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20 Signs That You Are Born To Travel

1. Your dream job contains traveling the world and allows you to explore new places.

2. It is easy for you to make new friends – as is to spend time alone.

Signs That You Are Born To Travel
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3. You can sleep everywhere, whether it is a dirty hostel, a tiny airplane seat, a bench on an old fisher boat, the beach, or in a hammock.

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4. You rather spend money on experiences than on material things.

5. When you hear about that crazy adventure activity or weird dish, your first reaction is, I HAVE TO TRY IT.

6. You have obviously too many stories to tell. Most of them start with “When I was traveling in …”.

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7.  You dream of a life full of travel, and you cannot understand people who have lived their entire lives in the same city.

8. Planning a trip is as much fun as being on a trip, although it is sometimes hard for you as there are so many places you’d like to travel to and you can’t decide where to go next.

9. You have never completed a bucket list because you always add new things.

10. Every country is on your bucket list.

Ultimate List Of The Best Road Trips In The World
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11. You see everything in a relaxed manner and stay calm even when something goes wrong. You don’t let negative experiences get you down.

12. When someone asks you where you are traveling next, you can never choose one place.

13. You have a passion for new things and are willing to try everything at least once.

14. You love spending time at the airport.

15. You love meeting and get to know new people. When a stranger sits next to you, you know their entire life story 30 minutes later.

16. You ask yourself why other people always say that they want to travel but never do it.

17. You can say “Hello” in at least 10 different languages.

18. You can look for hours at pictures of destinations you absolutely want to go to but cannot afford to go at the moment.

Bangkok To Phuket The 4 Best Travel Options3
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19. When someone mentions a place, you have either been there, want to go there, or know someone there.

20. You don’t talk about your dreams; you talk about plans. You live your life the way you want to live it regardless of what others say or think.

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20 Signs That You Are Born To Travel
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  1. All true! Haha i miss traveling already

  2. Claire says:

    I love these. So true! :)

  3. Claire says:

    I love these! So true :)

  4. My first reaction when hearing about eating a weird dish is, “oh my husband will love that.” I hate that I’m a picky eater!! Other than that, so true so true!!

  5. Brave Little Cheesehead says:

    #10 Every country is on your bucket list –> US, 100%

  6. Bernard Tan says:

    I totally agree, especially #6. Whenever I chat with someone I always mentioned, When I was travelling…… and that is an awesome icebreaker.

  7. Connie Reed says:

    How about 17 out of 20? I’ll definitely skip the dirty hostel. :-)

  8. Ria says:

    Don’t agree with 14 and not completed 17 :D

  9. Noushin says:

    I wish i could be a traveller. Im only 16

  10. Gopi patel says:

    Awesome article, Thanks for sharing!