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How to get from Mazunte to Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco is well connected with Mazunte. You can get from Mazunte to Huatulco by private transfer, rental car, or taxi.

Huatulco is a beach lover’s paradise with a twist! This town’s coastal beauty is rivaled only by its stunning inland greenery, making it a unique blend of sun, sand, and coffee plantations. 

From the vibrant blues of the Pacific Ocean to the earthy browns of the coffee farms, Huatulco is an undiscovered treasure waiting to be explored.

When you add in the mountains that serve as a beautiful backdrop, you realize why this place is such a hit with those who’ve discovered it. 

It’s a place of tranquility and thrill, perfect for anyone looking to experience the less-touristed parts of Mexico.

Experience this yourself with the ‘Huatulco: Coffee Flavor Waterfall Tour with Local Lunch.’

Walk through coffee plantations to learn how your morning brew is made, then enjoy a refreshing dip at a local waterfall – a refreshing combination of activities! 

Wrap it all up with a local lunch, giving you a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine right where it’s made.

This tour packs a punch, giving you a combination of nature, culture, and delicious food. So book your spot now and be ready to discover a whole new side of Mexico!

Traveling between Mazunte and Huatulco is easy, and you can choose between a private transfer, a rental car, and a taxi!

Check our guide for the best options to travel from Mazunte to Huatulco.

How far is Huatulco from Mazunte?

The distance from Mazunte to Huatulco is 34.9 miles or 56.1 kilometers.

It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to travel from Mazunte to Huatulco.

Transportation Options from Mazunte to Huatulco

The following table outlines all transportation options from Mazunte to Huatulco:

MethodTravel timePrice
Private Transfer from Mazunte to Huatulco Custom TimeUSD 137-USD 179
Taxi from Mazunte to Huatulco1 hour 10 minutes~USD 50
Rental Car1 hour 10 minutes

Getting to Huatulco from Mazunte

1. Private Transfer from Mazunte to Huatulco

Journey Duration: Custom Time

A private transfer is a top-notch option to traverse the distance between Mazunte and Huatulco! 

This area lacks public transportation, so a personalized vehicle for your journey is the best and most convenient alternative! 

With a private transfer, you can arrange the timing according to your itinerary, specify pick-up and drop-off points, and even request short stops.

For those traveling in a group, this method of travel is particularly advantageous.

The size and type of vehicle can be tailored to the number of travelers, making this a cost-effective choice as the expenses can be shared among group members. The larger your group, the greater the savings!

The trip in a comfortable car or minivan takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. You can sit back and soak in the journey without stress as you’re not behind the wheel. 

So, ponder the possibilities and promptly reserve your private transfer online from Mazunte to Huatulco. Your unique Mexican adventure awaits!

Prices for a private transfer from Mazunte to Huatulco:

  • 1-4 passengers: USD 137
  • 5-10 passengers: USD 179

Do you need help arranging your transportation?

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Mazunte To Huatulco1

2. Driving with Rental Car from Mazunte to Huatulco

Journey Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

If you want more independent travel, you can get from Mazunte to Huatulco by getting a car rental! 

Traveling from Mazunte to Huatulco in a rental car can add a new level of fun and freedom.

The autonomy of driving your vehicle lets you manage your travel schedule and opens up opportunities for spontaneous pit stops along the picturesque Oaxacan coastline.

Despite its twists and turns, the journey is more of a thrilling adventure than a challenge.

The undulating roadways lead you through some breathtaking landscapes, making the 1 hour and 10-minute drive quick and visually stunning.

Oaxaca offers a variety of budget-friendly car rental options, making this a practical choice for the independent traveler. In addition, you’re not bound by time restrictions, which means you can set off and return at your own pace.

Maximize your road trip experience by booking your ideal vehicle ahead of time! Websites like RentalCars provide an extensive list of options to suit your needs.

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride from Mazunte to Huatulco, taking in the charm of Mexico at your rhythm!

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3. Taxi from Mazunte to Huatulco

Journey Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

And finally, opting for a taxi ride from Mazunte to Huatulco offers a blend of ease and comfort, making it an excellent choice for solo travelers or duos who aren’t traveling with a group to split a private transfer cost. 

This quick and straightforward option will get you to Huatulco in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Taxis are readily available in Mazunte, so you won’t have trouble finding a ride, whether it’s dawn or dusk. 

If you need a reliable taxi service, your hotel can certainly provide recommendations, or you can hail one from the street.

Settling on a fare before beginning your journey is recommended to ensure a fair rate. A standard taxi ride from Mazunte to Huatulco generally costs around USD 50. 

Carrying local currency is advisable, as most taxis prefer payment in pesos rather than US dollars.

A taxi ride offers a blend of independence and convenience, helping you navigate the distance from Mazunte to Huatulco with ease and comfort.

Mazunte To Huatulco2

Best day tours in Huatulco, Mexico

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The following widget shows some of the best tours in Huatulco, Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to get from Mazunte to Huatulco?

A private transfer ranges in price from USD 137 to USD 179, is the least expensive way to get from Mazunte to Puerto Escondido if you’re traveling in a group.
If you’re traveling alone or with a partner, a taxi will cost you around USD 50.

Are there direct public transportation services between Mazunte and Huatulco?

No, there isn’t a direct public transportation service available. However, private transfers, taxis, and rental cars are readily available and provide flexible options.

How much does a taxi ride from Mazunte to Huatulco cost?

The cost is generally around 50 USD. Please note that agreeing on the fare before the journey starts is recommended.

Can I rent a car to drive to Huatulco?

Yes, you can. Numerous car rental services are available in the region. Booking your car in advance ensures you get a vehicle that best suits your needs.

Can I book a private transfer online from Mazunte to Huatulco?

Absolutely! Online booking options are readily available, and we recommend making a reservation in advance to secure your transfer!

Are the roads from Mazunte to Huatulco safe to drive?

Yes, the roads are generally safe, although they can be winding and bumpy. Always be cautious while driving, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the terrain.

Is there an Uber in Mazunte or Huatulco?

Unfortunately, Uber is currently not available in Oaxaca.

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