5 Best Ways to get from Medellín to Guatapé, Colombia

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You can get from Medellín to Guatapé by bus, private transfer, rental car, taxi, or a guided tour.

The cheapest option to travel from Medellin to Guatapé is by bus, which costs only USD 10. The journey takes about 2 hours.

The most popular option is the guided tour, which includes a day filled with activities along with transportation to Guatapé for one price.

The fastest way to travel to Guatapé from Medellin is also by private transfer, taxi, or rental car, which takes less than 2 hours!

From the high Andean roads to the coastal paths, traveling through Colombia has taught me the art of movement in this diverse land. In this guide, I’ll reveal and break down the most effective ways to get from Medellín to Guatapé, making your Colombian journey unforgettable!

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Transportation Options from Medellín to Guatapé

The following table outlines all transportation options from Medellín to Guatapé:

Bus from Medellín to Guatapé2 hrs$10
Medellín to Guatapé Private Transfer~2 hrs$124 to 15
Medellín to Guatapé Transport + Tour$45
Taxi from Medellín to Guatapé~2 hrs~$60
Rental Car~2 hrs

How far is Guatapé from Medellín?

The distance from Medellín to Guatapé is 50.4 miles or 81.1 kilometers.

It takes about 2 hours to travel from Medellín to Guatapé.

Getting to Guatapé from Medellín

1. Coach Bus from Medellín to Guatapé

Journey Duration: 2 hours

A coach bus is one of the most preferred and economical transportation modes for this trip from Medellín to Guatapé!

Embarking on a coach bus journey from Medellín allows passengers to traverse approximately 80 kilometers of scenic routes in around two hours.

The spacious buses offer plush seating that ensures a relaxed and enjoyable ride. 

The wide windows provide panoramic views of the undulating countryside as you meander through verdant hills punctuated by clusters of colorful homes and snaking water bodies.

Adequate departure frequencies mean you’ll never have to wait too long. Buses leave multiple times throughout the day, starting early morning until evening, offering you the flexibility to plan your day.

Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of this mode of transport makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. Tickets are incredibly affordable and cost only USD 9!

Check out the schedules and book your tickets online in advance!

Medellín to Guatapé Sotrasanvicente Coach Bus Schedule

The table below displays the Sotrasanvicente coach bus timetable for trips from Medellin to Guatapé, detailing departure times, journey lengths, and fares.

06:45am08:45am2h$10BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
08:30am10:30am2h$10BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
10:00am12:00pm2h$10BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
12:00pm02:00pm2h$10BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
02:00pm04:00pm2h$10BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
03:00pm05:00pm2h$10BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
05:00pm07:00pm2h$10BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
06:00pm08:00pm2h$10BOOK NOW 3 e1661788865313
Medellin to Guatepe2

2. Private Transfer from Medellín to Guatapé

Journey Duration: Custom Time

The journey from Medellín to Guatapé is a scenic passage, and opting for a private transfer allows you to experience this trip with personalized comfort and flexibility!

For those who prioritize convenience and privacy, this mode of transport is an excellent choice.

With a Private Transfer, your trip starts right from your doorstep. A driver picks you up from your specified location in Medellín and drives you directly to your destination in Guatapé.

This eliminates the need to commute to and from bus terminals and allows you to set your departure time. 

The ride, covering approximately 80 kilometers, lasts around 1.5 to 2 hours. You travel in a well-maintained, air-conditioned vehicle, ensuring a comfortable journey.

If you’re traveling with a lot of luggage or with a group, the spacious interiors and ample storage of these vehicles come in handy.

Though this option is generally more expensive than a bus ride, it provides more convenience, comfort, and customization.

Additionally, it’s a perfect choice if you’re traveling with a group since splitting the cost makes the ride much more affordable!

For those seeking a hassle-free, private journey, the Private Transfer from Medellín to Guatapé is well worth considering.

Prices for a private transfer from Medellín to Guatapé:

  • 1-3 passengers: USD 124
  • 4-10 passengers: USD 159

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Medellin to Guatepe1

3. Driving with Rental Car from Medellín to Guatapé

Journey Duration: ~2 hours

For the intrepid traveler who loves the freedom to explore at their own pace, renting a car for the journey from Medellín to Guatapé is an exhilarating option! 

This mode of transport turns the 80-kilometer route into a self-guided tour through the Colombian countryside, allowing you to discover and stop at hidden gems along the way.

Upon renting a car in Medellín, the adventure begins. You’ll navigate through rolling hills, fertile valleys, and vibrant small towns, all while marveling at the journey’s panoramic views.

The travel time is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, although, with your own car, you’re on your own schedule.

The route to Guatapé is well-marked, and GPS services can guide you seamlessly.

A car rental also allows you to carry as much luggage as you need without worrying about space constraints, a boon for those planning to engage in activities like camping or extensive photography.

Plus, having your own car in Guatapé means you can venture beyond the town to explore nearby attractions at your leisure.

The cost of a car rental can vary widely based on the type of vehicle, rental duration, and insurance options. Therefore, comparing prices from different car rental companies is advisable to get the best deal!

4. Taxi from Medellín to Guatapé

Journey Duration: 2 hours

Hopping into a taxi for the journey from Medellín to Guatapé is another convenient and direct way to reach your destination. This mode of transport is readily available and provides a more personalized service than public buses.

Once you negotiate the fare and destination with your taxi driver in Medellín, you can sit back and enjoy the scenic drive of approximately 2 hours.

Taxis in Colombia are typically clean and comfortable, providing a smooth ride. An important thing to consider is that the cost of a taxi ride from Medellín to Guatapé will be significantly higher than other modes of transportation like coach buses or shared shuttles.

You can expect to pay somewhere around USD 60. Nevertheless, its convenience and comfort often justify the additional expense for many travelers.

Another point to note is that you’ll need to negotiate the fare with the taxi driver before starting the journey, as most taxis in Colombia do not run on a meter for longer distances.

So always make sure to agree on the price beforehand to avoid any potential disputes later on.

5. Transport + Tour from Medellín to Guatapé

Finally, for those seeking an amalgamation of travel ease and insightful exploration, a Transport + Guided Tour option is an enriching way to journey from Medellín to Guatapé! 

This unique combination provides the convenience of arranged transportation with the added benefit of an expert guide to deepen your understanding of the regions you traverse.

Starting from a designated pick-up point in Medellín, a comfortable vehicle whisks you through the 80-kilometer route, showcasing breathtaking vistas of the Colombian landscape.

However, the true magic of this option lies in the stories and facts shared by your professional guide, transforming the journey into a captivating learning experience!

The beauty of this option is that it lets you delve into Colombia’s cultural and historical tapestry without the stress of managing travel logistics. The guides are typically locals or individuals with in-depth knowledge of the region, ready to answer your questions that bring the surroundings to life!

The guided tour doesn’t end upon reaching Guatapé. Once there, your guide takes you through the vibrant streets, explaining the significance of the zocalos and pointing out hidden gems in the town.

This package typically includes round-trip transportation and a guided tour, making it a hassle-free and educational option.

The cost varies depending on the specifics of the tour package, but considering the wealth of knowledge and convenience it offers, it presents excellent value for money!

If you’re keen to absorb as much of the local culture and history as possible during your journey from Medellín to Guatapé, the Transport + Guided Tour option is your key to an unforgettable voyage!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get from Medellín to Guatapé?

The fastest way is often by private transfer or rental car, taking a little under 2 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

What is the cheapest way to get from Medellín to Guatapé?

The cheapest way to get from Medellín to Guatapé is by coach bus. The bus tickets from Medellín to Guatapé are incredibly affordable costing only USD 9!

Is it safe to drive from Medellín to Guatapé?

Yes, the roads are well-marked and maintained. However, unfamiliar drivers should remain cautious and follow local traffic laws.

Is it possible to take a day trip from Medellín to Guatapé?

Yes, it’s very doable to take a day trip to Guatapé from Medellín given the relatively short distance between the two locations. Many travelers opt for early morning departures and return in the evening.

How much is a taxi ride from Medellín to Guatapé?

A taxi ride from Medellín to Guatapé typically costs about USD 60.

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