approximately USD 2.

Are taxis available 24/7 in Bogotá?

Yes, the taxi service in Bogotá operates 24/7.

How long does it take to get to the airport from Bogotá city center?

Travel times can vary depending on your mode of transportation and traffic conditions. Generally, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. It’s always wise to leave extra time to ensure you arrive at the airport well before your flight.

Is it safe to take a taxi in Bogotá?

Yes, it’s generally safe to take a taxi in Bogotá. However, like in any city, it’s wise to be aware of your surroundings.

How can I pay for a bus ride in Bogota?

A card called Tu Llave, which you can purchase at TransMilenio stations or at some grocery stores, can be used to pay for both SITP and TransMilenio. It costs 5,000 pesos, or approximately USD 1.80.

Do taxi drivers in Bogotá speak English?

While some taxi drivers may speak English, it’s not universally the case. Having your destination written down in Spanish or a map handy can help ensure smooth communication.

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