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How to get from Holbox to Merida, Mexico

Merida is well connected with Holbox. You can get from Holbox to Merida by ferry + bus, private transfer, rental car, or taxi.

From the grand monuments and historical buildings to colorful streets and charming cafes, you’ll never run out of things to see in Merida

Merida has a lot to offer tourists and travelers. So, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to enjoy the Yucatan Peninsula, then Merida should be your top choice! 

This vibrant town offers several museums and historical sites to visit. It is also surrounded by some of the most famous archeological sites and mystical cenotes used by the Mayas!

You’ll love exploring the city’s bustling streets, public squares, and architectural landmarks and stopping for fantastic Mexican food at one of the many delicious restaurants! 

With natural parks, fine restaurants, and plenty of activities, it’s no wonder why they often call it “the cultural capital of Mexico.” 

Stop by Merida — the capital of Yucatan state and one of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities!

Traveling between Holbox and Merida is easy, and you can choose between a ferry + bus, private transfer, rental car, and taxi!

Check our guide for the best options to travel from Holbox to Merida.

How far is Merida from Holbox?

The air distance from Holbox to Merida is 153.5 miles or 247 kilometers. However, since you must take the ferry from Holbox to Chiquila first, the more important question is how far is Merida from Chiquila?

The road distance from Chiquila to Merida is 190 miles or 306 kilometers. Depending on your choice of transport, the trip should last anywhere between 4 to 6 hours!

Transportation Options from Holbox to Merida

The following table outlines all transportation options from Holbox to Merida:

MethodTravel timePrice
Ferry + Coach Bus from Holbox to Merida6 hours 25 minutesUSD 54
Ferry + Private Transfer from Holbox to MeridaCustom Time
Ferry + Taxi from Holbox to Merida~4 hours
Rental Car~4 hours

Getting to Merida from Holbox

1. Ferry + Coach Bus from Holbox to Merida

Journey Duration: 6 hours 25 minutes

The ADO bus is the cheapest method of transport to travel to Merida from Holbox for budget travelers. ADO operates Mexico’s largest bus fleet, including coach and luxury buses!

We highly recommend this option since it includes the ferry from Holbox to Chiquila and the bus from Chiquila to Merida at an affordable price!

The journey takes 6 hours and 25 minutes total, including the transfer. It’s a long but organized and comfortable trip that is well worth the price!

The buses have air conditioning, comfortable seats, and a bathroom, so those six hours will pass by in no time!

One bus will take you from the ferry terminal to ADO Centro Histórico in Merida, and the other will drop you off at Mérida Terminal Paseo 6, so it’s up to you to choose which bus you take!

How To Get From Holbox To Merida, Mexico

Holbox to Merida Ferry + Coach Bus Schedule:

  • 03:30 PM to 09:55 PM: Ferry + Coach Bus to Merida Terminal Paseo 60 from Holbox

Total price: USD 54

  • 03:30 PM to 09:55 PM: Ferry + Coach Bus to ADO Centro Historico Merida from Holbox

Total price: USD 54


On GuateGo, you can check all available transportation options from Holbox to Merida. It is a reliable and easy-to-use platform for comparing prices & schedules and making a booking online.

Holbox To Mérida

2. Ferry + Private Transfer from Holbox to Merida

Journey Duration: Custom Time

Whenever you are on vacation, time is the most precious commodity you can have and the one you never have enough of! 

Therefore, spending a little more on a private transfer makes sense if you plan to save time when traveling from Holbox to Merida!

You can travel from Holbox to Merida quickly, easily, and without stress by booking a private driver!

Once you catch the ferry from Holbox, you will arrive at the Chiquila ferry dock in about 30 minutes. Then, you can just get picked up at this location by your private driver, which we recommend you book at least one day before your trip. 

You can research online and find a great deal in one of the traveling agencies providing this service in Chiquila!

The driver will get you from Chiquila to Merida once you get off the ferry boat from Holbox at your exact location. 

The drive from Chiquila to Merida will take around 4 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions. However, compared to the bus, this trip takes way less time!

So, if you’re into luxury travel or just traveling with a group, and this option seems convenient, go ahead and book your private transfer from Holbox to Merida today!

Do you need help arranging your transportation?

Fill out the form below, and one of our travel experts will contact you!

We can organize your transportation in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia!

3. Ferry + Driving with Rental Car from Holbox to Merida

Journey Duration: ~4 hours

If you do not want to use private transportation, renting a car in Chiquila is your next best option to get to Merida in no time! 

Of course, to get off Holbox Island, you must take the Holbox Express ferry to Chiquila and rent a car there!

Since Holbox Island is a car-free island, renting a car, there is impossible, and even if you could, it would be very inconvenient. Therefore getting the vehicle in Chiquila is your only option.

You will find many car rental companies offering different deals, so choose one that’s best for you!

Suppose you want to rent an economy car with the minimum Personal Liability Insurance coverage in Mexico. In that case, the daily rate will range between USD 25 and USD 35, and if you want full coverage, it will cost between USD 35 and USD 45 per day.

Either way, this option is well worth the price and one of the cheapest ways to travel from Holbox to Merida, considering the ferry ticket as well!

Plus, the drive takes only 4 hours, making this the fastest way to get from Holboxto Merida!

How To Get From Holbox To Merida, Mexico

4. Ferry + Uber or Taxi from Holbox to Merida

Journey Duration: ~4 hours

And finally, although we don’t recommend taxiing from Holbox to Merida, you should know that this option is also available.

Once you arrive from Holbox to Chiquila, you can take a taxi to Merida, but only if you find a driver willing to take this route. Since they will have to travel 8 hours both ways, most don’t agree with taking this trip.

Even if they do, this trip will cost you around USD 250, and unless you are traveling with someone to split the cost, this option is not convenient and is very expensive. 

Additionally, they might try to charge you extra due to traffic conditions, so you will likely get ripped off unless you agree on a price beforehand.

To avoid all this, it’s still better to book a private transfer instead of a taxi, since it will cost you way less and you will know exactly how much you’ll spend!

How To Get From Holbox To Merida, Mexico

Best day tours in Merida, Mexico

Get Your Guide helps you find the best tours wherever you are heading to. It’s usually the first website I check when I plan a trip to a new place.

The following widget shows some of the best tours in Merida, Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an airport on Holbox Island?

Holbox has a small airport called Aerodromo de Holbox, but it is only open to private and small aircraft.

Is it safe to drive from Holbox to Merida?

Yes, the Holbox Merida drive is safe for most travelers. However, to be extra safe, don’t drive after dark, don’t speed, and don’t use your cellphone while driving. It should be safe for you if you follow these rules, and there will be no reason for the police to stop you.

How much is a taxi from Holbox Island to Merida?

You can expect to pay approximately USD 250 for a taxi from Holbox to Merida, which is more than the cost of a private car. Moreover, finding a driver who will drive you will be difficult since it will take eight hours for them to make the trip.

What is the cheapest way to get from Holbox Island to Mérida?

How To Get From Holbox To Merida, Mexico

The cheapest way to get from Holbox Island to Mérida is by ferry and bus, which costs USD 54 and takes around 6 hours.

What is the fastest way to get from Holbox Island to Mérida?

The fastest way to get from Holbox Island to Mérida is to take the ferry and then drive with a car. You can either rent your car or hire a private driver. This trip will last about 4-5 hours.

How long does it take to get from Holbox Island to Mérida?

To get from Holbox to Merida, first, you will have to take the ferry from Holbox to Chiquila. This takes about 30 minutes. Then, it is a 4-hour drive by car or approximately 6 hours by bus to Merida from Chiquila.

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