How to get from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

By Tim Kroeger December 7, 2019 Costa Rica

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There are different ways to travel from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio. From public bus to shared shuttle van to private transfer or even Uber.

Monteverde and Manuel Antonio are two popular travel destinations in Costa Rica which makes it really easy to travel between these places.

Depending on your budget and time there are a couple of ways to get from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio.

The cheapest one is to travel by bus; however, it also takes longer then the other means of transportation. I recommend a shared shuttle or a private transfer if you are traveling with a group.

You could theoretically also take a flight to Quepos; however, it will take way longer as you will first have to travel to San Jose or La Fortuna Airport.

How far is Monteverde from Manuel Antonio?

The distance from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio is about 185 kilometres or 115 miles by car.

Getting to Manuel Antonio from Monteverde

1. Bus from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Duration: Around six hours

The cheapest way to travel from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio is by bus; however, as you can imagine, it is also the longest trip.

The bus actually doesn’t depart from Monteverde itself but from its neighbouring town Santa Elena.

From Santa Elena you will first have to take a bus to Puntarenas where you have to take another bus to Quepos. From Quepos a third bus will take you in around 20 minutes to Manuel Antonio.

2. Shared Van Shuttle from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

Duration: Around five hours

There are daily shared shuttles from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio.

The drive in an air-conditioned minivan takes around five hours and costs 44 Euros per person.

How to get from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

3. Private Transfer from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

Duration: Around four and a half hours

If you want to be more flexible regarding the departure time or if you are travelling with a big group or your family, a private transfer from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio might be the better option for you.

A private transfer for group of up to six people costs 193 Euros. If you are traveling with at least five persons you will actually save money if you book a private transfer.

4. Monteverde to Manuel Antonio Flight

There are no flights from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio. However, you could travel from Monteverde to San Jose and take a flight from there to Quepos.

Flights from San Jose to Quepos start at 40 USD and the flight time is only seventeen minutes. Seventeen minutes with breathtaking views of Costa Rica’s amazing landscape!

Another option is to travel from Monteverde to La Fortuna and to take a flight from there.

5. Driving with Rental Car

Duration: Around four hours

If you have your own car or consider renting one you can also drive to Manuel Antonio on your own. The journey takes around four hours depending on the traffic.

Please note: The first few kilometers after leaving Monteverde town are not paved. Depending on the road conditions you might need a four wheel drive.

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6. Uber or taxi

Duration: Around four hours

I recommend taking an Uber instead of a taxi. It is not only cheaper but the cars are normally also way better and your trip is GPS tracked. So it’s safer and your driver has no chance to rip you off.

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How to get from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

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