Universal Traveller Cycling Club (UTCC)

The Universal Traveller Cycling Club is a group dedicated to the exploration of two twin passions: cycling and travel.

Though most travellers these days rely on planes and trains to move from city to city, we believe setting out to see the world with the power of your own two legs can be just as exhilarating.

Universal Traveller Cycling Club isn’t all about racing, and we don’t care whether you’re experienced in the saddle or just starting out.

We believe cycling should connect people, and we’re dedicated to enjoying every ride together—whether it’s a multi-day tour from Germany to Spain or participating in cycling events like Alpenbrevet or Ötztaler.

I founded the Cycling Club as a spin-off project from my blog, Universal Traveller, where I’ve documented my past travel experiences and recommendations.

Much as Universal Traveller is for the travel community, the Universal Traveller Cycling Club is a place where enthusiastic, like-minded riders from around the world come together to celebrate the sport.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the Universal Traveller Cycling Club–where we ride together, travel together, race together and celebrate the cycling lifestyle’s culture, art and design.

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