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Traditional American Food that you have to try

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Over the years, traditional American food has managed to pave its way to our daily menus, late-night cravings and celebratory feasts. 

Sooner or later, you find yourself digging through archives on the internet, hoping to recreate the most famous foods in America.

We can’t blame you; American food is perfect for one and for sharing.

What’s with American meals and American recipes that make them so popular and delicious?

Let’s find out more about them. 



Does America have a national dish?

Recipes Traditional American Food

There are no official records of any American national dish existing.

Many traditional American food are considered as national dishes by locals simply because they are the most well-loved classic American food.

Some people will say it has to be burgers – that sumptuous blend of meat grilled to perfection.

Others will contend for apple pie. The saying ‘as American as apple pie” won’t be there for nothing, right?

It’s going to be a tricky task to pick just one national dish of America because of the diversity of food culture that exists in that one country.

Regions will be fighting over that coveted title, especially when they know that their hometown delicacies are worth celebrating nationwide.

What is the most popular American food?

According to major sites listing down the top 10 american foods of all time, cheeseburger is the most popular food in America.

It is your classic mouthwatering hamburger made even more special with the addition of American cheese.

The cheeseburger is your typical American food – it’s packed with taste, texture and comfort. No wonder many burger joints flourish in America.

Nowadays, cheeseburgers have become one of the most tweaked American foods.

Cooks and chefs add in specialty cheeses, use premium meats (or meat substitutes) in order to make their favorite dish a notch above the rest.

Which other traditional American food made it to their list?

Some of them are mac and cheese, fried chicken, apple pie and brownies.

Recipes Traditional American Food

What is a traditional American breakfast?

Your curious mind will have you asking: what do most Americans have for breakfast?

With their typical foods so rich and flavourful, you can just imagine how packed an American breakfast is.

Hotels in general will serve you an American breakfast which includes sliced toasted bread with jam or butter, pancakes with syrup, eggs cooked to your liking, hash brown or fries, and bacon or sausage.

This comes with coffee or tea and a serving of fruit juice.

A traditional American restaurant will have the same choices, along with other choices that may include cereals, waffles, oatmeal and bagels.

What is a typical American lunch?

An American lunch can come in many ways, but a typical one will be in the form of a sandwich filled with meat or vegetable (or both) options.

Salads are also considered as a filling meal in the middle of the day.

American dishes that are served during lunch time are partnered with nutritious fruits such as grapes and banana. 

What is a traditional American dinner?

If you are craving for American food for dinner, you are in for a good treat.

While meatloafs, barbecue ribs and pot roasts dominate the traditional food scene, many other classic dishes will make you longing for an American dinner every single night. 

An American dinner menu will vary greatly from the specialty of restaurants.

Your appetite will be torn among the chains of steak houses, sausage joints and fried chicken restaurants in every corner.

American food inventions

Here are some of the many iconic dishes that are truly American:

  • Cheeseburger
  • Reuben Sandwich
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Brownie
  • Tater Tots
  • Peanut Butter
  • Hotdog
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie

Recipes: Traditional American Food

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American Food for Dinner

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Side Dishes

American Deserts

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