13 Best Things To Do In Lombok, Indonesia

By Tim Kroeger October 16, 2015 Asia, Indonesia

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While millions of tourists are travelling to Bali every year, mass tourism is still unknown in Lombok.

Some tourists might spend a few days at the Gili Islands but only the fewest stay in Lombok although there are dozens of dream beaches, good food and super welcoming people.

Read here 13 Best things to do in Lombok, Indonesia.

1. Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is with 3,726 m the second highest volcano in Indonesia and for sure one of the highlights of Lombok. You can book guided multi-days trekking tours to the Crater Lake and even to the top.

2. Visit Lombok’s Waterfalls

You will find numerous waterfalls in Lombok. Most of them are situated in the north. Among the better-known ones are the Sendang Gile and the Tiu Kelep waterfalls near Senaru.

You can visit both waterfalls with one and the same ticket. From the entrance it takes about 15 minutes by foot to reach the Tiu Kelep waterfall.

Due to the short distance most locals and tourists only go here. Sendang Gile is in my opinion however the more spectacular one where you can also go swimming in the ice-cold water.

It’s so refreshing after the 20 minutes hike from Tiu Kelep waterfall. On the way back you can take a shortcut through a water tunnel. Just ask the locals where it is.

Another beautiful waterfall is the Tiu Teja near the village Santong. The special thing about this waterfall is his little rainbow at the bottom that appears depending on the sunlight.

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Sendang Gile waterfall in Lombok Indonesia.

3. The Gili Islands

The Gili islands – Welcome to paradise! Gili Trawangan is the main island with lots of bars and restaurants. Most backpacker stay here to feel the reggae vibe and to party. Gili Nemo and Gili Air are directly located next to Gili Trawangan and much calmer.

The Gilis are very popular for snorkeling, diving or simply relaxing. I barely saw a place with so many colorful fishes – even when you “only” go sknorkeling. Here you can swim with huge sea turtles and enjoy the turquoise clear water and the amazing beaches.

Read more about Gili Air here.

The "main road" of Gili Trawangan.
The “main road” of Gili Trawangan.
Beach on Gili Nemo.
Beach on Gili Nemo.

4. Best things to do in Lombok – Senggigi

Senggigi is probably the starting point for most Lombok round trips. There are lots of hotels and restaurants. When you want to go out and enjoy the nightlife in Lombok, that’s the place to go. Although don’t expect anything compared to Kuta Bali. Senggigi’s nightlife rather consists of live music by local bands in one of the bars and maybe some dancing depending on the time of the year you are traveling to Lombok.

Senggigi Beach in Lombok Indonesia.

5. Pusuk Monkey Forest

You will find the Monkey Forest on a winding road from Mataram to Bangsal. It is named after the dozens of monkeys next to the road who are waiting to be fed. When you have enough from the monkeys make a stop at one of the viewpoints and enjoy the breathtaking view on the mountains, the valley and at some places even the ocean.

Pusuk Monkey Forest near Senggigi.
Pusuk Monkey Forest near Senggigi in Lombok Indonesia.

6. Pandanan Beach

Pandanan is a beautiful beach near Senggigi. You will pass it when you take the coastal road from Senggigi to Bangsal where the boats to the Gili islands leave. Make a stop, jump into the water and order delicious seafood.

Pandanan Beach in Lombok Indonesia.

7. Kuta Lombok

Kuta is beside Senggigi the second tourist place in Lombok. It is especially popular amongst surfers. Here you can find many restaurants for different budgets and some small bars. It is in overall quite calm and a good base to discover the beaches of the south.

The view on Kuta from the mountain road.
The view on Kuta from the mountain road.

8. Pink Beach and Tanjung Ringgit

The further east you move the worse the roads and the less tourists you will meet and the less locals speak English. Nontheless or exactly therefore I strongly recommend you to visit the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula in the south-east of Lombok. You will be rewarded with wonderful views of the Tanjung Ringgit cliffs and you can relax on the famous Pink Beach with its turqoise water and slightly pink colored sand.

Pink Beach
Pink Beach in Lombok Indonesia.
Tanjung Ringgit Cliffs.
Tanjung Ringgit Cliffs.

9. The Beaches in the south

The south of Lombok has so many amazing beaches to offer…. and the best part is that the chances are great that you are the only person on the beach! I recommend you to stay at Kuta where you can rent a scooter (between IDR 40k and 50k per day) to drive to the different beaches. Among the nicest ones are Mawun Beach, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak.

Mawun Beach.
Mawun Beach.
Tanjung Aan
Tanjung Aan
Selong Belanak
Selong Belanak

10. Visit Hindu Temple

Even though the Islam is the main religion in Lombok other religions are practiced freely. Besides many mosques you can also find Hindu Temples in Lombok. If you are into it I recommend you to visit the following temples: Batu Golong Temple near Senggigi, Lingsar Temple, Narmada Temple where you can find holy water and Mayure temple where you can see cock fights.

Batu Golong Temple.
Batu Golong Temple.
Narmada Temple.
Narmada Temple.

11. Experience the Sasak culture

The majority of Lomboks inhabitants belong to the indigenous Sasak folk. They have their own language and a unique culture in Indonesia. Mostly on sundays huge Sasak wedding parades take place in almost every city and village. You can get an insight into the Sasak culture by visiting the Sasak village in Sade near Kuta. It became however meanwhile pretty touristy.

Sasak Village in Sade near Kuta.
Sasak Village in Sade near Kuta.

12. Visit a local market

Local markets are always worth it to visit and a good chance to get an insight into the culture and to get in contact with locals. Apparently the “Ampenan Market” in Mataram is strongly recommended. I haven’t been there but heard it by many people.

13. Sunsets

I could watch the sunset every day and it would never get boring. Senggigi is a good spot on Lombok!


Have you ever been to Lombok, Indonesia? What did you like most and what are your tips for Lombok? Post them in the comments below!

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Best Things To Do In Lombok, Indonesia


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    Ahh I was recently on Bali and Gili Air. Lombok is definitely next on the list! Thank you for this awesome guide. Pink beach looks especially stunning!

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    I haven't been to Indonesia yet — which is a shame I know! But I'm definitely eyeing for it soon :D Thanks for these tips, I'll definitely take note of them!

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    So gorgeous! Maybe this will have to be our lunar new year trip this year!

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    LOMBOK is incredible and this is a fantastic post! I have been there twice and thanks to you I am now wanting to go and check out a few more spots when I head back in April next year. If you ever head back go and check out the tiny village of Grupuk and do some surfing or surfing lessons if you are like me. INCREDIBLE :-)

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