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How to get from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

If you don’t know how to get from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo, let me show you the different ways of traveling between the two destinations. 

Public transport or private rides? Cheap means or luxurious comfort? On your trip to Tamarindo from Liberia Airport, you are the boss.

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How far is Tamarindo from Liberia Airport?

The distance between Liberia Airport and Tamarindo is 29 miles or 47 kilometers. Here you can find more information about getting around in Costa Rica.

Transportation Options from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

The following table outlines all transportation options from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo:

MethodTravel timePrice
Public Bus from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo~2 hoursUSD 3
Shared Shuttle from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo2 hoursUSD 30
Private Transfer from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo1 hour 30 minutesUSD 100
Taxi from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo1 hour 30 minutesUSD 70
Rental Car1 hour 30 minutesUSD 35+


On Bookaway, you can check all available transportation options from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo. It is a reliable and easy-to-use platform to compare prices & schedules and make a booking online.

Tamarindo Beach Early In The Morning
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How to get from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

1. Bus from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

Journey Duration: ~2 hours

La Pampa and Alfaro are two bus companies that offer transfers to Tamarindo from Liberia Airport. La Pampa comes directly from Liberia, while Alfaro comes from San Jose and passes by Liberia.

La Pampa provides frequent transportation from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo; Alfaro only has a few daily passings. 

There are some pointers you must remember when considering taking the bus to Tamarindo.

First, the bus does not always stop at the airport. Therefore it is best to walk to the main road and wait there.

Also, the bus you may be hailing is non-air-conditioned, so it is better to anticipate such situations and dress comfortably.

The bus from Liberia to Tamarindo costs about $3 and will take about two hours of your time.

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2. Shuttle from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

Journey Duration: 2 hours

You can catch a Tamarindo shuttle bus from Liberia Airport, which can either be shared or private.

Suppose you don’t mind waiting for other passengers going to the same destination and traveling alone. In that case, you can save a lot of money by opting for a shared Liberia to Tamarindo shuttle.

Shared shuttle companies will bring you from the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport LIR and Liberia Town to Tamarindo for $30. Take note of the fixed departure timings that these transport services have when considering this option.

On the other hand, a private Liberia airport shuttle to Tamarindo is perfect for those traveling in groups who would like to enjoy the convenience of having the minibus to themselves.

This option will also give you the liberty of choosing the departure time and the number of essential stops you make along the way.

If you plan on getting a private shuttle from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo, the basic cost for a group of six and below is $95. An additional charge of $20 per person applies if you are more than six.

The total travel time to Tamarindo from Liberia Airport via shuttle is two hours.

Sunset At Tamarindo Beach
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3. Taxi or Uber from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

Journey Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

You can take a taxi from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo. This option is convenient, especially for those who do not want anything to do with reservations, cancellations, or delays.

Taking a taxi to Tamarindo from Liberia is like having your driver wait for you at the airport and drop you off at your final destination.

The cost to ride a taxi from Liberia to Tamarindo starts at $70. Just be sure to take an official taxi, so your ride is insured.

People called ‘taxis piratas’ will try to talk you into hiring their private vehicles for a lower price than the official taxis.

Aside from the taxi, you can also take an Uber from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo. The company has been serving these locations actively since April of 2019. It is a good option because of its fixed pricing and the convenience of booking a ride using your smartphone.

Furthermore, Uber drivers are winning over the traveling public more and more in Costa Rica. While we have nothing personal against taxi drivers just trying to earn, many have been known to take advantage of tourists regarding trip costs.

Uber saves you from such situations by being transparent about your fare when you search for a driver.

4. Private Driver from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

Journey Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Enjoy the convenience of having your private driver waiting for you at the airport to take you to your hotel in Tamarindo.

This option is excellent, especially if you arrive in Liberia early in the morning or late at night and have close to no public transportation available then.

Your hotel will charge you anywhere around $100 for this service. 

5. Drive from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

Journey Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

If you want to drive yourself from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, you can rent a car and pick it up at the airport as you land.

This option is perfect for those who want to take charge of their trip, leaving as they please and stopping by exciting places. Furthermore, you can use the rented car to explore Tamarindo at your own pace.

The driving distance from Liberia, Costa Rica, to Tamarindo is 42 miles or 68 kilometers. Take Boulevard Aeropuerto and head towards Route 21. Turn right onto Route 155 until you reach the Av. de las Palmas intersection. Drive through Calle Central and to your Tamarindo destination.

Driving from Liberia to Tamarindo takes about one hour and ten minutes of your time. This is one of the most time-efficient options when traveling between the two destinations.

The cost to rent a car for your Liberia to Tamarindo trip starts at $35.

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Best day tours in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Get Your Guide helps you find the best tours wherever you are heading to. It’s usually the first website I check when I plan a trip to a new place.

The following widget shows some of the best tours in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

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