The Most Booked Flight Routes Of The World

By Tim Kroeger October 1, 2014 Uncategorized

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With around 4.9 million passengers is the 1.5 hours flight from Hong Kong to Taipeh (Taiwan) by far the most booked flight connection. On the second place is the flight route Dublin – London.

London appears four times in the Top 10 list of the world’s most flown routes. It is with more than 70 million passengers/ year the largest airport in Europe.

Top 10 of the world’s most flown routes

1st place: Hong Kong – Taipei (4,876,595 passengers)

2nd place: Dublin – London (3,562,951 passengers)

3rd place: JakartaSingapore (3,435,375 passengers)

4th place: Seoul – Tokyo (3,272,375 passengers)

5th place: London – New York (2,729,362 passengers)

6th place: Amsterdam – London (2,724,022 passengers)

7th place: London – Milan (2,075,485 passengers)

8th place: Honolulu – Tokyo (1,895,611 passengers)

9th place: New York – Toronto (1,600,226 passengers)

10th place: New York – Paris (1,545,938 passengers)


According to the Airports Council International (ACI) every second 158 passengers board an aircraft.

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The Most Booked Flight Routes Of The World
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