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How to get from Jaco to Manuel Antonio

Thinking of traveling from Jaco to Manuel Antonio National Park? You can choose to ride a bus, go by shuttle or rent a car.

Going on a day trip to Manuel Antonio National Park from Jaco has become a popular activity not only for tourists but for residents as well.

It’s a rewarding experience to come to the other side of Puntarenas and explore nature, have fun with outdoor activities and just relax in the midst of the thick jungle.

Because of the close proximity of Jaco to Manuel Antonio National Park, there are several tour operators who offer tour packages that will take you on a trip to see the park alongside other destinations that you will pass by.

If you are the type to go alone or are in pursuit of a spontaneous adventure with friends, try one of these recommended modes of transport.

How far is Jaco to Manuel Antonio National Park?

The distance between Jaco and Manuel Antonio National Park is about 43 miles or 73 kilometers.

How to get from Jaco to Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio Beach Jaco to Manuel Antonio

1. Ride a bus

To arrive from Jaco to Manuel Antonio via public transportation, you have to take two buses.

The first bus takes you from Jaco to Quepos; the next one will bring you from Quepos to Manuel Antonio National Park.

To catch the bus to Quepos, head towards the bus stop on the beach side nearest you.

If you want an exact location to wait on, look for the Best Western Hotel and you will find a bus stop for Quepos right across it.

It takes about two hours to reach Quepos from Jaco.

The cost for this leg is about 1300 colones. You can find the bus schedule of Jaco to Quepos online at the Transportes Quepos Puntarenas website.

Once you arrive at the Quepos bus station, look for the bus with a sign that indicates that its route is to Manuel Antonio National Park.

It will take about 30 minutes before you reach the park. The bus from Quepos to Manuel Antonio costs about 335 colones. 

To ride a bus from Jaco to Manuel Antonio, it will take a total of two hours and thirty minutes without the waiting time and costs about 1635 colones.

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2. Hire a shuttle

If you don’t like to switch buses and want to go straight from Jaco to Manuel Antonio, you can opt for a shuttle bus.

This option proves to be more time-efficient, with only about one hour and 15 minutes of travel time.

It is rather more costly, with one seat priced at $45.

However, as mentioned, it’s the convenience of not needing to wait by the side of the road and transferring from one bus to another that truly makes this option worth your money.

If you are travelling as a group, you can opt to get the whole bus and make it private for $100 for a maximum of six passengers.

Higher rates apply for bigger groups. This option allows you to leave at your most convenient time, stop by interesting sites along the road and be with the same people you are travelling with.

Shuttle services coming from Manuel Antonio to Jaco Costa Rica are also available.

3. Rent a car

Drive your way from Jaco to Manuel Antonio by renting a car.

This option gives you the liberty to travel at your own pace and arrive at your most desired time, stopping by places that interest you and going for breaks in between.

You will have to take Carr. Pacifica Fernandez Oreamuno on Route 34.

At the end, take Route 235 until you reach Route 618. Follow the map going to Colina Monito Road.

Your drive from Jaco to Manuel Antonio National Park will take about one hour and 20 minutes, without factoring in your personal stops.

The price for a rental car in Jaco ranges from $41 to $72.

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