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How to get from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga – 6 Options

Downtown Malaga is well connected with Malaga Airport! Check out our guide for the best options to travel from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga.

If you want to experience a Spanish city with a unique culture and a vivid history, Malaga might be the right place for you! 

Malaga is a beautiful Andalusian city on the shores of the Mediterranean that has developed significantly over the years but still maintains its identity. Nevertheless, it has changed its image and is becoming a dynamic city that opens itself up to the many tourists who visit it yearly! 

It would be hard to find a city in the world with such an array of history, culture, nature, and cuisine

Just getting around the city is an attraction; it’s worth spending a few days wandering along its oldest streets or taking one of the many organized tours. In addition, its unbeatable location makes it one of the most sought-after destinations for day trips and holidays. 

Malaga is a must-see destination for anyone interested in history, art, culture, or just want to kick back on a beach! So, come and experience it yourself!

Traveling between Malaga Airport and Downtown Malaga is easy, and you can choose between a bus, shared shuttle, train, Uber, taxi, rental car, or a pre-booked airport pickup!

Our recommendation is the Pre-booked Airport Pickup, which provides maximum comfort and convenience on your way from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga!

And the best part? You can book your Malaga Airport Pickup online now!

How far is Downtown Malaga from Malaga Airport?

The distance from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga is 8.5 miles or 13.7 kilometers.

Transportation Options from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga

The following table outlines all transportation options from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga:

MethodTravel timePrice
Pre-booked Airport Pickup from Malaga Airport to Historical City Center18 minutesEUR 28
Bus from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga15-25 minutesEUR 3
Train from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga12 minutesEUR 1.80
Taxi or Uber from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga20 minutesEUR 20
Shuttle from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga25 minutesEUR 43
Rental Car20 minutes

1. Our recommendation: Pre-booked Airport Pickup

Journey Duration: 18 minutes

If you like to travel with the most comfort and convenience, look no further than this option to get from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga!

Some might struggle to instantly find transport once they land at the airport, especially during the high season. That’s why we recommend Welcome Pickups!

With Welcome Pickups, you can reserve and arrange your pre-booked airport pickup online to get to Malaga City effortlessly!

With your pre-booked transfer, your trip to Malaga from Malaga Airport is secured, you don’t have to worry about your luggage, and you will be taken directly to your destination.

The trip takes only 18 minutes, and the price is definitely well worth it- it only costs EUR 28!

Upon arrival, your driver will meet you at the Malaga Airport and take you to the historic city center of Malaga. With a pre-booked airport pickup, your luggage is also secured, and you don’t have to worry about dragging all those suitcases around!

You will be traveling in a comfortable and well-equipped vehicle. The car is clean and sanitary, equipped with hand sanitizers and wipes, according to the Welcome Safety Protocol (WSP). The minimum time between transfers is 20 minutes to clean the vehicle thoroughly.

You can see more about their car sanitization policy on their website, where you can pre-book your airport pickup

So, save time and effort and pre-book your trip from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga today!

How To Get From Malaga Airport To Downtown Malaga

2. Malaga Airport Bus

Journey Duration: 15-25 minutes

Another option to travel from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga is with the frequently available Airport Bus that operates the route to and from the airport!

There is a bus station right in front of the departure hall of Malaga International Airport. You can get to the city center of Malaga by taking the “Linea Express A” line, which takes 15 to 25 minutes.

However, you might have to wait for the next bus once you land, since the buses leave every 30 minutes. The first bus departs at 07:00 AM, and the last is at midnight. 

Remember that the bus takes longer than other options because it makes additional stops along the way and can be pretty crowded after large flights. Other than that, the bus is a good and reasonably priced option if you have nothing else planned in advance since it is always available. 

You can purchase your bus ticket from the bus driver in cash, and a one-way ticket costs only EUR 3!

3. Train from Malaga Airport to the Center

Journey Duration: 12 minutes

How To Get From Malaga Airport To Downtown Malaga
Inside the train from Malaga Airport to the city center. – ©Universal Traveller by Tim Kroeger

The cheapest way to travel from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga is by train!

A relatively new train is available at Malaga Airport, making it simple and quick to get into the city. The C1 rail line makes numerous stops as it travels from the airport to the Malaga-Centro Alameda station.

The first train departs from the airport at 6:44 AM and arrives in Malaga at 6:55 AM. The final train departs at 00:54 AM and arrives at 01:06 AM.

The train is the fastest transportation method to get to Malaga from the airport, and it takes only 12 minutes! 

You can purchase your ticket in the ticket hall in terminal 3, which costs only EUR 1.80 for a one-way fare.

Just keep in mind that the last stop is not exactly in the center of Malaga. To get to the center, you can either take a bus or a taxi or walk for about 20 minutes.

How To Get From Malaga Airport To Downtown Malaga

4. Taxi or Uber from Malaga Airport to Malaga Center

Journey Duration: 20 minutes

If you have a lot of luggage or don’t want to use public transportation, you can take a taxi from Malaga airport to the city center.

Many taxis are waiting for you outside the arrivals hall at the airport in Malaga, making this a reliable and convenient option. 

The taxi usually costs about EUR 20 and takes around 20 minutes, depending on the traffic and where you want to go. However, prices sometimes vary depending on the day, time, and season. So, make sure the taxi driver has the taximeters on when you leave the airport or check the sign at the taxi rank that sets out the fares to the most popular destinations.

Besides regular taxis, Uber is also available in Málaga. However, the best alternative to this option which is way more convenient, safe and comfortable, is the pre-booked airport pickup

So, if you’re thinking about catching a cab, re-think your options and pre-book a private vehicle that will pick you up from the airport and take you to Downtown Malaga in no time!

How To Get From Malaga Airport To Downtown Malaga

5. Shuttle Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga

Journey Duration: 25 minutes

If you are traveling in a group, you can also pre-book a private shuttle for up to eight people!

This option costs EUR 43, but splitting the price with your group can give you an excellent and affordable deal!

With the private transfer, you can be picked up from the airport whenever you want and dropped off at your hotel in Málaga center in just 25 minutes!

So, prepare for your journey on time and reserve your private transfer online right away!

Train From Malaga Airport To The Center
An old aircraft outside of the Airport in Malaga.- ©Universal Traveller by Tim Kroeger

6. Rental Car

Journey Duration: 20 minutes

Have a hankering to explore and embark on an adventure? Then renting a car once you land at Malaga Airport is one of your best options!

A car rental is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get to Downtown Malaga from the Malaga Airport. Additionally, a car makes it possible to travel around and discover some of the best nearby attractions!

Numerous exciting sites close to Malaga City can be reached in a few hours by car. Therefore, I advise renting a car if you wish to travel independently.

The rental prices are usually lower at the airport; however, the parking situation in Málaga is difficult. So, it’s best to check if your hotel offers parking areas. 

You have a wide selection of car rentals from the airport, so find the one that works for you!

Rentalcars compares 900 companies at over 53,000 locations. Click here to guarantee you the best car rental price.

How To Get From Malaga Airport To Downtown Malaga

Best day tours in Malaga, Spain

Get Your Guide helps you find the best tours wherever you are heading to. It’s usually the first website I check when I plan a trip to a new place.

The following widget shows some of the best tours in Malaga, Spain.

How To Get From Malaga Airport To Downtown Malaga

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is the train from Malaga airport to Malaga Centre?

A one-way train ticket from Malaga airport to Malaga downtown costs 1.80 Euros.

How much is a taxi from Malaga airport to Malaga?

A taxi from the airport to Malaga city center costs around 20 years, depending on where exactly you want to go.

How do I get from Malaga airport to the train station?

You must cross the square outside to get to the train station at Malaga airport from the arrival hall.

How far is Malaga City Centre from the airport?

The distance from Malaga city center to the airport is around 10 kilometers or 6 miles.

What is the cheapest way to get from Malaga Airport to Downtown Málaga?

The cheapest way to get from Malaga Airport to Downtown Málaga is by train, which costs only EUR 1.80!

Is there a direct bus between Malaga Airport and Málaga?

Yes, a direct bus departing from Malaga Airport will take you to the city center. The line is called “Linea Express A.”

What is the fastest way to get from Malaga Airport to Downtown Málaga?

The fastest way to get from Malaga Airport to Downtown Málaga is by train, which takes about 12 minutes.

How can I get picked up from Malaga airport?

To ensure your ride from the Malaga Airport to your accommodation anywhere in Malaga, it’s best to pre-book your airport pickup on time! We recommend booking your transfer from the airport here so you can travel to Malaga most conveniently!

How can I pre-book an airport pickup from Malaga Airport?

Welcome Pickups offers a fantastic service where you can pre-book your airport pickup online at any time! 

How much is a Pre-booked Airport Pickup from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga?

A pre-booked airport pickup that will take you from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga costs EUR 28.

What happens after I complete my booking with Welcome Pickups?

You will receive your order confirmation email once the booking is complete. You will receive information about your driver, including their name, contact information, and photo, about 3–4 days before arrival. Until you meet at the arrival gate, you will also get email and SMS updates about your ride. You can relax knowing that everything will go as planned because drivers will know exactly where to meet you and what to do if there is a delay.

Is a pre-booked airport pickup more expensive than a taxi ride?

Welcome Pickups do its best to match the cost of a regular taxi ride. Welcome is much more than a typical taxi ride. Their objective is to match you with a taxi driver who is a proud representative of the city and will respond to any inquiries you may have about your destination, making your initial moments of arrival unique and unforgettable.

I get to Malaga Airport after midnight. Will getting to the city be a problem for me?

No, this is not a problem! If you arrive late and can’t catch up on regular public transport, you can pre-book your airport pickup with Welcome Pickups at any time!

Are Welcome Pickups safe?

Welcome Pickups offer a very safe and reliable way of traveling! For all the safety info, you can visit their website and find out everything you need to know about traveling from Malaga Airport to Downtown Malaga! 

What’s the maximum number of passengers and luggage allowed in a pre-booked airport pickup car?

This varies depending on the country and region. So, you should check out the Welcome Pickups website for more details and relevant info.

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