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Restaurant Review – Thai Fine Dining At Siam Wisdom Bangkok

Siam Wisdom Bangkok is a Thai restaurant in the Sukhumvit area.

The restaurant is housed in an old, traditional Thai teakwood house built over 90 years ago.

The main dining room is on the second floor with a glass roof and nice indoor greenery, which creates a pleasant but not too fine-dining atmosphere. Downstairs is a lounge area.


The chefs only use high-quality, regional ingredients to prepare the dishes. The menu changes with the seasons depending on the best ingredients available at the time.

Guests can choose between the Special Set Menu for 1,900 THB and the Premium Set Menu for 2,500 THB. Both menus start with an Amuse Bouche and different Appetizers, followed by a Sorbet made with flowers. Afterward, a range of main dishes gets served.

As a picture is worth a thousand words…

Crispy Thai pancakes with savory crab meat and kaffir lime leaves.


Grilled marinated free-range chicken skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish. Crispy Thai pancakes with savory crab meat and kaffir lime leaves.


Wisdom’s curry with cassia flowers and leaves with choice of grilled pork or Australian beef fillet.


River prawn and young coconut meat served in spicy and sour soup with roasted chili paste and lime juice.


Coconut dumplings in candle-smoked jasmine-scented sweet coconut milk.


The food at Siam Wisdom is quite expensive compared to the average prices in Thailand but so delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed every dish. The atmosphere in the old wooden house with a huge tree in the middle of the restaurant was, in addition to it, very unique. In my opinion, it is really worth the money to have dinner at Siam Wisdom, and I regardless recommend this Thai restaurant.

A Group Photo With The Chefs Of Siam Wisdom Cuisine.
A group photo with the chefs of Siam Wisdom Cuisine.

When looking for a special experience, you can participate in a half-day cooking class and prepare all the dishes yourself. 

More information?


Facebook: Siam Wisdom Cuisine

Phone: +6622607811

Disclaimer: I was a guest at Siam Wisdom. My opinions, as always, are solely my own.