How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local. What to do in Curacao.

How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local

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How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local: Locals introduce their city.

In today's MYCITY interview Art from "Poppy Hostel Curacao" introduces Willemstad, Curacao. Send me an email when you'd like to present your city.

NAME, Profession

ART KLEP, Owner Poppy Hostel Curacao and Freelance Tour Guide.

Please introduce yourself:

I'm a cosmopolitan guy. Basically that means I don't really know where I'm from. My destination is also unknown, because I'm all about the journey. Travel has been a part of my life since I was born, literally. For the last 5 years I've been living on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Besides restoring and renovating a UNESCO World Heritage listed property into a boutique hostel, I am also a registered multilingual tour guide. I build and play Cajon, a popular percussion instrument.

My city:

Willemstad, Curacao

My favorite place to eat in Willemstad:

FiveFingers Bar/Restaurant

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5 Fingers Bar and Restaurant.

How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local - 5 Fingers Bar and Restaurant.

A typical dish of Curacao:

Kabritu Stoba (Goat Stew).

My favorite bar in Willemstad:

Netto Bar

What about the Nightlife in Willemstad?

Nightlife is off the chain on Curacao. My favorite place is Wet & Wild Beach Club on the Seaquarium Beach.

Things to do for free in Willemstad:

Explore the colonial history and architecture of Willemstad.

Santa Familia Church.

How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local - Santa Familia Church.

Keep away of:

The small side streets (steegjes) after dark.

Best way to get around in Willemstad:

Rental Car

Best place for first date in Willemstad:

Anywhere in Pietermaai.


How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local - Niewindtstraat

Best place to meet locals in Willemstad:

Downtown Willemstad

Best place to relax in Willemstad:

The Beaches on the west side of Curacao.

Best spot to watch people in Willemstad:

The Queen Emma pontoon bridge.

How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local

How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local

Five hot tips for enjoying Curacao:

  1. Greet people with Bon- (Dia, Tardi or Nochi). That means Good- (morning, afternoon or evening/ night).
  2. WALK around Willemstad, slowly.
  3. Go scuba diving or at least snorkeling.
  4. Visit Schete Boca National Park. Untamed nature in abundance.
  5. Take it easy, you're on Curacao.

One thing you would like to change about Curacao?

I would like to obliterate the ISLA refinery and return it back to nature.

Poppy Hostel Cortyard Entrance.

Poppy Hostel Cortyard Entrance.

Travelling has always been a great part of Art's life. He is living on the Caribbean island of Curacao since 5 years where he opened the Poppy Hostel Curacao. Follow him on twitter and instagram.


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How to Explore Willemstad, Curacao like a Local

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