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By Tim Kroeger April 23, 2020 Food, Lifestyle, Recipes

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If you are looking for cheap easy meals on a budget to recreate, we got you covered. Here are plenty of budget meals and cheap recipes you can try at home.

A quick look at your monthly expenses and you shall see just how big a portion of your salary goes to food.

This expense is further broken down into two: eating out and cooking at home.

While there is nothing wrong with going for the takeout or delivery every once in a while, a mindful spender will know that cooking up a meal yourself is one of the great ways on how to save money monthly.

And then there’s the dilemma of shopping for ingredients to make a dish you will actually eat.

The grocery store is filled with high-cost items which, if you are not aware, may make your home-cooked meal twice as expensive as ordering it from the nearby restaurant.

Will you really put broccoli in?

Is it the season of broccoli in the first place?

Do you really need to add in meat?

The vegetarian option seems filling already.

How about sticking to cooking food you will really enjoy and staying true to the ingredients that you would actually eat?

Cheap recipes are easy to find. 

Actually, you are just one scroll away from dozens of them.

However, if you really would like to make budget meals, the effort starts from your cupboard.

They say scarcity produces ingenuity, and in food it is true.

Rummage through your pile of goods, see what you could make out of them using the recipes we’ve compiled, and do your own take of the meal.

If you are going for a supermarket run, be mindful of the price when picking ingredients.

Choose house brand items if there are any. Educate yourself which produce are off season, as they tend to get very expensive then.

Budget meals, though, do not need to lack flavor and texture.

Don’t scrimp out on ingredients too much as you might just miss out on the true essence of the recipe.

Watch out for deals and coupons that you can use for basic cooking ingredients you frequently use.

These cheap easy meals on a budget will definitely make you want to cook your way to more savings and more satisfaction.

Try these out – and let me know which ones made it to your list of favorites!

Cheap Recipes

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