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Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi– Hotel Review

By: Tim Kroeger

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi hotel review: Restaurants, spa, location, and facilities.

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Experience opulence at Dheva Mantra Resort, where lavish accommodations adorned with wood carvings and exquisite artwork evoke a bygone Colonial era.

Indulge in the sophisticated ambiance of their signature spa and suites, offering a retreat of unrivaled elegance.

Embark on a journey along the storied River Kwai, marveling at the historical treasures that dot the landscape of Kanchanaburi.

This resort seamlessly blends modern luxury with a nod to the past, providing an enchanting escape in the heart of Thailand.

I’ve recently enjoyed spending several nights at Dheva Mantra Resort and would like to share my experience with you.

Dheva Mantra Resort Location

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi

+66 (0) 34 615 999

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Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Rooms & Suites

Dheva Mantra Resort’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the eco-friendly amenities within each room, showcasing the use of biodegradable materials.

The resort offers a variety of suites and rooms, each boasting its distinct characteristics.

Watch my detailed review:

1. Dheva Mantra Resort Suites

Presidential Suite (232 m²):

I was fortunate to experience the priceless gem of the resort’s Presidential Suite.

It offered opulent extravagance, boasting 232 square meters of colonial charm.

This suite offers an impressive dining area for 8, a top-notch entertainment system, and a sophisticated ambiance that exceeds expectations.

I admired a writing room adorned with elegant ivory paneling, intricately carved wall displays, and meticulous artwork where I could get ample work done.

The master bedroom features rich hues of russet and burgundy, showcasing a spacious teak four-poster bed.

The best part was unwinding in the oversized Jacuzzi in the bathroom, secluded for a private view of luxuriant tropical surroundings, nestled near the heart of the River Kwai.

In total, Dheva Mantra Resort has four different suite types:

Grand Suite (118 m²): Adorned with elegant teak floors, varied silk fabrics, and exquisite golden teak furnishings, the décor celebrates the splendor of the River Kwai. Enhanced by a lofty ceiling and antique fan, the suite’s timeless allure is amplified, harmonizing perfectly with the expansive balcony that offers breathtaking views of the legendary river.

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Hotel Review 7

Prestige Suite (90 m²): The Prestige Suite embodies Northern Thailand’s allure with its spacious layout and gleaming teak floors. Adorned with exquisite antiques from the region, this elegant suite provides a unique sensory journey and luxurious amenities. Its intricately carved teak balcony overlooks the scenic River Kwai, offering ample room for a memorable dining experience amidst breathtaking views.

Junior Suite (90 m²): The Junior Suites occupy the resort’s secluded and farthest section, ensuring utmost privacy. Revel in panoramic vistas of the River Kwai from a generous private balcony, all amidst the serene beauty of the resort’s lush tropical gardens.

2. Superior Rooms/ Deluxe Rooms/Family Deluxe Rooms:

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Hotel Review 39

It is easy to indulge in the epitome of comfort and elegance in these rooms at Dheva Mantra Resort.

One can bask in serene views of the Tropical Garden from the private balconies, creating a tranquil backdrop.

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Each room, generously sized at 52 sq.m., but the family deluxe being a bit more spacious at 58 sq.m., is a harmonious blend of classical style and traditional Thai elegance, offering a tasteful and inviting ambiance.

Each room has a bathtub where you can relax from a busy day out exploring around the River Kwai.

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Pool

Situated amidst lush tropical surroundings, the pool offers a serene escape for guests seeking rejuvenation and leisure.

With its inviting crystal-clear waters glistening under the radiant sun, the pool provides a refreshing retreat.

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Whether you’re looking to bask in the sun’s warmth on comfortable loungers, take a refreshing swim, or simply unwind in a tranquil setting, the pool at Dheva Mantra Resort promises a delightful experience.

The picturesque views and soothing ambiance make it an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy a leisurely day in paradise.

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Gym

The gym at Dheva Mantra Resort in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, is a modern fitness facility designed for guests looking to stay active during their stay.

It has up-to-date exercise machines, free weights, and various workout tools to accommodate different fitness routines.

The well-lit space provides ample room for cardio, strength training, and stretching exercises.

Whether you’re into intense workouts or just want to keep up with your fitness routine, the gym offers a convenient and comfortable environment to stay active while enjoying your time at the resort.

Trainers are also available to assist and guide guests as needed.

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Restaurants & Bars

Dheva Mantra Resort boasts three vibrant restaurants, each a perfect match for its unique cuisine.

Embodying the rich flavors of timeless Thai dishes and the sophistication of Western fare, these dining venues offer a delightful experience.

Headed by the resort’s talented Executive Chef, the menus are a testament to the passion and culinary finesse, promising to thrill and satisfy every palate that walks through their doors.

Tiara Restaurant

Tiara invites guests to set the perfect tone for their day with a scrumptious buffet breakfast to kickstart the morning!

Tip: Ask the staff to prepare a table for breakfast on the terrace for a quieter dining experience and to enjoy views of the lush green surroundings.

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Hotel Review 14

Later, you can return for lunch or dinner to savor a diverse spread of global culinary favorites but bear in mind that a reservation is required.

Offering an innovative menu, Tiara showcases a range of enticing dishes alongside a curated selection of fine wines their sommelier recommends. 

The Terrace

The Terrace at Dheva Mantra Hotel offers a relaxed setting to enjoy delightful afternoon treats and a variety of top-notch teas and coffees.

Whether seated on the terrace overlooking the lush tropical gardens, pool, and river or inside the charming colonial-style ambiance, guests can unwind and savor these delicacies in a serene atmosphere.

It’s an inviting spot to take a break, enjoy the view, and indulge in a delightful experience at The Terrace.

I had an amazing afternoon tea experience here, indulging in various sweets, such as macaroons, chocolate mousse, and cakes.

I highly recommend trying it yourself, especially sitting outside on the terrace. 

Rice Barge

Nestled along the tranquil banks of the River Kwai, the Rice Barge restaurant at Dheva Mantra Resort offers an unparalleled dining experience.

This culinary gem celebrates authentic Thai cuisine and embraces the romantic ambiance created by its riverside setting.

Influenced by the river’s heritage, the menu highlights the freshest seasonal fish sourced from local waters.

As the resort’s flagship dining spot, Rice Barge tantalizes taste buds with a diverse array of mouthwatering and genuine Thai dishes inspired by the flavors of all four provinces.

Guests can immerse themselves in an enchanting atmosphere while relishing the finest Thai cuisine amidst the picturesque riverside backdrop!

I tried a variety of delicious traditional Thai dishes, including Thai coconut soup (Tom Kha Gai), pineapple fried rice, pork cakes (Tod Mun Moo), and more!

Between the views and the food, this place is a must-try.

Things to do near Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi

There’s so much to explore around Dheva Mantra Resort!

I took adventures to many historical and enriching places during my long weekend in Kanchanaburi.

I took a nice train ride from Kanchanaburi train station, on the famous ‘Death Railway,’ to Thamkra Sae.

I explored the historical Krasae Cave, now a place for locals to worship the large golden Buddha inside, and I also walked along the train tracks to admire the views!

Erawan Falls was another destination I was so happy to have visited.

It is a seven-tiered waterfall that you can easily hike to each level to bask in the waters or just simply appreciate the beauty of the crystal clear blue water! 

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Hotel Review 1152

Nearby attractions include:

  • River Kwai Bridge: 10 minutes by car
  • Kanchanaburi train station: 10 minutes by car
  • Safari Park: 30 minutes by car
  • Muang Singh Historical Park: 30 minutes by car 
  • Krasae Cave: 40 minutes by car / 1 hour & 30 minutes by train (Recommended route!)
  • Erawan Falls: 1 hour by car
  • Srinakarin Dam: 1 hour by car
  • Sai Yok National Park: 1 hour & 20 minutes by car

What I loved about Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi

Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Hotel Review 25

I had a wonderful experience at Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi.

My stay was extremely good overall, but I’d still like to point out some highlights for you.

  • Its location next to the river, which boasted stunning views.
  • The floating restaurant, Rice Barge, left a good ‘taste in my mouth,’ with impeccable food & service from the friendly and attentive staff. 
  • A moment I won’t forget was the afternoon tea on the terrace, having been served tasty tea alongside decident treats with a stunning view overlooking the green garden, pool, and river. 
  • The spa provided me with a lovely Thai massage that was certainly relaxing and rejuvenating after exploring Kanchanaburi and the surrounding areas. 
Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi Hotel Review 26

Book your room at Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi

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Disclaimer: I was a guest at Dheva Mantra Resort Kanchanaburi. My opinions, as always, are solely my own.

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