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Philippines Travel Guide

Make the most out of your trip to the Philippines! Check out our Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide, which includes sights to see, places to stay, food to eat, and tips to keep in mind.

The Philippines has long been part of the destinations list of those wanting to journey through Southeast Asia and those looking to explore one of the best tropical paradises in the world.

It truly has everything you want in a vacation spot. The Philippines has splendid white beaches, with Palawan and Boracay leading the long list.

It is also home to massive shopping destinations, unique spots, and historical places. The capital city of Manila alone will keep you occupied for a full week!

In our Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide, you’ll find all the fantastic cities and breathtaking islands you must not miss.

Scroll a bit more, and you’ll find different types of accommodations worth checking out. From luxurious hotels to tropical nooks, the Philippines is ready to provide you with a truly unforgettable stay.

Curious to know when is the best time to visit the Philippine Islands? Wondering when the surfing season in Siargao is?

Check out our complete Travel Guide to the Philippines!

Siargao Island
Honda Bay
Coron Island

Popular Dishes of the Philippines That You Have To Try!

When you think about the Philippines, it is impossible not to think about the delicacies of visiting a different part of the country each time.

That’s the beauty of visiting this destination, that in every city, province, or town you are sure to find edible gems for the foodie in you to enjoy.

Are you up for something exotic? Read more about what is in a Pinapaitan, a Kwek Kwek, or a Tuslob Buwa.

How about something classic? There’s Pork Adobo, Longganisa, and Sisig, to name a few.

Is the tropical climate too hot for you? Filipino Halo-halo is the answer!

Indulging yourself in Filipino food is a good way of getting to know the destination at its core. Every dish has a cultural story, and every bite is a true delight.

Hungry for more? Read all about the popular dishes of the Philippines that you have to try!

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