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5 Best Ways to get from Flores to Lanquín, Guatemala

You can get from Flores to Lanquín by bus, shared shuttle, private transfer, rental car, or taxi.

The cheapest option to travel from Flores to Lanquín is by public bus, which costs around USD 30. The journey takes about 9 hours.

The most popular option is the shared shuttle, which offers a convenient alternative for only USD 41.

The fastest way to travel from Flores to Lanquín is by private transfer, taxi, or rental car, which takes about 6 hours.

Traveling through Guatemala has been my passion and my lesson.

In this guide, I’m sharing my insights into the most reliable and enjoyable ways to explore this vibrant country and get from Flores to Lanquín, ensuring your travels are as unforgettable as the destinations themselves!

Check our guide for the best options to travel from Flores to Lanquín, Guatemala.

Transportation Options from Flores to Lanquín, Guatemala

The following table outlines all transportation options from Flores to Lanquín, Guatemala:

Shuttle from Flores to Lanquín9 hrs$41
Public Bus from Flores to Lanquín~ 9 hrs~$30
Flores to Lanquín Private Transfer6 hrs/
Taxi from Flores to Lanquín6 hrs/
Rental Car6 hrs$25 to 35

How far is Lanquín from Flores?

The distance from Flores to Lanquín is 152.1 miles or 244.8 kilometers. Depending on how you travel, you can expect the journey to take anywhere between 6 and 9 hours.

Getting to Lanquín from Flores

1. Shared Shuttle from Flores to Lanquín, Guatemala

Journey Duration: 9 hours

The most popular and convenient way to travel from Flores to Lanquin is to take a shared minivan shuttle. It is a long and bumpy journey; however, some planning will help you prepare for this crazy adventure!

Taking the shuttle from Flores takes 9 hours and costs USD 44. It is a bit expensive compared to other options, but booking online saves you a lot of trouble and offers some comfort needed on this extended trip.

There is one shuttle daily leaving from Flores at 08:00 AM. You can expect to arrive at Lanquin at around 05:00 PM at the Centro De Salud Lanquin. 

This shuttle is a 20-seat minibus, but smaller minivans also run the route. The seats are pretty comfortable, and thankfully there is air-conditioning! 

The roads are bumpy and dangerous, but the views are stunning! You will be given breaks along the way, so the 9 hours should be bearable.

Booking ahead of time is advised because these shuttles get extremely busy!

Shared Shuttle to Lanquín Schedule:

The table below displays the shared shuttle timetable for trips from Flores to Lanquín, detailing departure times, journey lengths, and fares.

08:00am05:00pm9h$41Book Now 3 E1661788865313

2. Public Bus from Flores to Lanquín

Journey Duration: ~ 9 hours

If you’re setting off on an adventure and don’t mind the crazy discomfort and glimpse of the local life, there is always the famous chicken bus!

With several changes and a much longer traveling time, you can take this public bus from Flores to Lanquin. It seems incredibly inconvenient, but some explorers do it for the experience.

It is cheaper, saving around USD 10, but it’s way more crowded, dangerous, and uncomfortable. So, this is not your option if you’re looking for comfort and convenience.

Flores To Lanquin

3. Private Transfer from Flores to Lanquín

Journey Duration: Custom Time

If you want to travel comfortably or with your group, you can always book a private minivan or shuttle.

The price of booking a private transfer will be higher, but once the cost is split, it shouldn’t be a problem, considering the flexibility and freedom you get when organizing and planning your journey!

There are multiple agencies where you can book your private transfer from Flores to Lanquin; just be careful which one you choose so you don’t get ripped off and end up on an unpleasant journey.

Aside from that, it’s the ideal option for a more relaxed long journey, taking amazing photos, taking lunch breaks, and stopping whenever you want!

Do you need help arranging your transportation?

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How To Get From Flores To Lanquín, Guatemala

4. Driving with a Rental Car from Flores to Lanquín

Journey Duration: 6 hours

Driving a rental car is the fastest and cheapest way to travel from Flores to Lanquin!

If you’re ready to go on an adventure and witness the beauty of the jungle, this is your option!

Car rentals can be highly affordable, ranging from USD 25 to USD 35 per day. Traveling this way allows excellent flexibility, comfort, and complete freedom when planning your journey.

Get a map and hit the road! Just be cautious and ready to drive through the crazy Guatemalan streets.

5. Taxi from Flores to Lanquín

Journey Duration: 6-7 hours

There is always the option to take a private cab from Flores to Lanquin. However, this might be the most expensive option, especially when traveling alone. 

Since it is a long journey, it is inconvenient to take this option because you would have to pay the driver double the price for the way back, and since you’re a tourist, the chances of getting ripped off are high. 

If you still want a private driver, it’s best to book a transfer through some travel agencies rather than a regular taxi, or if you’re lucky, negotiating a reasonable price with the driver is the way to go.

How To Get From Flores To Lanquín, Guatemala

Best day tours in Lanquín

Best Tours In Lanquin

Get Your Guide helps you find the best tours wherever you are heading. It’s usually the first website I check when I plan a trip to a new place.

Here, you can find some of the best tours in Lanquín.

How To Get From Flores To Lanquín, Guatemala

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Semuc Champey worth the long journey?

Without a doubt, yes! If done correctly, Semuc Champey is a stunning, enchanting paradise, and it is well worth the trip!

What is the cheapest way to get from Flores to Lanquín?

The cheapest way to get from Flores to Lanquín is to drive with a rental car, which costs USD 21 – USD 35 and takes around 6 hours.

How do I travel from Flores to Lanquín without a car?

The best way to get from Flores to Lanquín without a car is with a shared shuttle, which takes around 9 hours and costs USD 44.

Can I drive from Flores to Lanquín?

Yes, you can! The driving distance between Flores and Lanquín is 244.8 kilometers, and it takes approximately 6 hours to get there. Remember that the roads are not in the best condition since it is a jungle, so you should be careful!

Where can I stay near Lanquín?

There are 18+ hotels available in Lanquín. Prices start at USD 87 per night.

What is the fastest way to get from Flores to Lanquín?

The fastest way to get from Flores to Lanquín is by car.

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