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How to get from Cusco to Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa is well connected with Cusco. You can get from Cusco to Arequipa by bus, private transfer, flight, or rental car.

Arequipa is a city with a lot of history, where tradition, culture, and nature meet most spectacularly! 

It’s known as the White City, thanks to its whitewashed colonial buildings, which contrast with its volcanic hillsides set in the heart of the Andes. 

Arequipa is a magical city where the centuries have left their mark, gracefully decorating its streets with architectural wonders that remind you of its glorious history!

It is a place that has retained some of its colonial traditions but has also developed into a modern city with high-class hotels, restaurants, and shops. It is an eternal magnet for travelers from all over the world looking to explore this marvelous valley and the many splendors it offers!

Want to discover everything about Arequipa? We recommend booking a guided day trip and diving deeper into its past while enjoying its present to the fullest!

Traveling between Cusco and Arequipa is easy, and you can choose between a bus, private transfer, flight, and rental car!

Check our guide for the best options to travel from Cusco to Arequipa.

How far is Arequipa from Cusco?

The distance from Cusco to Arequipa is 307.7 miles or 495.2 kilometers.

Transportation Options from Cusco to Arequipa

The following table outlines all transportation options from Cusco to Arequipa:

MethodTravel timePrice
Bus from Cusco to Arequipa10-11 hoursUSD 25-USD 47
Private Transfer from Cusco to ArequipaCustom Time
Flight from Cusco to Arequipa~1 hour
Rental Car~9 hours

Getting to Arequipa from Cusco

1. Bus from Cusco to Arequipa

Journey Duration: 10-11 hours

Buses are the first and most common mode of transportation for the lengthy trip between Cusco and Arequipa!

The trip takes between 10 and 11 hours, and it is among the most beautiful and scenic bus journeys you can experience in all of Peru!

The buses are air-conditioned, sophisticated, and equipped with TVs and restrooms. Blankets, charging outlets, and various refreshments and drinks are also available for all passengers. 

You won’t have to waste time traveling during the day because all the trips occur at night. Additionally, since you’ll be traveling overnight, you can try to fall asleep on the wonderfully convenient and comfortable reclining chairs!

These lengthy bus trips are typically the least expensive form of transportation. Therefore, the costs can range from USD 25 to USD 47, depending on your chosen provider.

Oltursa, Cruz del Sur, Exclusiva, and Transzela are the four tour bus companies that run between Arequipa and Cusco.

Furthermore, there are a few buses that run between Cusco and Arequipa that you can select from, including the VIP Bus, Tourist Bus, 140 Reclining Seats, 160 Reclining Seats, and 180 Reclining Seats Bus.

Generally speaking, taking a bus from Cusco to Arequipa is pleasant, and most of the road is in good condition. Simply choose the best bus company, then enjoy the view!

It is best to book a seat on a bus online in advance, just like when buying airline tickets.

Book your seats from Cusco to Arequipa right away by clicking here!

Cusco to Arequipa Transzela VIP Bus Schedule:

Departure TimeArrival TimeDurationPrice per Person
08:45 PM06:45 AM10 hoursUSD 25Book Now 3 E1661788865313

Cusco to Arequipa Cruz del Sur Bus Schedule:

Departure TimeArrival TimeDurationPrice per Person
07:00 PM05:40 AM10 hoursUSD 28Book Now 3 E1661788865313
08:00 PM06:40 AM10 hoursUSD 28Book Now 3 E1661788865313
07:00 PM05:40 AM10 hoursUSD 34Book Now 3 E1661788865313
08:00 PM08:00 PM10 hoursUSD 34Book Now 3 E1661788865313
08:30 PM07:10 AM10 hoursUSD 34Book Now 3 E1661788865313

Cusco to Arequipa Exclusiva Bus Schedule:

Departure TimeArrival TimeDurationPrice per Person
08:45 PM07:45 AM11 hoursUSD 42Book Now 3 E1661788865313
08:45 PM07:45 AM11 hoursUSD 47Book Now 3 E1661788865313
Arequipa In Peru
A parade in Arequipa

2. Private Transfer from Cusco to Arequipa

Journey Duration: Custom Time

If you desire convenience and luxury on this lengthy trip from Cusco to Arequipa, especially when traveling in a group, a private transfer is another excellent choice.

Several travel agencies offer these services, with various luxurious vehicles to select from!

A conventional car or a larger vehicle, such as a minivan that can fit even larger groups, are both available options!

You may plan your itinerary and get to Arequipa whenever you wish because a private transfer is readily available at all times.

Private transfers cost more than other options, but they will make it simpler and more comfortable for you to travel the 9 hours to Arequipa!

So, if you’re traveling with more people, you can pick the best deal and vehicle, split the cost among the passengers, and get a convenient ride from Cusco to Arequipa!

Do you need help arranging your transportation?

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3. Flight from Cusco to Arequipa

Journey Duration: ~1 hour

Get on a plane if you want to travel quickly between Cusco and Arequipa!

Flying from Cusco to Arequipa will take you almost no time at all! The trip is unquestionably worthwhile, even though it’s the most expensive choice.

The air distance between Cusco and Arequipa is 324 kilometers or 201 miles. You will travel for about an hour while taking in some of the most beautiful sights of the Andean landscape below before reaching Arequipa!

Numerous reliable airlines offer direct flights between Cusco and Arequipa. This option is excellent if you’re willing to splurge on your trip; however, you should avoid connecting flights since they make this choice less practical.

Looking for flights and purchasing tickets in advance is recommended because airline ticket costs fluctuate based on the time of year.

Find the cheapest flights on Skyscanner

4. Driving with Rental Car from Cusco to Arequipa

Journey Duration: ~9 hours

Renting a car is the final way to get from Cusco to Arequipa.

By renting a car, you may travel at your own pace and reach Arequipa quicker than by public bus.

The drive takes roughly 9 hours, but consider any short stops you might want to make along the way.

Additionally, hiring a car in Cusco is relatively inexpensive, so this is a great alternative to think about!

You must present the required documentation to your car rental company and prepare for the exciting road trip!

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Plaza De Armas In Arequipa
Plaza de Armas in Arequipa

Best day tours in Arequipa, Peru

Get Your Guide helps you find the best tours wherever you are heading to. It’s usually the first website I check when I plan a trip to a new place.

The following widget shows some of the best tours in Arequipa, Peru.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to get from Cusco to Arequipa?

The cheapest way to get from Cusco to Arequipa is by bus, which costs USD 25-USD 47 and takes around 10-11 hours.

What is the fastest way to get from Cusco to Arequipa?

The simplest and quickest method to get between Cusco and Arequipa is by plane. The direct flight from Cusco to Arequipa takes about 1 hour.

Is there a direct bus between Cusco and Arequipa?

Yes, there are currently direct bus services from Cusco to Arequipa.

Is there a train from Cusco to Arequipa?

There isn’t a direct train going between Arequipa and Cusco right now.

What’s the cheapest day of the week to fly from Cusco to Arequipa?

On average, Tuesday is the least expensive day to fly, and Thursday is the most expensive.

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