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How to get from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a world apart from the rest of Costa Rica. This Caribbean village is a countercultural breath of fresh air for those looking to get away from corporate sorting and package tours. Check out our guide for the best options to travel from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is a magical place. Not only is it filled with hippies and dreadlocks, but it’s also a place where yoga teachers outnumber office workers. In fact, pretty much everyone in the area is a yoga teacher or surfer who grew up on the beach!

Puerto Viejo is a coastal village in the southeast region of Costa Rica. Tropical, laid-back, and beautiful. In other words, Puerto Viejo is a paradise!

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It might not be for everyone; no fancy hotels or Michelin star chefs exist. Although it has a storied history, it is not a traditional tourist town like Jaco or Manuel Antonio. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many beautiful sights to see, things to do, or places to discover.

Tourists usually come here for peace of mind, and we guarantee you’ll find it here too!

You can’t help but smile as you take in the scent of coffee and ocean breezes while walking around this unique village. The sounds of morning birds, pet monkeys, and neighbors chatting are a symphony in balance.

If you happen to be in the Caribbean, this little village offers plenty of natural beauty and adventure. Where does one start with a place like this?

The beaches are one of the most important aspects to touch on. They’re pristinely white sanded, and right off-shore are coral reef complexes that are great for snorkeling. It attracts plenty of backpackers, surfers, and people looking for adventures! 

The locals here have done a magnificent job preserving their lifestyle, culture, and traditions.

No matter where your adventures take you, explore each destination fully and check out some magnificent tours Costa Rica offers!

So, ready to enter paradise?

Check our guide for the best options to travel from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo. Here you can find more information about transportation in Costa Rica.

How far is Puerto Viejo from La Fortuna?

La Fortuna is located 167 miles or 269 kilometers from Puerto Viejo. You can reach Puerto Viejo in 4 to 5 hours, depending on your mode of transportation.

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Transportation Options from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo

The following table outlines all transportation options from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo:

MethodTravel timePrice
Public Bus from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo8 hoursUSD 10
Shared Shuttle from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo6 hoursUSD 74
Private Transfer from La Fortuna to Puerto ViejoCustom TimeUSD 400
Rental Car5 hours


On GuateGo, you can check all available transportation options from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo. It is a reliable and easy-to-use platform for comparing prices & schedules and making a booking online.

From La Fortuna To Puerto Viejo

Getting to Puerto Viejo from La Fortuna

1. Shared Van Shuttle

Journey Duration: 6 hours

You should consider taking a shared van shuttle when you need to travel long distances such as this one. Since Puerto Viejo is a smaller village, fewer transportation options are available, and this could be one of the best!

If you are traveling alone or with only one partner, this is an economical, safe and comfortable way to get to your next vacation spot.

Book your tickets as soon as possible since only one shuttle departs each day from La Fortuna at 01:00 PM and arrives in Puerto Viejo at 07:00 PM, so you don’t miss your trip!

Caribe offers door-to-door service, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your luggage everywhere, and the tickets cost only USD 74.

How To Get From La Fortuna To Puerto Viejo Costa Rica1

2. Indirect Public Bus from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo

Journey Duration: 8 hours

The public bus is your best option if you are looking for the cheapest way to travel to Puerto Viejo. Costa Rica has excellent bus transportation, but if you are trying to get from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo, you must first stop in San Jose.

Although this option is not the easiest, it might appeal to those willing to detour and explore!

So, if you enjoy adventure and want to save some money while exploring Costa Rica, this trip is for you. Although the journey takes a bit longer than usual due to the bus transfer, you can also explore San Jose on the way! 

After taking a bus from La Fortuna to San Jose, you will need to catch the next bus at Terminal de Autobus Atlantico Norte, located on Calle 12 in Barrio, Mexico, between Avenidas 7 and 9.

Be sure to get the bus to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca or Puerto Viejo de Limon since there is another town in Costa Rica called Puerto Viejo.

The bus costs only 10 USD, and seven daily express buses leave from San Jose to Puerto Viejo!

How To Get From La Fortuna To Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
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On GuateGo, you can check all available transportation options from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo. It is a reliable and easy-to-use platform for comparing prices & schedules and making a booking online.

Going To Puerto Viejo?

3. Private Transfer from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo

Journey Duration: Custom Time

Booking a private transfer in advance for your Costa Rica vacation is one of the best things you can do, especially if you travel long distances like this one. 

The benefit of booking a private transfer is that you can schedule your trip, which gives you much more flexibility.

This option will also allow you to see some interesting sights and places you would not otherwise have a chance to see. Stop along the way, have a lunch break, and enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica’s nature!

Besides, this is great if you’re traveling with a larger group since you can split the cost and enjoy an incredible experience at a great price!

Prices for a private transfer to Puerto Viejo:

  • 7-9 passengers: USD 400
How To Get From La Fortuna To Puerto Viejo Costa Rica2

4. Driving with Rental Car

Journey Duration: 5 hours

Finally, renting a car in La Fortuna is the best and fastest way to reach Puerto Viejo. 

This is an excellent solution if you’re up for a long drive and wish to explore while driving at your own pace. Renting a car in Costa Rica isn’t very expensive, and it certainly provides you with loads of flexibility and freedom! 

However, as soon as you arrive in this small Costa Rican village, you won’t need a car, and you’ll find out why for yourself!

How To Travel From La Fortuna Arenal To Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
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Best day tours in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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The following widget shows some of the best tours in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they speak English in Puerto Viejo?

Because Puerto Viejo is home to many Jamaican descendants and American and Canadian ex-pats, English is widely spoken there.

Are there crocodiles in Puerto Viejo?

They have only ever been seen on rare occasions. Several years ago, one was spotted walking along the shoreline in front of a house. The environment ministry comes to take care of such situations, even though they rarely happen.

Can you drink the water in Puerto Viejo?

Even though the water is safe to drink, bottled water is available for a reasonable price if you prefer. Or, you can bring or purchase a refillable bottle and refill water anywhere.

How do you get around Puerto Viejo?

Bikes are the most popular mode of transportation in Puerto Viejo. Rental prices range from USD 3-12 a day for bikes to USD 35-40 for scooters. However, a taxi is the best option if you leave after dark or early in the morning.

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