How a spontaneous trip to Holland brought me to some of France’s most popular sights

By Tim Kroeger August 17, 2014 Europe, France, Hitchhiking, Netherlands

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Two weeks ago I received out of a sudden the message that my uncle who I thought would be already back in Spain is coming to visit us in Germany. We spent some time chatting, visited an oldtimer get-together and had dinner when he asked me if I want to accompany him to his friend’s place in Holland. I spontaneously said yes and packed a few things that I thought I could need for a day or two.

My uncle’s friend is living in Vaals near the German border and I got the chance to see a little bit of the nice landscape. On the second day my uncle planned to hit the road to Spain with his camper. I wanted to visit a friend in Maastricht.

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To cut a long story short. We got the crazy idea that I could join him for the first part of his trip to visit some places in the Bretagne. That is where my trip to France starts.

From Vaals in Holland we drove to Rouen, the capital of the Haute-Normandie region. It is a beautiful city and has an amazing Cathedral Light Show after sunset.

Cathedral Light Show in Rouen

From Rouen the wind took us to Mount Saint Michel, an island commune in the Normandy. We explored the small alleys, climbed hundreds of steps and visted the garden cloister.

After three days we arrived in Nantes, a city in West France, located on the Loire River. This is where we parted company. My uncle continued his way home to Spain and I hitchhiked to a friend’s place in Villiers-sur-Loir. It took 5 hours and 4 lifts to make the 350 kilometres.

I stayed four nights in Villiers-sur-Loir. From here I made a daytrip to the troglodyte village Troo, a castle ruin, to the very famous Chambord castle and to the cities Vendôme and Tours.

In front of the beautiful Chambord Castle.

As this would not already be enough for this unplanned trip the next highlight should not be long in coming. The cousin of my friend where I stayed the last days is living in Paris and invited us to stay a few days at her place.

After Mount Saint Michel and the Chambord castle I now also get the chance to explore the city of Love.

In front of the Louvre.
Having some drinks with friends in Paris.

From Paris I hitchhiked to Maastricht to visit my friend that I actually wanted to visit at the beginning of my trip. I first met her in Costa Rica and arrived just in time to celebrate her birthday.

Yesterday my amazing trip ended by hitchhiking from Maastricht back to my current residence in Germany.

travelling-My trip to France

I got the chance to experience and see a lot of interesting things within the last two weeks and met so many wonderful people. I am so grateful for everything.

A special thank you goes to my friend Michael and his family, my uncle Ecki and to my friend Nienke. I also give thanks to everyone who gave me a lift and to all the people I met.


  1. Universal Traveller August 18, 2014 at 4:35 pm - Reply

    You're as old as you feel! I hope one day we gonna meet up somewhere outside Germany for a big adventure ;) Thanks for your message :)

  2. Konrad Muellejans August 18, 2014 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    Great. Sometimes i wish i was younger and could accompany you on your trips. Keep moving Tim

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