Lost in Hong Kong

By Tim Kroeger June 19, 2012 Asia, Hong Kong

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When I was in Thailand last year I decided to look for a cheap flight to another nice and interesting destination. The best and cheapest way to get a flight from Bangkok is to go to one of the many travel agencies in the famous Khao San Road. No sooner said than done. I traipsed round 10 agencies and finally got a very good offer for a flight to Hong Kong. I spontaneously decided to take the flight on the next day. To be honest I did not really know much about this city. I thought everything would be as cheap as it is in Bangkok. Therefore I did not arrange a hotel room although I knew that I will arrive pretty late.

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In Hong Kong I firstly changed some money. From Baht to Hong Kong Dollar. The ten Hong Kong Dollar bill is by the way one of my favorite ones. It looks really nice. The ticket for the Airport Express to the city center costs around 9 Euros. That is already pretty expensive compared to the prices in Thailand. In the central station I have firstly organized a map but still I did not really know where I had to go and it was already about 10 p.m. Definitely not the best time to get lost in a city far away from home where you have never been before even less where you do not know anyone.

I realized pretty soon that I won’t find a hotel room which fits to my budget. A small, dirty room without any windows and only an old sink and an uncomfortable bed costs already around 30 Euros. I started getting frustrated. What shall I do? It is impossible for me to stay 7 days in a room for 30 Euros. I went from one hotel to the next one. I was looking for a cheap hostel. Any place to sleep. I am really not fastidiously. It only has to be cheap. After a while I stopped desperate at the mid-level escalators. The streets have emptied and I was standing there almost alone with my big backpack.

From nowhere suddenly a woman came up to me. She offered me her help but did not really raise my hopes to find a cheap accommodation in this area. She was a teacher and artist of great talent. Although she did not know me, she offered me to sleep one night in her atelier. It was a small room with many impressive paintings. Of course there was no bed in it but she did her best to offer me a comfortable place to sleep.


In the end I stayed a whole week at this place. It is not just that I could sleep there for free; she also provided me with some food, presented me to her friends and took me to the “TakeOut Comedy Club” where young and talented comedians set the house on fire. Together with her roommate she is part of the international team that makes it really worth it to visit one of the shows.

I think that’s what it’s all about. The best moments while travelling are always these where you are stuck. Do not be afraid to get into such a situation. You will wonder how many friendly and helpful people there are.


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