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100 Things I Have Learnt While Travelling Around The World

I have been to many countries and places and met hundreds of inspiring people.

Not all experiences were positive in the first view, but they helped me develop personally and taught me so much.

Find here 100 Things I Have Learnt While Travelling Around The World.

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  1. Slow down! Don’t try to see the whole world in one year. The more you rush, the fewer experiences you gain.
  2. The kindness of strangers shows that the world is actually a better place.
  3. Fruit shakes are amazing.
Fruit Shakes
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  1. Traffic in Asia is endless and you might stand there forever waiting for a moment without cars passing by. Just walk! And don’t stop!
  2. Get lost! The situations in which you do not know where you are and what to do are most likely the most valuable ones.
  3. Everything will be ok in the end, and if it’s not ok then it’s not the end.
  4. Taste the strange-looking local food when eating in a foreign country. Most likely it is the most delicious meal you have ever eaten, otherwise, a good story to tell.
  5. Some people you meet on the road will change your view of the world.
  6. Be economical but also not too cheap. Don’t always eat at the best restaurant in the city but on the other hand, allow yourself now and then a nice hotel or a special tour that you always wanted to do.
  7. Ask the locals for advice.
  8. The kindness of strangers is invaluable.
  9. Don’t fear the unknown. No risk, no fun.
  10. It will either be a good time or a good story.
  11. Don’t visit a place to just tick off your list.
  12. Riding an elephant is not as comfortable as it looks.
  13. Always carry earplugs.
  14. Cheap cocktails are fun at the beginning but end in the worst hangovers ever.
  15. Pack lightly! There is nothing worse than carrying a bag of bricks on your bag while trying to enjoy your travels.
  16. Use the local language. People appreciate when foreigners try to speak their language regardless of how terrible your accent may be and how many mistakes you make. Already a simple greeting in the local language has a huge positive effect.
  17. You will meet amazing people and make incredible friends while traveling alone.
Travelling-New Folder
  1.  If someone offers to carry your bag, be prepared to pay them.
  2. Travel alone! In my opinion, it is the best way to travel because you are more spontaneous, independent and you are forced to meet new people.
  3.  When you travel alone you have to solve all the problems by yourself or approach strangers for help. It helps you to get independent, more confident and to grow personally.
  4. Drink enough water!
  5.  There is never the right time to travel. Sometimes you just have to book your ticket and pack your bag.
  6.  Travelling is easier than you think! Stop finding excuses for why you can’t travel and do the first step.
  7. Never expect toilet paper to be provided.
  8.  Travelling is addictive. Once you started you can’t stop anymore (at least I can’t).
  9. Always carry some snacks in your bag. At most touristy places or bus stops food and drinks are very expensive.
  10.  Never trust a taxi driver. Insist on turning on the taximeter and try to know the rough direction of the place you want to go.
  11.  Negotiate but do not forget that people got to make a living.
  12. Everything happens for a reason! If you do not get a visa for a certain country you will end up at another amazing place where you make incredible new friends.
  1. Drop the guidebook and rather ask locals or other travellers where it is worth it to go.
  2. Be aware and follow common safety rules like hiding your valuables and do not walk along the streets after sunset in certain countries and places.
  3.  Be spontaneous and flexible. You never know who you will meet and want to spend some more time together with. Maybe you planned to go to Bangkok but the group of backpacker who stayed at your hostel are on their way to Cambodia. Go with the flow!
  4. Always be honest with yourself.
  5. Life is short. Do what makes you happy!
  6. There is a difference between ‘Travellers’ and ‘Tourists’.
  7.  Travelling is more about people. The most memorable experiences I have made were not shaped by the sights or things I did but by inspiring people I have met.
  8. Relationships come and go on the road.
  9.  Unplug! Put your smartphone, tablet and even camera aside and soak in all impressions of a new place.
Mount Everest Basecamp
  1. You never really know which meat you are eating when eating on the street in Asia.
  2. Be alert! It does not mean you need to be paranoid but be vigilant, especially in areas notorious for crime.
  3.  People in Asia can sleep everywhere; on their cars or motorbikes, benches, or on the floor.
  4. Most places are safe!
  5. It is not creepy to ask a stranger to have dinner together.
  6. Invest in a good backpack! It is no fun keeping struggling with a backpack that is too small, unpractical, not rain-resistant, and slowly falls to pieces.
  7. Sunrises are so worth waking up for.
  8. In most places moving around is incredibly easy.
  9. Always take care of your belongings when there are monkeys around.
  10.  Sometimes you don’t realize how great a moment is until it is a memory.
  11. People cannot read your thoughts. Tell them what you are thinking.
  12.  If you don’t try, you’ll never fail – but you’ll never win, either. Put yourself out there and see what happens.
  13. No matter how small or loaded a bus in Asia might be there is always room left.
  14.  Live for today, for the moment.
  15. Life is all about memories! Take photos, films and try out as many new things as possible.
  16.  See it for yourself! There are often misconceptions about destinations that just aren’t true.
  17. Be patient! Life is too short to be angry all the time. Did you miss your bus or ferry? Don’t worry there will be another one. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that it could be worse.
  18. Treat your body well! Your trip stands and falls with your health. So get enough sleep, eat healthy, workout, use sunscreen, and drink enough water.
  19.  Allow yourself now and then a “day off” on that you don’t do anything but relaxing.
  1. Invest money, time, and energy in yourself every day.
  2.  Take the path off the beaten road. The most beautiful things I have experienced were apart from the touristy places.
  3. Laugh at yourself. You will get in situations where you look like a fool. Don’t be afraid to screw up and take it with a smile.
  4.  You do not need a lot of money to go backpacking. The costs of living in your country of residence are most likely way higher than for example in Asia. When you eat local food on farmer’s markets, stay at hostels, or do Couchsurfing you can keep the costs very low.
  5. Stay in touch with your family and friends from time to time.
  6. Eat street food!
  7.  A sarong has multiple uses; towel, beach mat, a blanket, a scarf for the temple.
  8.  People-watching is one of the best attractions in any city.
  9. It is NOW or NEVER!
  10. Nothing is too big to be transported on a motorbike.
  11. Do not worry too much about what other people are thinking about you.
  12. 99% of the people are good people! Most people that I have met on the road were kind, friendly, and more than happy to help me. Some even invited me to their houses.
  13. Be respectful to other people and make them feel good.
  14. Always carry some US Dollar notes with you. You can pay in most countries with the dollar or at least exchange it into the local currency.
  15.  Always smile and say Hello! You will be surprised how far a smile to a random stranger in the streets can go.
  16. Always ask for a map! Do not rely only on your smartphone and write down the name and address of your hostel!
  17.  Skip places that are not interesting to you. When there is a famous landmark a city is famous for but you are not interested in it do not feel obligated to visit it.
  18.  Ask for help! There will be situations in which you do not know what to do. Do not be afraid to ask people for help. It is by the way also a good opportunity to get to know new people.
  19. Hide your money in different places/ bags.
  20. Travel out of peak season whenever possible.
  21.  Try Couchsurfing! It is not only a good way to save money on accommodations but also enables you to experience the real culture of the place.
Couchsurfing Meeting Doha, Qatar.
Couchsurfing Meeting Doha, Qatar.
  1. If you want it you can get it! Take the chance and go after what you want.
  2. If you send postcards home to your friends do not expect all of them to arrive.
  3. Believe in yourself! Believing in yourself opens the world to you.
  4. Share a taxi and you might meet your new favorite travel partner.
  5. Have respect for other cultures and religions.
  6. Meet local people and get to know their culture. It will enrich your trip more than any sight can do.
  7. Make mistakes! The best way to learn is to make mistakes. On your first backpacking trip, you will most probably carry a lot of things you never going to use. And you will curse them every single day. I bet on your second trip your bag will be way lighter.
  8. Think positive. Even in the worst situation, there is something positive. It all depends on how you look at things.
  9. Accept and embrace change.
  10. Step out of your comfort zone.
  11. When you are going on a road trip make sure to have a credit to pick up your car.
  12. Don’t get too drunk the day before a flight.
  13. Before eating at a restaurant only because it has wifi make sure it works.
  14. Stop trying to impress people. Nobody wants to hear how accomplished you are.
  15. Be adventurous.
  1.  If you have the chance to jump from a waterfall do it, even if the height scares you.
  2. Say Yes when random people invite you to explore a place together or to meet their families. These unexpected and unplanned situations turn mostly into the best stories later.
  3.  You will meet the most incredible people, see the most impressive sights and create memories of a lifetime while traveling and it will be the best decision you have ever made.
  4. Traveling is the best way to learn and to grow. Try it!

It is Your turn! Comment below: What’s one life lesson you have learned from traveling?

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100 Things I Have Learnt While Traveling Around The World

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Wednesday 27th of September 2017

Don't let age stop you.

Brittany Ferrell

Sunday 25th of September 2016

Slow down, eat street food, and riding an elephant is not comfortable...I love it! I think you have captured the importance of gettin to know the people and experiencing the culture while traveling. Great post!


Sunday 25th of September 2016

Thank you :)


Sunday 25th of October 2015

Love this post! Speaks the truth :D #93 I know now too well lol

Marie Mmo

Saturday 17th of October 2015

Amazing post ! I just saw myself a few weeks ago =) Can't wait to do it again ! Like you say, traveling is a disease =D

Universal Traveller

Friday 16th of October 2015

haha that's true. It's long enough, isn't it ;)