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Write For Me

Calling all bloggers, scribblers and journalists – share your travel stories with me!

Do you have a passion for travel and adventures and would like to share your stories and tips?

I am currently seeking talented writers to contribute posts to in English or German.

What kind of guest posts am I after?

  • A list of “Best things to do” for a destination you have visited
  • Anything about food that you have tried on your travels
  • Trip Ideas and Travel Tips
  • Lifestyle
  • Cycling & Traveling
  • Van Life
  • A list of the best luxury hotels for a destination that you know pretty well
  • Do you have any topics in mind you would like to write about that are not mentioned here? Go ahead, send me a message and we will talk about it :)

What do You get out of contributing to Universal Traveller?

You can include 1 link in the body of your post linking to a related article on your blog.

Additionally, you can add another link to your blog as well as links to three Social Media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter) at the end of the post in an about me, or about us section.


  • 1.500 to 5.000 words, with three to five photos (750*500px) that you have taken or were taken with your camera.
  • It is required that all guest authors sign that they own the photo rights and that they agree that their photos will get published on Guest authors are responsible for any consequences when submitting stolen photos and/ or content.
  • I need a short bio with links to your Blog and Social Media profiles.
  • Guest posts must be original and not re-posted anywhere else.
  • I retain the right to reject any guest post for any reason.
  • Once published, make sure to promote your article on Social Media and reply to the comments that are posted on your guest post.
  • I will not accept guest posts with links to commercial sites. (If you want to include a commercial link, you can contact me and we speak about advertising possibilities)
  • I might add Affiliate Links to your guest post or do minor content changes for SEO reasons only.

Still interested in submitting a Guest Post?

Send me an email with your ideas. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Note: As this is a free website about travelling, I am not in the position to pay contributors at the moment and all of the articles / photographs submitted are on a voluntary basis. However, I am happy to include a biography alongside the article with a link to your website / blog, which can work as excellent promotion for you.



Wednesday 30th of December 2020

Hi there, Bela Hezal I hope you are well and good. I came through your website while researching for a business-related topic. I must say that your website content is so appreciative and really like it. So, I contribute a high-quality FREE GUEST POST for your blog about a business that could be a great read for your want to website audience.If you not have any problem may I share some articles publicity on your website. Please let me know if there's any possibility of a contribution. Thanks & Regards,

Yogesh Gupta

Thursday 6th of June 2019


I have been reading your blog for some time and I absolutely love what you have been doing! Your Content inspires me and I love seeing someone who provides real insights and transparency.

I’ve been thinking about I could help add value to you and your company and I would love to contribute as many as articles I can. I have a PR and Outreach Agency, We are willing to collaborate with you for Guest Posting. I can assure you that I will provide you with High-Quality content that will meet up with your requirements. Let us know if you are interested in collaborating with us for a long time and a healthy Business.

We will always try to be a great addition to your website

Thanks & Regards

Mia Floyd

Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

Dear editor, My name is Mia, I am a freelance blogger for about 2 years. I’m writing you to apply for contribution to I went through your blog and read several articles and I feel they touch the realm of my work and expertise. I’m eager to share my experience with your audience, sure they’ll have a ton of value from it! Currently I’ve been working on a few topics that I think will come in handy to your readers: 1) 12 Unusual Things You Should Always Pack When Travelling. 2) The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List 2019. 3) 10 Effective Ways to Make Hotel Travel More Relaxing.

In case if you don’t like the topics, we can always switch to something more suitable. I’m excited to hear back from you! Best regards, Mia Floyd


Wednesday 2nd of January 2019


I could contribute something on Ubud (Bali) with toddlers. The best cafés and places to go.


Beijing To Tibet

Monday 10th of December 2018

Thanks for sharing your travel experience. You have a great idea of how to enjoy yourself during traveling. Love your post.