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Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

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Did you ever walk on an airplane wing? You can experience it at the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok and take amazing photos of an abandoned Jumbo Jet Boeing-747 and two MD-82 Jetliners.

Visiting the Airplane Graveyard is one of the best things to do in Bangkok. Read at the end of the article how to get to the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok and how much it costs.


The location of the airplane graveyard is quite strange. It is neither close to an airport nor in an industrial area.

In the direct surrounding there are condos, a primary school and a temple. Not an area where you would expect airplanes.

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When you get closer to the airplane graveyard you will first notice the huge Jumbo Jet, once known as the Queen of the Skies.

Next to it are two McDonnell Douglas MD-82 formerly operated by Orient Thai Airlines. One of them was involved in a bad crash 2007 at Phuket International Airport.

A huge Boeing 747 at Airplane Graveyard Bangkok.
A Boeing 747 at Airplane Graveyard Bangkok. Look how huge it is compared to the other airplane.

It is said that the planes were owned by a business man who has recycled them and sold all components that could be reused.

Nowadays they are home for three Thai families who use them as shelter and to earn money by charging tourists a small entry fee.

You can enter the Jet via the cargo compartment and climb up a ladder into the main deck.

The original airplane stair into the upper deck is still working and you can also enter the flight deck. An amazing experience!

That's the door into the
That’s the door into the cargo compartment of the B747
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
That’s what is remaining of the Boeing 747 flight deck.

Everything has its time I guess and for these planes their time has passed.

There are many ways you can use an old airplane, as a luxury hotel like the Jumbo Jet Hotel in Amsterdam, as a Restaurant or bar, or simply as a shelter.

This way the airplanes remain useful.

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Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
The upper deck of the Jumbo Jet.
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Here was the First Class.
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
An old oxygen mask.

How to get to Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard

There are three options to get from central Bangkok to the Airplane Graveyard.

1. Taxi or Uber

Probably the easiest way is to take a taxi or Uber to “Ramkhamhaeng Soi 103”. Depending on the traffic it takes a maximum of 1 hour to get there.

2. Bus

The cheapest but also longest option is the bus. You can take bus number 40 from Airport Link Ramkamhaeng Station or Phrakanong BTS Station.

3. Klong Ferry

Catch a Klong Ferry for example from “Asok Pier” near Phetchaburi MRT Station or “Hua Chang Bridge Pier” near Ratchathewi BTS Station.

You have to get off at the last stop “Wat Sri Bunruang Pier”. From there walk through the temple complex to Ramkhamhaeng Road.

It takes about four minutes. At Ramkhamhaeng Road turn right, pass by 7/11 and cross the canal bridge.

From here you can already see the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok on your right side.

Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

How much does it cost to visit the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

On the ground there are three families living who are unofficially managing the site.

They ask for a entree free of 200 Baht which is less than 6 USD. The families need the money to make a living so you have to decide for yourself if you want to bargain.

Did you know that there are several abandoned airplanes in Bali?

More photos of the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Visit the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok to walk on the wings of an airplane.
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
An old airplane door.
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Me on the flight deck of an old aircraft at Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Another cockpit at the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

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