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How to Save Money on Food When You Travel

By |2019-03-16T17:50:54+02:00September 17th, 2018|Money Talk, Travel Tips|

1. Eat local food on the street or market In most places around the world the streets are lined with small food stalls where local food is served. Here you can eat for a few dollars and at the same time try traditional dishes. Many people are worried about the safety and prefer eating in a restaurant. [...]

How to Extend Your Business Trip into a Personal Holiday

By |2019-03-17T12:19:12+02:00March 20th, 2018|Lifestyle, Travel Tips|

Business trips can be inevitable. Whether they’re a requirement in your industry or you need to venture out to various states or countries to meet with new clients, traveling may just be one of those tasks necessary to perform your job. But just because you’re on a trip for business purposes doesn’t mean you can’t transform your stay into [...]

New Travel Article App To Watch Out For In 2017

By |2019-03-17T17:30:40+02:00October 26th, 2016|Travel Tips|

If you haven’t heard about the latest travel article app that is now trending on the internet, you are sorely missing the world. For IOS device users, this article app provides a new way of traveling without the hassles of getting lost. By simply downloading the app, you get better travel opportunities wherever you plan to go in 2017. Why [...]