5 Best Ways to get from Medellin to Peñol, Colombia

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You can get from Medellin to Peñol by bus, private transfer, rental car, taxi, or guided tour.

The cheapest option to travel from Medellin to Peñol is by bus, which costs only USD 9. The journey takes 2 hours.

The most popular option is the transport + tour, offering a convenient transport alternative along with a guided tour in Peñol for one price!

The fastest way to travel to Peñol from Medellin is by private transfer, taxi, or rental car, which takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes!

Traveling through Colombia has been a practical lesson in using its varied transportation options. In this article, I’m focusing on the most efficient ways to get from Medellin to Peñol, making your Colombian travel hassle-free!

Check our guide for the best options to travel from Medellin to Peñol.

Transportation Options from Medellin to Peñol

The following table outlines all transportation options from Medellin to Peñol:

Bus from Medellin to Peñol2 hrs$9
Medellin to Peñol Private Transfer~1.5 hrs$124 to 159
Taxi from Medellin to Peñol~1.5 hrs~$70
Transport + Tour~11 hrs+$32
Rental Car~1.5 hrs

How far is Peñol from Medellin?

The distance fromMedellin to Peñol is 41.6 miles or 67 kilometers.

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel from Medellin to Peñol by car.

Getting to Peñol from Medellin

1. Coach Bus from Medellin to Peñol

Journey Duration: 2 hours

Taking a coach bus from Medellin to Peñol is a wallet-friendly and hassle-free option. Head to Medellin’s North Terminal (Terminal Norte), where companies like Sotrasanvicente have you covered!

Buses leave roughly every 2 hours from 06:45 AM to 08:00 PM, but double-check the schedule as it might change. 

A two-hour scenic ride will only set you back about USD 9, the cheapest alternative for this trip! 

A word to the wise – it gets busy during holiday periods and weekends, so arrive a little earlier than planned. No worries about your bags either, as there’s space for luggage. 

Once in El Peñol, the bus drops you at the central bus station, a stone’s throw from the town center. 

This way, you’re all set for your Peñol adventure without breaking the bank or a sweat!

We recommend checking out the schedules and booking your seat online in advance!

Medellin to Peñol Coach Bus Schedule

The table below displays the coach bus timetable for trips from Medellin to Peñol, detailing departure times, journey lengths, and fares.

06:45am08:45am2h$9BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
08:30am10:30am2h$9BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
10:00am12:00pm2h$9BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
12:00pm02:00pm2h$9BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
02:00pm04:00pm2h$9BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
03:00pm05:00pm2h$9BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
05:00pm07:00pm2h$9BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
06:00pm08:00pm2h$9BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
Medellin to Penol antioquia2

2. Private Transfer from Medellin to Peñol

Journey Duration: Custom Time

For those looking for a more comfortable and hassle-free option, booking a private transfer is the way to go!

Multiple companies in Medellin offer this private door-to-door service. And the best part? You can choose your pick-up time and location in Medellin and travel in style with a professional driver. 

The price for a private transfer to Peñol ranges from USD 124 to USD 159 per vehicle, depending on the number of passengers. 

This option also shaves some time off the journey, clocking in at around 1.5 hours. The vehicle options are typically modern and have air conditioning – a definite bonus for the sometimes warm and humid Colombian climate. 

Travelers highly recommended coordinating with the driver for possible stops along the way, like a quick photo-op or a coffee break. 

To ensure availability, booking in advance is advised, especially during peak seasons. Just remember to confirm all the details with the transfer service for a smooth ride to the wonderful Peñol!

Prices for a private transfer from Medellin to Peñol:

  • 1-3 passengers: USD 124
  • 4-10 passengers: USD 159
Medellin to Penol antioquia

3. Driving with Rental Car from Medellin to Peñol

Journey Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes

If you’re the type who loves the freedom of the open road, renting a car is your ticket to an epic journey from Medellin to Peñol!

Major rental companies like have outlets in Medellin, and the rental process is pretty straightforward. Expect to shell out around USD 40 per day for a standard car, and don’t forget that insurance is usually extra. 

Grab a GPS, and you’re set for an approximately 1.5-hour drive to Peñol. The route is quite scenic, and having your own wheels means you can stop whenever you fancy. 

Take the route via El Retiro for an even more picturesque drive. Fellow travelers noted that it’s wise to fill up the gas tank before leaving Medellin, as gas stations become scarce as you approach Peñol. 

With your own ride, Peñol is just a fun drive away!

4. Uber or Taxi from Medellin to Peñol

Journey Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes

For a direct and convenient ride to Peñol, hopping into a taxi or booking an Uber from Medellin is a solid choice. 

Taxis are available 24/7, and you can usually hail one on the street or ask your hotel to call one for you. With Uber, simply set your pick-up location and destination in the app. 

The trip to Peñol is usually around USD 70 one-way. A tip from seasoned travelers: if you’re taking a taxi, it’s a good idea to agree on the fare before hopping in to avoid misunderstandings. 

The journey takes around 1.5 hours, and if you have a preferred route or want to make a quick stop, don’t hesitate to let the driver know – most are accommodating. 

With a taxi or Uber, you’ll have the advantage of door-to-door service, making this option a breeze for those who prefer to avoid the logistics of buses or rentals. 

Just kick back and enjoy the ride to the beautiful Peñol!

5. Transport + Tour from Medellin to Peñol

And lastly, for travelers looking to combine transportation with an immersive experience, a Transport + Guided Tour package is a fantastic option! 

Tour companies offer packages that include transportation from Medellin to Peñol, including guided tours of the town, and the iconic El Peñol rock. 

The cost of these packages starts at around USD 30-USD 45, depending on the company and type of tour you choose. 

We recommend joining this Guatape El Peñol with Boat, Breakfast & Lunch, which offers a day packed with fun, food, and exploration!

Medellin to Penol Tour

Most tours kick off early, around 8:00 AM, and get you back to Medellin by late afternoon.

You’ll usually travel in a comfortable air-conditioned minivan or coach; some packages even include lunch and entrance fees. 

Booking your spot in advance is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Opting for a Transport + Guided Tour package means you’ll get from Medellin to Peñol effortlessly, gain insights, and have an enriching experience exploring this spectacular region!

Best day tours in Peñol, Colombia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quickest way to get from Medellin to Peñol?

The quickest way to get from Medellin to Peñol is usually by car, which can take around 1.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

What is the cheapest way to get from Medellin to Peñol?

The cheapest way to get from Medellin to Peñol is by coach bus, which costs only USD 9!

Is it safe to travel from Medellin to Peñol?

Yes, traveling from Medellin to Peñol is generally considered safe. However, as with any travel, it is wise to be aware of your surroundings and follow common safety precautions.

How much time should I plan to spend in Peñol?

It is advisable to allocate at least half a day for Peñol to enjoy the town and the rock fully. However, if you have more time, spending a full day or even an overnight stay allows for a more relaxed and thorough exploration.

How far is Peñol from Medellin?

Peñol is approximately 67 kilometers (about 41.6 miles) northeast of Medellin.

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