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GPS Guided Travel Article Las Vegas

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I am super excited to announce that my article about “95 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Las Vegas” is now available on GPSMyCity. It’s like having me as your own personal tour guide in Vegas! 

I have never heard of GPSMyCity, how does it work?

GPSMyCity turns your favorite blog posts into self-guided walk apps for travelers who like to explore cities on their own at their own pace. 

This is how it works:

1. Download the free GPSMyCity app to your smartphone.

2. Browse through the blog posts and download for free any that you are interested in. 

3. To turn your favourite blog posts into your own personal walking tour, hit upgrade at the bottom of the screen (whilst in the blog post) and pay the small fee.

There are stacks of awesome blog posts to download from over 1.000 cities across the world. 

What I love about downloading these blog posts to GPSMyCity, is that even if you don’t want to upgrade, you will have access to all these blog posts even when you are offline, so no need to eat into that precious data when travelling and you can even read them when you don’t have access to the net like when you are on the plane.

If you decide to turn your favourite blog post into your own personal walking guide you will receive a detailed walking map, with background information for each attraction along the walk. 

The built in GPS will direct you to each attraction and make sure you don’t get lost.  Again, this can all be used offline!  No more having to use Google Maps to get you around all your favourite attractions or try to ask for directions in the local lingo.

Let me be your Personal Guide in Las Vegas

If you enjoyed my article about “95 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Las Vegas” you can download it now by clicking here, or jump onto the GPSMyCity App on your smartphone and search for “Las Vegas“”. 

If this is your first time downloading a blog post on GPSMyCity you will be prompted to download the free GPSMyCity app first, basically this is a home for all the blog posts you download.

If you want me to be your own personal tour guide, then simply press upgrade once you have downloaded my blog post and you will receive an offline map showing the location of all the places that I recommend in the itinerary, with links to GPS so that when you are on the Galapagos Islands you can follow the route and visit them all yourself- easy!


For a limited time, I am offering the upgrade for free for the “95 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Las Vegas”blog post. To get your free upgrade simply click here. 

But be quick, this free upgrade is only available until Monday, 3rd of February, 2020